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NW Region Pizza Party

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March 25, Saturday - Pizza Party!! (Yellow Sign Postings)

Once again the NW Region will host a pizza party to kick-off the 2017 smallmouth season.
*We will start the day off at 10 AM by meeting in the village of Cherry Valley, then break into
groups and head out to post a few of our ISA Yellow Signs. After a couple hours of sign posting
we’ll meet back (12 PM) in Cherry Valley for some good pizza at...

Salamones Italian Restaurant & Bar,
103 S Cherry St, Cherry Valley, IL 61016.

Then maybe take a chance at wetting a line if
there is any interest.

Who all's goin' to this thang?

*Not too sure about the sign posting at this point.

If there is no sign posting to be done, then meet at Salamones @ 12:00 PM.

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign....

I think we are good with the signs. No need to meet before the pizza. Just meet and eat at 12pm.

I stopped by the forest preserve maintenance building yesterday and dropped of a couple replacement signs.

They have already been out and put up our yellow signs throughout the parks. They did ask if they could get

about three (3) more signs to put in other place that they thought need them and I said, "HELL NO!" Not really.

I gladly handed over 3 more yellow signs. We stood around a talked awhile about smallmouth. Good guys!

Any hoot, Let's just meet for pizza at 12pm. If any of you know of a place that you think needs a sign we can

get it done afterwards or I could just give you a sign to put up yourself.

Again......Pizza first @ 12pm. No signs before.

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If life doesn't get in the way I will be there. Dumb uninformed me really doesn't know about regulations since I'm 100 percent C&R all species all the time so I'm not regulations knowledgeable. Are these signs only applicable to the kish or do they apply to other rivers like fox and des plaines river also. Since I do some stupid access stupid places on kish and other rivers I could always toss up some signs in my spring outings in less common areas. I was way up river on kish Sunday took a skunk but boy water was clear didn't sight any smallies or pike. They are elsewhere but I won't do a pizza drive unless I wet a line for at least an hour. It's the principle of things. No fishing then no pizza.

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I'll have signs for who ever wants one or two to put up someplace that they think might need one.

I think we are good on the signs. Show up for pizza and wet a line afterwards. Or before if you wish.

SATURDAY: Scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. Continued mild. High: 56°

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I'll take you up on some fishing Joe, Count me in for pizza too.





I should have no trouble making it up there for the meeting! I too will take a sign or 2 as I have a couple places in mind that could use a sign.


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