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NW Region Outings

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  • 4 months later...

I've got a good feeling about this year. Thanks for putting it all together Terry, can't wait to catch up at some events.


So much for your "good feeling".



I think I'm good (as of now) for the July wade...as long as gauges look okay.


Be sure to contact Paul.

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The Apple looks like it survived the big rain. It only went up a few inched and it has time to drop and clear. We should be good to go in 9 days.


Terry why did you have to repost that silly river dance? Look what you did to the rest of Northern, Illinois.



I think Terry is doing the wrong dance! Since he first put it up it has done nothing but rain. Terry you sure that's not the rain dance your doing you might have it mixed up! Looking forward to fishing the Apple again it was fun last time we had a good group.

I took it down. Sorry.

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