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Baitcasting Line?

Mike G

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Is there is a reason you're thinking about switching?


From what I understand the biggest difference between mono and flouro is that flouro will sink. They both stretch, mono adsorbs some water which I suppose would make it closer to neutrally buoyant than floating. I believe flouro is less manageable/limp. I used a flouro leader one season (braid mainline) and while I think it helped the sink rate the one day I was throwing a wacky rigged dinger I don't believe it made a difference beyond that. What it did do was break at the knot to lure connection a couple/few times and that was it for me. Supposedly it was a good brand...


I used to throw 12 pound mono all the time. I tried 10 pound and while it made some difference in casting and lure management it lost some abrasion resistance and toughness and wasn't worth it. I made the switch to 12 pound McCoy copoly and that stuff rocked! I'd still be throwing it if I hadn't switched to braid.


It really depends on what your reasoning is for switching to determine if flouro is the way to go.

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