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Pulled the trigger on new Yak

Michael Gillig

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20 some years ago I went up to the only Midwest store where I could find a Kayak, Rutabagas up in Madison and bought a 'Rebel' for $500.




It served it's purpose, fished the 4Lakes Ponds in Lisle day and night, lot's of fun..


Well after this summers attempt to fish the fox fish with the ISA I realized it was time for an upgrade.... something not too heavy, built for the rivers, able to track so I can fight back upstream and make do in still water and I needed it by early spring so I can tag along on the Sylvania trip....


The 2016 Cuda 12 on $200 off end of year closeout from our friends at RockTown Kayak.




Had to get the wife to sew some 2" Nylon straps to upgrade the ceiling mount.




Too much fun...[





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Congrats! I see the 2016 model comes equipped with a wading boot to slowly work your way down stream. Neat!


OMG..took me a bit to catch that, but once gotten, I laughed for some time :-)

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