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WINTER FLY SWAP - Panfish/Crappie

Forrest Miller

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Hello everyone. It was brought to our attention that the Bassbuggers section on the site has been a little quiet lately, so let's do a swap! Let's take the first 12 people to sign up. Respond with your name and the panfish/crappie fly you intend to tie in this thread. I will update the original post as the slots fill up. Please turn in 13 flies. We will take the leftovers and make two boxes for the Blowout auction. You will NOT get one of your own flies back. Please turn in flies by January 31st by mailing them to my home at 4023 Hunt Club Dr. Oswego IL 60543. Please mail your flies in a crush proof container (altoids tins work well) along with enough money for return postage and a pre-addressed envelope. Usually $3 is enough to cover postage.

1. Forrest Miller - Tellico Nymph
2. Rich M - Satin Streamer
3. Mike G - Son of San Juan
4. Rob G - Sinking Beetle
5. John L - Barrs Bouface
6. Patrick - Moodah Poodah
7. Fred - Bully Spider

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Btw, here's hoping that several members whom I know tie wonderful flies will join in, how about it, Terry, Jude, TimothyT, JimZ ?

I guess they are afraid of the competition;.)

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Very nice phaaker



since it looks like we have 7 total tiers so how about I send seven panfish flies and if you're going to put something together for the ISA Blowout, then I could send along a couple smallmouth flies that might be a little more appropriate.

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Likewise, I already tied my 13 trout/panfish figuring the rest will go to the blowout. My take is that most of the crowd are not bass purists and there will even be a lot of trout guys there.


BTW I am sure they'll take more donations. Who is collecting them this year?

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