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Indiana Dunes Documentory on PBS

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I am a big fan of the Dunes. I take my kids to the beaches there in summer, but I go there to hike and do wildlife photography year round. There is no place like it in the world. Literally. It's botanically significant, with 1100 species of plants, almost as many as on all of great Britain.

I caught this documentary on WYCC, Indiana Public Television. It might broadcast again.

It's a fantastic body of work about the habitat, the biodiversity the botanical significance of the dunes. It covers the rise of Industry in Chicago, Whiting and Gary and the huge negative impact on the Dunes. Later the grassroots movements by locals that worked to raise awareness and help establish the state Park and the National Lakeshore and the tremendous effort in clean up and restoration.

It's very thorough, comprehensive and completely worth your time if you are a nature enthusiast and so is a visit. I recommend the state park or Cowles Bog.






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