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The changes weve made

Kevin Dells

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Im sure most of you remember one of the ISA's largest conservation projects a few years back, the Kishwaukee Log Jam removal.


Well it's been a few years since we completed that work and i have to say guys the river in that section is incredible now! It's absolutley awesome! The whole park is coming along beautifully with the addition of the canoe lauch and picnik area on the north side.


I would like to report that the river in this stretch has many new pools and riffles,has to be ten times the oxegyn levels it had before we started work and it's a clean area now. I remember seeing so much garbage twined into those two huge jams,it's nonexsistant now.


Kudo's to everyone that helped on that project!!!! Man i can't say enough how truly proud i am when i go visit that area and think i helped play a major part in making that happen. We changed an entire ecosystem for the better,its incredible!


I wonder if there is any way to archive back and find the original pictures from before we started the work, i would love to post follow up pictures to show what we accomplished before and after. I think everybody would be impressed and a lot more projects such as these could happen more often.


By the way, i have been scouting more areas that have problems. Distlliery Conservation area i know is under budget, i have been to the meetings and Jason the guy they gave that area to restore was shut down for almost every grant money he asked for. He was asking for prarie restoration moneys,he was denyed.

If youve been out to Distillery lately you will see a great section that is quickly eroding away(the high dirt banks). I shot some photo's yesterday i will post soon that shows the walking trail along the river has just about completley washed away, the same bank a few hundred feet downstream has washed away to the point that they may lose the canoe launch area as the roadway is just about to be eaten up as well.(ten more feet and it's gone.)


I wonder if this might be a future ISA fix? Rock purchase to help stop the eroding banks?


I would more than willing to help put that project together if the ISA did so chose to do so.


Either way i wanted everybody to know how great the Potawanomie FP area looks, Great Job gang! Be proud i know i sure am!

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