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Looking forward to Norm cooking breakfast, doing the dishes, cleaning up after us, always doing more than anyone else and over tipping when we go out. Every trip should have a guy like Norm.

I talked to Norm. This year, he wants you to be his butler for a change. ?

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As often happens, due to life happenings, we have some changes to the schedule. There are now 3 openings.

2 openings for the second half of the first week;

Arriving Tuesday the 15th for 4 nights leaving Saturday the 19th.

And 1 opening;
Arriving Saturday, August 19th for 3 nights, leaving on Tuesday the 22nd


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Psyched up about my first trip to the Menominee!


But, as usual, I'm out of touch with the details ;)


I'm guessing we volunteer to do different meals. How does this usually work?


Any idea if the river can be waded or should I prep for class 4 rapids?

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But you are my fellow fisherman Scott ;)


Ok, I'll bring a breakfast, lunch and dinner.... I'm assuming we get pots and pans and plates and silverware...

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​Yeah Mike, there is a fully supplied kitchen there. It even has a dishwasher. What we did was to decide what we wanted to do for meals and then chip in and buy what we needed to buy in Marinette. What most guys brought up were snacks, eggs, coffee, lunchmeat, bread and of course alcoholic drinks to share.

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