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canoe anchor setup?


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This is the canoe anchor system I use. Its based on J. Grahams system and I can't thank him enough for showing me this. I dont think there is a better system out there. If there is e-mail me. B)


I made this one removeable so I can use it if Im going downstream (mounted in the rear) or fishing upstream (mounted in the front).

The main componet is the "Anchor Lift N Lock" and it works from where you are normally seated in the boat.

They are available from "Bass Pro On Line" and are grouped with the anchors but you have to go to the second or third page to find it.


The picture of the bottom shows two boards with angled cuts. These fit under your boats gunnels and hold the whole thing togeather by clamping the assembly to your boat. If you make these two peices accurately it will not move when tightened down with the two wingnuts.

The releived area on the bottom under the anchor Lock is there because my canoe has a raised plastic peice on the nose area, nice detail but not required as is the routed edges.


The anchor is your standard window weight but almost anything will work. The rope is a trick though do not use the twisted strand type rope if you do you will find out the problem as soon as you use it.


I used 3/4" plywood and it has plenty of strength. Word of caution dont use the anchor board to carry your

boat its strong but not that much. :(

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Talked about canoes with another member and said to message him back about an anchor setup for canoes. Just got my canoe last weekend and out testing the waters.


I have used the Anchor-n-Lock systems mounted on square Alum. tubing or a length hardwood 1X3.


I have also adapted a clothesline trolley system similiar to the Old Town Predator Kayaks. Mounting an eye bolt to bow OR stern and back to an eye bolt or D-ring attached/suspended along the gunwale of the canoe. A small pulley is added to the trolley line to allow anchor line to be deployed from a seated location to a point towards the bow or stern.


A 1-2 lb. folding belly boat anchor can be useful in a bow application. A drag chain in the stern mode for canoes.


On kayaks us the smallest folding anchor forward and a surplus "pineapple" hand grenade for the stern. It doubles as a conversation piece as the ultimate redneck "fishfinder". The surplus grenade are a good compact anchor for light stationary mooring or to drad-n-drift downstream


Fuel for thought.


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