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Larry Kenney 8'6" 6wt. 3pc. "Bronzeback"

Colt Johnson

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Very reluctantly, I am offering for sale my smallmouth rod....."bronzeback". George Minculete built this rod for me, and it is the best looking rod I own. George's work is unbelievable. Unfortunately, I have a couple projects pending that I need to finish. So I am selling off a couple items to fund the completion of these projects.

The rod was built on a Larry Kenney blank, one of the founders of Scott Fly Rods. I bought the blank directly from Larry. More information about the build can be found here: http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=43563

This rod is in mint condition with the exception of a couple small paint flaws that were not captured in the below photos. I will try to add a couple photos of these flaws. I believe there are three small flaws about the size of the tip of a dull pencil each. Otherwise the rod has only been fished twice for about 1 hour each outing.

I am asking $500 shipped. Price includes cordura covered rod tube (contact me if you are international so I can discuss precise shipping costs which may vary). Paypal preferred. Email me at coltrane45@hotmail.com or pm me if interested.










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