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Scrounger head fishing

Jonn Graham

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Really intrigued with the scrounger head. Have talked to a few folks about how good the whole technique is. A few questions for those who have tried it:


1. What size would be best in the river? (1/8, 1/4?)

2. What size lip..................small, medium, or large?

3. What plastic trailer has been the most effective?



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I like them with straight tail fluke style lures like berkely gulp minnows and twitchtails. On the heavier sizes I use standard flukes and fluke jrs. I also use 4" swimbaits. I normally use 3/16 and 1/4 oz in the river for smallies with medium or large lips, as they seem to have the most action but the large lips will spin on a fast retrieve. You should tie up some of your swimjigs on the 1/2 oz heads and throw one of those big hammer swimbaits on the back. I am sure you will catch some piggies on it.

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In case anyone wonders what a Scrounger Head is.


I took a long hard look at these several times. They remind me a lot of the Chatterbait and some of its variations.






Now the Chatterbait is a proven fish getter. So I suspect the Scrounger would be the same. Both have the bill on top. With the Chatterbait this means the blade provides some lift. That is an advantage when you fish a retrieve from deep to shallow. Not so good when you fish shallow to deep since it is harder to stay on the bottom. I use grubs as a trailer on my home made chatterbaits, and the blade provides a lot of action. I thing the scrounger lip would do the same. The paddle tail on a swim bait might be overkill. It is your Nickel. So we all want to hear about it if you try it.

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Got the Scroungers last night. Hit the creek by house.................................................BINGO!!!!




I love the wobble these jigheads impart. I was using a zoom super fluke jr. when this fish hit. Also tried the Big Hammer swimbait................wow!

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Just took the time to look at your blog.................very, very nice..............great photos and fish. I too have been to MO a few times...............their streams are simply breath-taking.




Thanks for the kind words. Missouri smallmouth are actually a closer drive for me than Illinois smallies, and I live in IL. I spend most of my stream trips in Missouri, but I do get 2-3 trips on my secret SO IL stream every year. I grew up in the galesburg area of IL, and unfortunately I didn't get to chase smallies much when I lived up there. I don't make it back there very often, but I plan to make some time to fish up there this summer. I will be sure to take some scroungers with me!

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Chatterbaits are hit or miss. Caught quite a few on em in Powerton years back, but there are better lures like a scrounger.




You tipped you hand here. Have you been holding out? What are the other better lures like a Scrounger? I say this because my experience is that a chatter type bait is a first rate producer. You can see that since other companies have "covered" it with their own design like the Booyah Boogee and the Gambler Swim Blade. DIY guys can also get the components from sources like Netcraft and make their own. You can get the original in sizes from 1/16 oz to over 1 oz. That reminds me of the ever popular Flatfish available in sizes from the 1 inch F2 to the 6 inch T6.


So I will get some scroungers. If they are better than Chatterbaits, that is saying a lot. But what are the even better lures like a Scrounger?

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I have been using the Scrounger Heads on the Fox for the past three weeks. Granted, I have been using a lighter version (1/8 oz.), but I haven't gotten the wobble I was hoping for. However, what I really like about these is the resistance to snagging. There's a long stretch of boulders that have been consistently producing smallies. They also eat tackle voraciously. I can bang these into the boulders with complete confidence that the rig is coming back to me. When I look at the placement of the plastic lip on the head of the jig, I see why it resists lodging the head in the rocks. I'm planning on investing in some more.

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The 1/8 oz have worked for me on some of the creeks I fish with the curly tail Charlie Brewer worms and the junior flukes.

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