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Orvis to buy SA and Ross from 3M

Guest Jim S.

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No economic savings here to make the companies more streamlined and profitable. My bet is this won't hold up in the long run. Just not efficient.


Lepage said Orvis will not carry Scientific Anglers-brand fly lines in its catalog, stores or website, nor are there plans to more widely distribute Orvis products through S.A.'s established wholesale accounts. "Each brand must remain focused on being the leading innovator in their respective product categories and distribution channels," Lepage said. "Maintaining that clarity will be the key to our success."

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"I seen the light!"


In effect Orvis is bringing their source for line in house similar to how Sage bought Rio a while back.


" Incidentally SA and Rio are two of the big 3 US fly line manufacturers. Many other companies including Sage, Wulff, Orvis and more have their fly lines made by these big 3. Sage was with SA and is now with Rio which was purchased by Sage’s owners last year. Orvis is made by SA."




PS Looks like the third of the big three is Air Flow.

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I believe Cortland filed for protective bankruptcy. Their marketing failed to deal with the advent of new competition from cos like Rio & Clouser.They still make a very good product but the days of having the flyline market pretty much to themselves along with Sci Ang are long gone.I recently fished their clear intermediate line. It casted well & was literally as smooth as glass.

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