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New waders

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, just picked up a new pair of breathable waders. I went with the Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible waders. I could not justify the money on a pair of "guide" waders from Simms, because I read lots of reviews, and what I learned was, all waders leak at some point! Read lots of issues with the Simms waders leaking, and the Orvis ones, and the Redington ones, and the rest of them! My $80 field and stream waders are 4 years old, and still no leaks, but I wanted to be able to keep them as a backup pair while they were still good. The Orvis sonic seam waders fit is very nice, and I would say pretty accurate to what their chart says online. They are not cheap, but still half the cost of the "guide" waders from other manufacturers, and have gotten good reviews. What sold me was all the features that more expensive waders did not have, and their customer service. I will let you know how they hold up throughout the season. Ryan


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Keep us informed Ryan. I'll be interested to see how they hold up and function.


Eric those suspenders do look comfy!!


Having owned several different brands of waders I can honestly say (JMO) the ones made from Goretex seem to be the most confortable and breathable. Can't justify or spend $500 on a pair of waders but the Simms I got on closeout are the most comfortable I've owned.

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Please keep us informed as to how you like them.


I've personally owned a pair of Orvis Endura stocking foot waders for the past 2 years with (knock on wood) no leaks and they have seen a lot of use. DOH!, what have I done, I'm sure now to feel the wrath of the God Leakivus in the near future :o

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