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Coosa Review

Terry Dodge

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Took the Coosa out today for a few hours. Did a little fishing with no luck but the whole idea of today was

to get the Coosa wet and hopefully not me.

I put in at Oak Ridge Forest Preserve in Winnebago County and paddle upstream for a bit.

At first the Coosa felt a little tipsy but I got use to it pretty fast. Today was my first time ever to sit in a kayak so I

was kind of expecting it to feel tipsy anyway. The paddle upstream went nice and smooth, not too hard but not

as easy as I was hoping it might be. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rank it a 7 going upstream but I do expect that number

to go up as I believe I need to develop a good paddling technique. I was a surprised at how the Coosa kept gliding upstream

when I would stop paddling for a short break. I paddled upstream for about a mile until I hit a shallow area that was tough

to paddle in. I was happy with the way it went upstream at this point so I spun around and floated back downstream about a

half mile past my put in and take out point and then came back up and took out. I did stand in it for a few minutes just to see

what that was like. Tipsy. I'll wait for the water to warm a bit before I goof around with that.

The Coosa looks real nice sitting on a sandbar. I am completely happy with this purchase. It can only get better.

Got home and washed her all off.

It's going to be a fun year. :)

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Tipsy goes away after a few hours in the boat. Secondary stability is there and great. People at first don't realize the boat will stop strongly at a point. They just feel it will start going over.


Check some pics of guys siting and casting sideways from their kayaks. If they were tipsy the weight of sitting on the side would just flip it.



Here's Chad Hoover. All his weight is on the edge of the kayak. It just sits there.



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