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Guest rich mc

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Have you tried them? It looks like another take on the old "action disc" AKA a sequin or button threaded on the line.


I wonder how much resistance they cause on a pickup.


For spinning and casting there's always the Scrounger.


Tie your favorite pattern on the shank.

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I think the smaller discs, 1/2 and 5/8" that I would likely be using shouldn't cause a problem casting at least with a 6 wt line

I'm thinking my 10 fluorocarbon (supposedly resists abrasion better than mono) tippet might not be a problem but I'm wondering if you would definitely want a very small swivel where tippet meets leader to reduce line twist.


I've never used the Fish Lipps but I have tried the small plastic cones on the front of a few flies with mixed results. Leader twist was sometimes an issue.

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Guest rich mc

i have seen where a few tyers have used some hard mono to make a diving lip and added epoxy to fill it in. a hair brush bristle could also be bent to shape .rich

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