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Kishwaukee River Bugger

Guest Jim S.

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My opinion, best all around fly to tie lots of! They fool just about every freshwater species as some form of prey. Use slow strips on the river, or let them drift, as crayfish for bass and carp. And probably one of the most effective patterns on the(driftless) trout streams. Perfect example would be Tim and I's last driftless trip, where I more or less through on a large, heavy(tungsten), black bugger out of frustration of nothing else working all day. Slow strips in, across a small deep spring creek, and it was like someone flipped a switch. Either they were mistaking it for a leech, baitfish, or just didnt care, it worked. Needless to say, Tim ended up catching that 21" rainbow that stoled my big black bugger! Ryan

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It reminds me that there is a school of thought that says the bugger is the only fly pattern you need for underwater. Tie it on size 22 to 2/0 short, medium, and long shank hooks in colors from white/white/white to black/black/black and all combinations in between unweighted or weighted with wire, beads, or dumbells. Leave out the palmered hackle and add eyes; you have a Shannon Minnow. Sub fur, hair, silicon strips or feathers for the marabou tail. Sub wool, dubbing, floss, peacock, mylar, latex, or the next space age material for the chenille body.


So you can spend a lifetime on buggers alone. Get tying. :rolleyes:

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Nice tie, and I agree with the rest of the clan here that it's one of the most effective flies ever created.


I mentioned it before but I have a certain small stream near me that shall remain nameless, but if you don't carry a few black buggers on you, then you might as well not get your line wet. Nothing and I mean nothing is nearly as effective and I have thrown my whole fly box at them countless times only to be reminded that they like black buggers and I don't have a clue why they are so appealing in that one small stream???????


And Mike, have you ever read Woolly Wisdom?


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Beauty. Those colors are my preference on the Fox in the spring as well. Despite being a gear chunker. ;) Could be a cray, helgie, who knows... not sure the fish put as much thought into it as we do.

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