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Saturday 3/23 NWR

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What a GREAT turn out. About 50 people showed up. We received many compliments afterwards on how informative and how

well executed the seminar was. Many asked questions about local rivers and smallmouth fishing techniques, also if we were going to be

doing another seminar. We signed up 2 new members with a possible third that I sent ISA info home with.

Rich, Paul and Tim did an awesome with their presentations and we also got some help from newly signed up member Collin on kayak fishing,

Jim S. was also there to help out with some of the grunt work and picture taking. THANKS to all who showed up and helped out for this

huge success of a seminar put on by the ISA.

A big thanks to John Guth at Ken-Rock Community Center for setting this thing up.

We'll need to do this again.

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Guest rich mc

i was pleased to see the big turnout. it was a great seminar for those thinking of local smallmouth fishing. nice place with plenty of room. definitely a feather in the cap for ISA richmc

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Seminar went well. Hopefully some people walked away with some good info and an idea of what the ISA is about. There was some good interaction with those in attendance. I took a few pics also.


post-1839-0-91531600-1364165181_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-48115700-1364165232_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-32015200-1364165253_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-68436500-1364165273_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-24329500-1364165298_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-01192100-1364165317_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-48307700-1364165333_thumb.jpg post-1839-0-60316000-1364165348_thumb.jpg



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