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I came up with this baitfish as a searching pattern for somewhat deeper waters (5'-10'+), thinking of multiple bass species and Great Lakes brown trout.





Hook: Gama B10S #1

Tail: White Zonker, Rainbow Flashabou

Body: Ice Dub, Palmered Marabou

Wing: Peacock Herl

Lateral Line: Silver Krystal Flash

Collar: Ice Dub (purple and black)

Head: Fish Skull Medium, Gold

Eyes: 5mm Silver 3D Molded


(1) Tie in rabbit strip tail

(2) Tie in flashabou above tail, trim just longer than rabbit

(3) Tie in a loop of 25-40# mono above tail, extending beyond hook bend

(4) Pull tail materials through mono loop allowing them to rest on top

(5) Dub with pearl ice dub over the thread wraps and onto the shank

(6) Tie in 1 white marabou quill by the tip, move thread toward hook eye, and palmer marabou forward, stroking fibers back in spey style

(7) Secure marabou and use bodkin to gently pick out any trapped marabou barbs

(8) Tie in 6 peacock herl fibers extending just beyond marabou

(9) Tie in 2 stands of silver Krystal Flash to each side of marabou (try to keep flash pointed up, parallel with peacock herl).

(10) Place clump of purple Ice Dubbing on top of shank, wrap twice in the middle of clump to secure, then slightly spread the clump to the sides of the shank while leaving bulk on top,

(11) Turn hook over and repeat step 8 on bottom of hook, then fold all ice dub backwards and move thread in front of dubbing.

(12) Repeat steps 8/9 with black Ice dub, but a lesser amount

(13) Wrap thread in front of all dubbing while holding dub fibers toward rear and build a small dam of thread.

(14) Whip finish and cut thread.

(15) Apply a bead of Goop or super glue gel to thread and any remaining hook shank behind hook eye

(16) Slide Fish Skull head over hook eye and onto the dam of thread holding ice dub back.

(17) Make a few thread wraps between hook eye and front of Fish Skull (this helps keep the Fish Skull from advancing over the eye).

(18) Whip finish and cut thread.

(19) Apply preferred eyes and drop of head cement to forward-most wraps.

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Nice looking flies. These will be good for the Fox when the water is high or out in the harbors when you need to go deep.

Speaking of high waters. I can't remember what paper I just read this in, but their was an article on this late season snow, and expected rain, and how it will hopefully give our rivers(Fox/Dup) a much needed boost into spring. Much needed after last season. Same applies for our lakes as well I guess, including that big lake to our east, or Tim's back yard! Nice ties. Ryan

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