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An Introduction


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Hey Folks-


My name's Sam Bennett and I fish the Fox for smallmouth by day and flatheads by night. I finally made it over to the ISA site to see what's going on. I've met a few of you over the years out on the water. The ISA members I've met have always put a good light on your organization. I don't recollect names very well, unfortunately.


I enjoy writing about my explorations on the Fox over at http://foxriverfishing.com. I'll be posting some fishing reports here as well.


Glad to be on your site and I look forward to reading your reports and getting to know you. And, of course, if anyone wants to get out on the water, feel free to hit me up. I love to get after 'em.


Thanks for having me.




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Welcome to the site, Sam.

The Fox seems to be a hot little flow for smallies. I look foreword to your reports.

Consider purchasing a ticket for the Bronzeback Blowout on March 2nd.

Good food, great raffles and great speakers, to be enjoyed with other Illinois smallmouth junkies.

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Hey Guys-


Thanks for the warm welcome. I can't make the Blowout on March 2, got my twin's birthday that day. But I would like to.


I will attend one of your meetings just to say hello and see what it's all about. I'm not sure if I'm going to join or not yet. I expect after I attend a meeting I'll decide. Either way you've got a very nice site here and maybe some guys on here I don't know as well yet. I love to talk fishing.


Hey Norm- I seem to be running across you everywhere. Just listened to your Dale Bowman Outdoors podcast the other day. Good stuff. I've got my fingers crossed that we've got enough data collected to start to see some movement from the DNR on flathead regulations. Definitely won't be strictly catch and release, which will still irk some of the die-hards, but it will begin to educate the public about this great sport fish and the need for conservation. That's my hope, at least.


Look forward to seeing some of you out on the water this season. If you want to get out, feel free to give me a shout.



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Hi Sam, glad you're checking out the ISA. Man, smallmouth by day and flatheads by night...when do you sleep? Ha! Twins...that sounds busy. I have five kids but no doubles or triples. Guess I'm just a base hitter :) Happy birthday to your twins.

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Hey Tgood-


Luckily, I have an understanding wife. Between fishing, 4 kids and home life - we stay busy. Sledding, fishing, St. Charles youth baseball. Luckily I work from the house and can steal away for an hour here and there for smallmoth. I actually started flatheading when I was working in the city because it was all my schedule allowed. Kids in bed, wife asleep - I'm out on the river. There are some spots on this river I don't think I've ever seen in the light.



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Welcome. Your site looks great. I'll be checking it on the regular.


Doesn't matter if you like the people of the ISA--your membership money will go to conservation, and you already said you're a fan of that.


I'll be in touch this summer for a Fox fix.

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