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drop shot rigs

Guest rich mc

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I used to fish Verdigre Creek in Northeast Nebraska. The locals would cast live worms on drop shot rigs on fly rods. First time there it was slow, but I met a local who had an impressive creel with this setup. I tied on a San Juan worm, fished it drop shot style, and it worked really well, so I've continued to use it, but mostly throw a UV Scud now. On most waters it will snag a lot, it works well in Nebraska because the creek is a kettle stone spring creek and there are no naturally occurring rocks in that part of the country. On the San Juan last year, it was my slump-buster, but I lost more than a couple UV Scuds down there before I put it away.

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Czech or European nymphing is very similar except that the flies also serve as weights . I could easily see a rig with a jig on the end of the line and one or more flies on the line above it. Depending on the weight of the jig, you could use it with fly, spinning, or baitcast gear.

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