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Tim's Xmas Fly #4: Mistletoad

Tim A

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Inspired by Rich MC's buzz-influenced suggestion of Christmas-colored flies, I sat down and tied up a quickie. Please do not judge the quality of this fly. It is merely decorative ;)


The "Mistletoad"--a combination of the popular saltwater "toad" style fly and the ubiquitous holiday plant under which we are supposed to kiss. I just hope a fish would decide to kiss this fly...




On a slightly more serious note, I have been rambling to Tom L about how well I think the "toad" style of flies would transfer to smallmouth fishing. One of my 2013 New Years resolutions will be to catch a smallie on a toad, and I tied one up with this in mind. My argument is that the toad was designed to sink very slowly because tarpon feed upwards--hence the flat head/body. I thought this would make a cheaper and easier-to-tie version of Tom's favorite "marabou muddler." They aren't so different, just a matter of "old school" and "new school." :)


Smallmouth Toad:

Hook: TMC 600sp or similar short-med-shank

Tail: 1-2 Marabou blood quills

Flash: Angel Hair or Wing n' Flash on sides, Flashabou on top

Optional Detail: 2 grizzly hackles

Body: EP/Congo Hair

Eyes: Plastic Beadchain, black


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austin uses a fly that slow sinks for the kank.with the plastic eyes and craft hairto will hang in the strike zone before hitting the bottom algae. , rich mcguiness


Good to know. Austin ties some nice flies, and the guy obviously knows how to catch some fish!

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Hmm, I'm taking it you don't like the name I gave this fly...


Sorry just a knee jerk reaction. "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Call it a Fortune Toad with a great future since Smallmouths will line up to kiss it, I becha. Its sales will surely skyrocket; folks will call it the Missile Toad. It is the answer to a fisherman's prayers; expect to see be a big red leather version with gold edges called the Missal Toad (for use on Sundays.) We saw it here first. Need I say more?

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Mike, if I tie it with material from a toothbrush, is is a "bristletoad?" ;)


I hope I'll be using something like that in a few months. Now that winter is here, I've been dreaming Belize.


I'm as green as a mistletoad with envy, Tom ;) I wish you a great vacation with fantastic fishing, weather, & natural beauty...and an easy time at the airports.

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