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'Smart Rocks' Collect Stream Flow Data

Tim A

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From Sept 20

Not a whole lot to report.

Decided to hit the Kish before work today for a couple hours. Stepped foot (booted waders) in water at 11:30am.

I had my spin gear and a Blazer popper tied on. Cast to the side of a bridge pylon and fell a little short of the spot I wanted

to hit so I made a second cast and nailed the spot and this little guy jumped all over it.....




The beast made a couple runs and then charged me and ended up going between my legs. Thought for sure I was going to loose it.

I couldn't believe the size of the mouth on the beast. This fish was huge compared to the 18 1/8" I got earlier this year. I measured

3 times to be sure. 19 inches. WOW! I have to say that I really get a kick watching the big ones that I have caught swim away. The Kish water was very clear, so I got to watch this special smallmouth swim away a good distance before leaving my sight.

Waded up stream after that enjoyable catch & release and I think I was feeling a little giddy. I have waded this section about a bazillion

times over the years but I ended up running into a huge rock and fell face first (over the top of the rock) into the water. I didn't even care if anybody had seen me and you wanna know why?..............Because I just caught a 19 incher!

I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight.


Nobody likes a smart rock.

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