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  3. My annual trip out west didn’t happen last year but I’m looking forward to making up for it this year. I’m hoping we can start out this year catching some White Bass together in the spring.
  4. Thanks again for your assistance John and Nick. I'm not sure if it makes a difference but Brother Nathan has a 8 wt. Stay well.. Kevin
  5. I'd be happy to tie some up to donate over the next few months, Clouser's and Wooly Buggers probably since they're the most effective all arounders. My wife works at Loyola and I'm not too far from there so I could work out a meet up once the world is less "covidy". Shoot me a PM for my phone # Nick
  6. Kevin, pm me or call I'll put together a few flies for the friar.
  7. Sad but necessary choice. Hope by late Spring we see signs of hope for normalcy.
  8. Due to the uncertainty of future lockdowns, for health and safety reasons for all, and after much consideration, the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance Leadership has come to the very difficult decision to postpone the annual 2021, Bronzeback Blowout. If the situation changes, we are open to having it rescheduled later in the year. We thank you for your past support and look forward to moving into the future together. Working To Protect And Improve Our Smallmouth Fisheries.
  9. As a frequent visitor to that area, I’m especially happy about the news.
  10. Van, good to know, please share with us pros and cons of your zoom tying experience. ISA is purchasing a special camera for the close up tying demonstrations. We hope to do several this winter. I look forward to hearing about your trip out west last fall.
  11. Hi all you Dark Siders. I'm sure some of you remember me as The Fox River Fishin Musician. I have a request or favor to ask of you.I would appreciate any help you could provide. Last fall, which now seems like forever ago, I had the pleasure to fish with a Fransician monk that I met serendipitously on one of my favorite stretches of the river. Our conversation was outstanding and his demeanor was infectious to say the least. I will cut to the chase , the friars take a vow of poverty..The friary that he is a member of down around Loyola in the city, share a car. I did not see him again after o
  12. Sulfide Mine Permit Denied: “A Win for Wetlands” MARQUETTE, MI – Regional environmental groups are celebrating the news that a disputed Wetlands Permit for Aquila Resources’ Back Forty sulfide mine has been denied by a Michigan Administrative Law Judge, concluding a two year review of the contested case. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (now the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) sparked controversy when it approved Aquila’s Wetlands Permit in 2018, over the objections of regulatory staff who were prepared to deny the permit. The permi
  13. I will be there! Doing a similar tying session with some of my fishing buddies that have moved out west (Colorado & Montana) earlier in the week.
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  15. I have a Redington 8 wt collecting dust that I bought a few years back when I first tried to dabble unsuccessfully, so make next purchase will probably be a 6 wt. However in the spirit of economics, I am going to continue using my 4 wt for a little while. This was very helpful Thanks all.
  16. I missed that. My bad.
  17. They come sizes down to a #10. You could just make smaller flies. I would think you could probably cast a #4 or #6 clouser . One of my favorite flies is the smaller Boogle Bug #8 I think. BoogleBug® - Bass & Bream Bugs in Solar Flare, Pearly White, Power Pumpkin, Yella Fella, Black Galaxy, Mossy Green & Electric Damsel . That thing is blast! I can cast it with my 4wt no problem. Most of the fish I have caught were not that far away. Like 30 feet. Generally they say a bass rod is 6-8 wt. Many people use lighter rods. especially when it's smaller water.
  18. Tim Flager is the first video I posted.
  19. Ryan, I'd like to add Tim Flagler to the list of names of tyers doing videos. He would be my favorite of the bunch. As Mark mentioned, the Mustad 3366 hooks are good hooks at a nice price. Another reason I like them is because they have a little wider hook gap which seems to give a better hook set. I won't answer the question you had for Mark though I will say that as you become a better caster you will be able to throw heavier flies on lower line weights. Your casting ability determines the size fly you can throw, to a great extent.
  20. ISA will host its first zoom fly tying session on Sunday, January 24th at 6:00 pm. ISA member Jim Wright has kindly agreed to demonstrate the "Fuzzy Minnow" fly. This is a phenomenal smallmouth fly. Materials needed for this fly tying session include the following: A size 1 predator hook; a sculpting flash fiber brush (in shrimp color); white buck tail; white strung maribou; 6mm tabbed eyes; Jim mentioned he purchases the fiber brush from Mad River Outfitters (Columbus, OH) Here is the zoom link invite for the fly tying session: Topic: ISA Zoom Fl
  21. Wow thanks for all this information everyone. I'm blown away by all the support. I bought the Clouser smallmouth book to start. I also got into a fly tying class at Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters over zoom right now. It's going well and learning the basics. Learned to tie a wooly bugger and pheasant tail nymph. Class has been very helpful and worth the money all considered (materials supplied, gift card, and three 2 hour classes). Going well over Zoom and the instructor has been able to make the adjustment (Zeph). Thanks for those links Mark. Going to look into these techniques and patterns to
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