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  2. just completed 3 yr renewal hope it's in time for the ISA picnic raffle entry
  3. just renewed membership for 3 yrs. hope it's in time for the raffle drawing! thanks alan kwit
  4. Yesterday
  5. just tied up some jigs and ned rig style flies for the raffle. looking forward to seeing old and new members
  6. Last week
  7. I believe they are installing a cofferdam in this photo.
  8. This view of Hamel Woods Dam is from the westbound lane of RT 52 looking north, taken today as I was passing by. Not really a good spot around to safely pull over and get a better look. Progress looks good so far.
  9. It's incredible heartbreaking to see the disdain with which our politicians treat our wetlands, rivers, and streams here in Indiana. It's appalling.
  10. Yes. There are also launch/parking fees on the Wisconsin side at most parks and launches. The Michigan Recreation Passport is available online but only the annual pass. Daily permits are available at some sites but not all.
  11. See you there.. this will be my first isa picnic.
  12. Here is update on petition drive with now over 10,000 signatures: PETITION UPDATE 10,000 Huge milestone today. We reached 10,000 signatures in 20 days. That’s pretty amazing. The fight isn’t over, but we are making great progress. We simply want the IDNR to acknowledge that the river is navigable and available for the public to use. Isn’t that why they already have dozen of “Public” launches all along the River? Keep on sharing and thank you so much for your support. ♥️� � � � � � �...
  13. I didn't know about this one. Senate Environmental Committee Passes Bill Eliminating State Wetland Protections | IER Indiana Environmental Reporter Indiana wetlands preservation work continues despite new state law (indystar.com) Chi Trib : need to sign in for this one: Guest column: We need to save our wetlands - Chicago Tribune
  14. I just rejoined and we live only a couple miles away. I will see if we can make this on Sunday, Thanks.
  15. We're looking forward to the ISA Picnic this Sunday at the Glenwood Forest Preserve Shelter on the Fox River just south of Batavia. The weather is looking great and we're hoping to have our biggest Picnic turnout ever. As part of the Picnic festivities we will be conducting our Membership Drive Rod Raffle live at the picnic and will be giving away 3 custom made Chippewa River spinning rods and a Chippewa River Fly Rod amongst other prizes. You have to have renewed your membership to qualify to win a rod so make to renew your ISA membership before Sunday's picnic. If anyone is interested in fishing, the Fox river is only a few feet away from the Picnic Shelter and some good smallmouth holes are located nearby, so feel free to bring your waders and fishing gear. The festivities begin at 10 am and food (BBQ) and fixings will be served at noon. We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!
  16. I will be there. I'll bring a few of those variety packs of chips and mixed snacks .
  17. I’m planning on making the drive in for the picnic.
  18. Earlier
  19. one WEEK from today ! the weather looks to be darn near perfect for a POTLUCK PICNIC so come on out and enjoy the festivities 😀
  20. I plan to be there. This is always a great event!!
  21. The river conditions look good. It will be hot tomorrow so make sure you bring water. Still spots available if anyone is interested in wade fishing the Apple.
  22. A spot just opened up for the last 4 days of the first week, August 10-14. Let me know if you are interested.
  23. We are looking to make this the best POTLUCK PICNIC ever as a kickoff to our post pandemic reopening so come on out and enjoy the festivities 😀
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