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Found 11 results

  1. These are just more of my go-to pike and musky flies. On my mind so I thought I'd share. Basically a tandem hollow-deceiver with a few bells and whistles--er, I mean, eyes and rattles. There's also palmered marabou in front of the forward-most bucktail clumps and I've glued 3D eyes over weighted dumbbells. The forward hook is a 60* jig hook (6/0; rear is 5/0 straight shank). To augment action and hook-up ratio, I typically tie these with the rear hook pointed down since the jig hook will point up. They are very sparse to keep weight down and to increase motion and sink rate. The fish don't seem to have any problem "hearing" or "seeing" these flies despite my defiance of the bulky flared deer hair head (e.g. Beauford) trend. I tie these a little sloppy because I don't think the fish care and I usually fish tannic or muddy water. What you're seeing is a fresh-off-the-vise look, and after a swim, the bucktail tames a bit. Not so happy customers
  2. Hey guys, I'm teaching a fly tying class all about bucktail tomorrow evening (Thurdsay 5/26 6-8pm) that I call "More Bang for your Bucktail." Basically, I want to break down the details of this great material--its qualities, anatomy, variability, and numerous applications in tying streamers for freshwater and saltwater. It's a quick 2 hour class but I think you'll come away with a better understanding of bucktail and more confidence tying with it. If nothing else, it should be fun! Cost for materials and instruction is $20 Call the store today before 6pm or tomorrow before 4pm to sign up so we know how many are planning on attending. (630) 932-6573. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you there.
  3. Hard to believe it's already been a month, but it has. We Chicago guys are doing another "Chi-Tie" bar flies session on Monday, April 8th at 6:30pm. Same place as last time, Galway Bay, 500 W Diversey here in Chicago. It was a blast last month with a great turnout. Lots of good people to chat with, swap stories with, and learn from. I unfortunately will not be in attendance for this one as I'll be out of town. Hopefully I'll have a fish story or two when I return. To those who came out for last month's event, thank you. I hope you will continue to join us and enjoy the city. If you have any trouble finding the place, contact Dave Kuntzelman at (404) 909-1266. If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to send me a PM. Come out and enjoy a brew while you spin up a new bug. Details of last month's event: http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=10423
  4. Been wanting to tie up some meaty crayfish with zonker claws...finally got to it today. Here's some drafts of the "Kinky Kraw", so named again because the style of tying and material used for body (Congo hair here). I also tied one in all black with blue flash (using SF blend "midnight blitz" color), not shown here.
  5. Fellow BassBuggers, I wanted to let you know of a monthly fly tying event called "Chi-Tie" that I am helping to get rolling right here in the city of Chicago. It's a fly tying gathering at a small local bar near Diversey harbor. We did one last month to kick things off and it went very well. We will be trying to keep to a 2nd-Monday-of-every-month schedule. That means the next event is March 11, 2013, a little less than two weeks from now. This one is already looking like it will be better-attended than the last, but I want to make sure to extend the invitation and information to all of you. I have already spoken with Capt. Austin Adduci, who is planning on attending and bringing some of his friends. We are talking with the bar to see if we can get them to play some fish porn on one of their big TV's during our time, and there's talk of a tying demo by one of our local celebs. I'll keep you posted on those things in this thread. The event will take place at Galway Bay, 500 W Diversey (bar is located downstairs), on Monday, March 11 from 6:30pm-9:30pm. You must be 21 or older to attend. Come on down and get social with a fine beverage and a great bunch of local anglers. Leave with a few flies and some new ideas.
  6. I came up with this baitfish as a searching pattern for somewhat deeper waters (5'-10'+), thinking of multiple bass species and Great Lakes brown trout. Materials: Hook: Gama B10S #1 Tail: White Zonker, Rainbow Flashabou Body: Ice Dub, Palmered Marabou Wing: Peacock Herl Lateral Line: Silver Krystal Flash Collar: Ice Dub (purple and black) Head: Fish Skull Medium, Gold Eyes: 5mm Silver 3D Molded (1) Tie in rabbit strip tail (2) Tie in flashabou above tail, trim just longer than rabbit (3) Tie in a loop of 25-40# mono above tail, extending beyond hook bend (4) Pull tail materials through mono loop allowing them to rest on top (5) Dub with pearl ice dub over the thread wraps and onto the shank (6) Tie in 1 white marabou quill by the tip, move thread toward hook eye, and palmer marabou forward, stroking fibers back in spey style (7) Secure marabou and use bodkin to gently pick out any trapped marabou barbs (8) Tie in 6 peacock herl fibers extending just beyond marabou (9) Tie in 2 stands of silver Krystal Flash to each side of marabou (try to keep flash pointed up, parallel with peacock herl). (10) Place clump of purple Ice Dubbing on top of shank, wrap twice in the middle of clump to secure, then slightly spread the clump to the sides of the shank while leaving bulk on top, (11) Turn hook over and repeat step 8 on bottom of hook, then fold all ice dub backwards and move thread in front of dubbing. (12) Repeat steps 8/9 with black Ice dub, but a lesser amount (13) Wrap thread in front of all dubbing while holding dub fibers toward rear and build a small dam of thread. (14) Whip finish and cut thread. (15) Apply a bead of Goop or super glue gel to thread and any remaining hook shank behind hook eye (16) Slide Fish Skull head over hook eye and onto the dam of thread holding ice dub back. (17) Make a few thread wraps between hook eye and front of Fish Skull (this helps keep the Fish Skull from advancing over the eye). (18) Whip finish and cut thread. (19) Apply preferred eyes and drop of head cement to forward-most wraps.
  7. I was inspired to tie some of Blanton's Sar-Mul-Mac flies the other day (so named for imitating sardines, mullet, and mackerel--originally a striper fly), and decided I'd replace most of the bucktail with synthetics and exchange the chenille head for some clumps of ice dub. So, I called it the Dub-Mul-Mac.
  8. These are rough drafts. I've been playing around with different size clumps tying heads for a synthetic(-head) marabou muddler. These use SF blend tied V-style.
  9. Inspired by Rich MC's buzz-influenced suggestion of Christmas-colored flies, I sat down and tied up a quickie. Please do not judge the quality of this fly. It is merely decorative The "Mistletoad"--a combination of the popular saltwater "toad" style fly and the ubiquitous holiday plant under which we are supposed to kiss. I just hope a fish would decide to kiss this fly... On a slightly more serious note, I have been rambling to Tom L about how well I think the "toad" style of flies would transfer to smallmouth fishing. One of my 2013 New Years resolutions will be to catch a smallie on a toad, and I tied one up with this in mind. My argument is that the toad was designed to sink very slowly because tarpon feed upwards--hence the flat head/body. I thought this would make a cheaper and easier-to-tie version of Tom's favorite "marabou muddler." They aren't so different, just a matter of "old school" and "new school." Smallmouth Toad: Hook: TMC 600sp or similar short-med-shank Tail: 1-2 Marabou blood quills Flash: Angel Hair or Wing n' Flash on sides, Flashabou on top Optional Detail: 2 grizzly hackles Body: EP/Congo Hair Eyes: Plastic Beadchain, black
  10. I was busy and didn't realize I forgot to do a fly yesterday in my attempt to do an early dozen. I'm hoping to finish on Christmas, so I'm posting 2 flies in one post here. And the theme is crayfish.... First, we have an EP craw I came up with. I call it a "small craw." Note: I have since trimmed the tail a bit to reduce spinning during retrieve & catching tippet. Materials: Hook: Any mid-length O'shaughnessy hook, size 4 Legs: Rubber legs from bass jig, color tan/black fleck Flash: 2 strands Krystal flash, black pearl Mouth: Orange EP or Congo Hair Eyes: Mono+CCG(or epoxy), black Body: EP/Congo Hair material, medium brown, cut to 1.5" lengs, spun in loop, & trimmed Weight: Brass dumbbell, unpainted Second, we have a modified "bonefish slider." I've added mallard flank for legs and used more crayfish colors. So let's call it a "Crayfish slider." Materials: Hook: O'Shaughnessy, size 4 or 2 Tail: Craft fur, cream, tan, or brown, barred with dark brown marker Flash: 2 strands Krystal Flash, black pearl Legs: Mallard Flank, tan, palmered Collar: Deer belly hair tips, root beer/rusty brown/dark brown Body: Deer belly hair, same color as collar, spun & trimmed Weight: Lead dumbbell eyes, small Here's a sight-fished drum that took the crayfish slider: Alright...Sorry my fly pics aren't so great; thanks for paying attention so far...
  11. It just dawned on me that I will be unable to do the "12 days of Christmas flies" because I will be out of town a lot the next two weeks for various family functions. So I figured I would start my contribution now with a fly that caught me my personal best brown trout on Monday. Background: I've been seeing a lot of new fly patterns lately that I've been envious of, and these are mainly big streamers aimed at big brown trout and other salmonids of the Lake Michigan basin. They typically have highly-mobile lengthy tails--either articulated or zonker, a lot of marabou, and bulky dubbed heads. Googling around, I came across the "Senyo Sculpin" by fanatical Steelheader and guide Greg Senyo and Steelhead Alley Outfitters. It fit the bill and I had all the materials, so I tied a few up. Of course, I can't settle for just taking someone's pattern. So I played around with different size heads, eyes, amounts of marabou, types of flash, etc. Below is what I came up with. The olive one is the one that caught me two big browns on Monday. Recipe: Hook: Long-shank streamer hook such as TMC-202SP or 700SP, size 2 Tail: Zonker strips Flash: Flashabou Dubbing: Ice Dub Collar/Wing: Marabou Head: Ice Dub (tied in large clumps then trimmed) Eyes: 3D molded eyes, 5mm or 8mm, adhered w/ Goop If you let the head get too big you might have issues with the fly not keeling properly, but I can report no problems so far when using a non-slip mono loop to attach the fly. Happy Holidays!
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