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Found 7 results

  1. Saw yesterday that DNAinfo.com wrote an article about flyfishing opportunities in downtown Chicago and the Chicagland area, spotlighting our good friend Dave Kuntzelman (of Chi-Tie, Urban Assault Flyfishing). Thought you all might enjoy... https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20160222/lakeview/chicago-is-fly-fishing-mecca-even-on-nasty-a---bubbly-creek
  2. Mark Durham

    Mark SM 07 22 A

    From the album: Mark Durham

    Another late Summer Beauty!
  3. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    My good friend and Fly Fishing mentor, (now retired IDNR wildlife Biologist) Max Runkle. We spent a nice sunny day fishing the intake area of Powerton Lake near Pekin. We caught a few fish, nothing great. It was our first and last trip over there.
  4. Okay, for real this time, I assure you, Orvis in downtown Chicago is having Rob Tomes, author of "Muskie on the Fly," the bible of muskie fishing, in the store to discuss these awesome fish and to sign your books (we have the book for sale as well). Mr. Tomes will share his fishing secrets from 11AM-12PM. Following Mr. Tomes will be flyfishing filmmakers Robert Thompson, creator of such renown films as "Musky Country: Zero to Hero" and "Heart of the Driftless," will be share some never-before-seen footage from his upcoming documentary, "The River," about Michigan's famed Au Sable. Mr. Thompson will present from 12PM-1PM. Also in the store from 11AM-3PM will be Eric Hauser of Double Gun Cigars with samples from his top cigar lines, as well as the folks from As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue. If you give a $5 or greater donation to this great group, we will give you a $10 Orvis credit to be used that same day. These events are part of our "Orvis Days." Refreshments will be served throughout these events. It's also coupon season, so remember to bring in those $25 off $50 coupons we send out by mail and email each season. If you can't find yours, I might be able to find one for you. I don't think I need to say any more...if you're a local fly angler or an Orvis fan you should come check out this awesome event. If you have any business to do in the city, just make a day of it and be sure to stop by and see us. I'd love to see some familiar ISA faces there. P.S. Sorry for the late notice. I was out-of-town on a fishing trip last week.
  5. I've been having some fun lately tying up some minnow patterns with Congo Hair / EP 3D fibers. They're a simple tie, but I put a twist on the EP high tie (hi-tie) style. I do the tail normal and begin a few hi-ties on the shank, then I switch to Jonny King's V-style (a la Kinky Muddler) for the remainder of the head. This makes a more 3-dimensional head that adds realism and pushes more water. I also like to blend the fibers to make custom colors. Angel hair and flashabou for flash. Eyes attached with Goop and coated with HAN. These are on Gami SC15 hooks, mostly size 1 with one pictured on a 1/0. All are roughly 3" in length. Hopefully I can post some pics with these hanging from some smallies' lips soon... -Tim A
  6. I've been thinking lately about the new(ish) textured lines on the market--Sci Anglers has the Sharkskin, which is very rough, the Mastery Series Textured (which is a bit smoother than the SS), and Orvis has the Hydros 3D series (which I believe is comparable to the "Mastery textured" from SA). These companies like to tout that the major benefit of these lines is increased casting distance due to lower line friction through the guides. Since the lines are not smooth, there is decreased surface area of fly line contacting the guides during the cast (we're only talking about the surface area relevant to touching the guides, since the overall surface area is increased by the many humps and valleys in the coating). The sudden increase in our casting distance simply by using these lines is supposedly enough to justify the loud buzzing of these lines through the guides. The only other marketed benefit to these lines, which run $30 more than their smooth counterparts, is a better grip of the line under fingers on the grip as well as in line-hand stripping fingers. In fact, users recommend using those stretchy lycra finger sleeves with these new lines to avoid "line burn" increase from these new lines. Okay... However, that buzzing sound is the sound of friction! That's what makes a buzzing sound. Now, is it more friction than a quiet, smooth fly line? Here's a set of thought experiments that you can make into hands-on experiments if you wish. (1)Say you have two rotating cylinders (rotating like simple axles, not martial arts bo staffs in action) in front of you--one smooth and one with slight ribbing along the length. These are spinning very quickly and you cannot stop them with your hand. Okay--which one would your hand last longer on if you had to grip them? The ribbed one would quickly feel like it is "burning" your hand, because the texture generates more friction and therefore more heat. (2) Say you are to descend from the roof of a very tall building via one of two perfectly vertical poles (like at a firehouse)--one is perfectly smooth and chromed like a firepole or stripper pole. The other has an exaggerated version of the pattern seen on the sharkskin fly line. Which would you rather descend? Well, I'd argue you might be able to grip the exaggerated sharkskin pole enough to control your descent, despite a little heat on the hands and legs due to higher friction. The firepole would be a very quick descent for which you better have good form--because there's no stopping once you start. And that's exactly the point I'm trying to make. A smooth surface (line) against a smooth surface (guides) generates LESS friction than a textured surface in motion against a smooth surface (guides). Think about the Lycra finger sleeves--why is your finger getting burned easier with a textured line? HIGHER FRICTION!!! In my view, based on these conclusions, if anyone using a textured line thinks they are generating faster line speeds, they are being duped by that nice buzzzzzzzzzing sound as the line leaves their hand and passes along and out the rod. It certainly SOUNDS fast. Put the extra $30 in your gas tank, or tip your guide. Just food for thought...
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