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Found 2 results

  1. Mike G

    Speaking of Lefty

    Here's an update on the Godfather from a recent Midcurrent. Lefty Kreh Update: I spoke to Lefty for almost an hour this morning and he sounded great. Since there have been so many questions about his health, he asked that we publish this short note: “God and my doctor have given me an extension. Some weeks ago I was put in home hospice care with three medical problems and it was assumed I’d be here a short time. Word about it went on the Internet and my computer and iPhone were flooded with wonderful and humbling messages. I read every one but regretfully wasn’t able to reply to most. My granddaughter used Facebook to handle messages. My doctor and best friend experimented with medicines and said, ‘I going to try to keep you around.’ So far it’s working. I’m confined to my home, hooked to oxygen and have little stamina. My daughter and son are taking constant care of me and no father was more blessed. Several computer projects keep me busy. There have been been ups and downs with some additional surgery, which is slowly getting better. There is no guarantee on how long I’ll be here but am so humbled and grateful for all your wonderful messages. All The Best, Lefty” — Marshall Cutchin, MidCurrent
  2. Mike G

    Lefty Still Talking

    Two firsts in this article. First he begins by saying he took up fly rods to be able to cast small lures and ends singingthe praise of 7 inch flies. Second he reveals his Brutus length. http://midcurrent.com/techniques/interview-lefty-kreh-on-a-lifetime-of-smallmouth-fishing/?utm_source=MidCurrent+Fly+Fishing+Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=b2be49656e-MidCurrent_August_2_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8efbf3b958-b2be49656e-18956357