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  1. I'm planning to fish with you guys. What should I bring?
  2. Thanks Rich! Great day! Great event! Important purpose! Tommy smiled on us with the weather! & Then some GREAT fishing!!!!!!! Thank everyone for a well oiled castng day!
  3. This is truly sad news! I will miss you Ron! Eugene
  4. Very sad to hear. The Kank has lost a great defender! My prayers are with the family
  5. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Bronze Friday! Open seat. Give me a shout
  6. Hold them out of the water as long as you want to be held under water!
  7. Rich I will make this. Let me know what time? Breakfast?
  8. Really a rush on a home tied fly. Congrats! Thanks for posting.
  9. Very cool! Helping the fisherman present & future as well as the future fish.
  10. Dayton damThank the army core of engineers got the Dayton dam. Sorry that is the 1i would like to see STAY for ETERNITY! Sad they have covered so many streams.
  11. When you say lower Fox, you mean below Dayton dam? Right? Glad your catching. ...... Sorry that is the most abundant fish.
  12. Learn how to tie a down & dirty. Sits lower in the water. Lasted 4 or 5 greenies at shabbona. Tied a couple others with 4 rubber legs tied together as the tail. While the rivers are coming down throw tight to the shore. Standing up river From a down tree, just floating it upstream from a large branch. Enough talking for me. I gonna fish the dam for a bit.
  13. That is how I do it also Ed. I do not have a computer any longer, use the phone exclusively. You can also send the pictures to yours or others email addresses. Sorry wasn't able to help with round 2.
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