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    crankbait fishing, fishing in general! learning to appreciate life.

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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Some Sad News

    Very sad to hear. The Kank has lost a great defender! My prayers are with the family
  3. Happy Thankgiving

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. Bronze Friday! Open seat. Give me a shout
  4. The Early Show - 11/12/17

    How many days till the early show?
  5. Conservation Director's Note

    Hold them out of the water as long as you want to be held under water!
  6. shabbona

    Rich I will make this. Let me know what time? Breakfast?
  7. ISA Casting Sgt. Tommy's Kids

    I plan to be there.
  8. Kish Float: 4/22/17

    Drove over the kish today. High water.
  9. Tim Horton Leads At Okeechobee

    Timmy Horton wins!
  10. Fly tying and fishing

    Really a rush on a home tied fly. Congrats! Thanks for posting.
  11. Dec 9 Pizza Party

    Ed I plan to attend
  12. Caught in a sieve

    Wow. Terrifying. No thank you.
  13. I S A contribution

    Very cool! Helping the fisherman present & future as well as the future fish.
  14. Vermilion Running High and Silver.

    Dayton damThank the army core of engineers got the Dayton dam. Sorry that is the 1i would like to see STAY for ETERNITY! Sad they have covered so many streams.
  15. Rest in peace Bob Rung. You will be missed! The