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  1. We will meet at Cherry Valley cafe in Cherry Valley Illinois at 9:00AM on Dec. 16th. fun filling1.tif
  2. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    We had a BIG breakfast at the Cherry Vally Cafe. There were 10 of us seated around the table and it was nice to see a couple new face (Norm Perkins and Mike Gillig) from the Chicago area join us. I have always want to meet that Norm fellow. Nice guy. Glad the two of the them could make the trip. There air was full of smallmouth talk, laughter and the sent of the best damn biscuits & gravy this side of the ol' Mississipp. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the morn. Looking forward to Feb. 17.
  3. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    Yes, 9:00AM at Cherry Valley Cafe.
  4. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    I'll call ahead today and make a reservation for 10.
  5. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    I plan to be there. So that makes two so far.
  6. Happy New Years

    It's going to be interesting. Happy new year to all.
  7. Welcome! Those are some nice looking fish and pics. I look forward to reading your reports Looks like you float in a NuCanoe? What kind of camera are you using?
  8. Some Sad News

  9. Handling a Bass

    The practice of catch and release is a practice. Thanks for posting.
  10. Kish at Good Level

    Just checked the river gage for the Kish. Looks like it is flowing at a good level. Too bad it's too cold outside. Photo test....
  11. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    Good time and nice to see everyone.
  12. photo test

    Looks like Tim Curry to me... .
  13. photo test

    It was a moose.
  14. photo test

    This Saturday at 9AM, Cherry Valley Cafe. Good food, smallmouth talk, and photo posting training class by Jude. See ya there.
  15. photo test

    SHhhhhh. Just let him be happy.
  16. Creeks and Friends

    That's some nice looking water you have there. You're a lucky man. Wish I had friends.
  17. Bronzeback Newsletter

    The Bronzeback Newsletter January (Web-Only) Edition has been sent to your email accounts. Full color. Enjoy.
  18. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Thank you!
  19. Places to Store a Boat

  20. The Early Show - 11/12/17

    The Early Show was live. Check it out.... > https://www.facebook.com/pg/illinoissmallmouthalliance/videos/
  21. blowout donations

    I greatly appreciate the offer but I suggest you give the 3 books to Scott. Reading books, magazines, news papers and such is quite a struggle for me with my failing eyesight. Again, thanks.
  22. blowout donations

    Thank you!
  23. blowout donations

    Him ^
  24. After seeing some pics on the ISA Facebook Page with smallmouth being laid on the ground for the shot, I felt there was a good stage and opportunity education. As your Conservation Director, and in accordance to our ISA Mission, I plan to run an education campaign on the Facebook Page to educate the public. The Plan is to post one (1) note per month thru the winter season. Here is Novembers Note that was just posted > https://www.facebook.com/notes/terry-j-dodge/cr-cpr-practice-practice-practice-an-isa-conservation-education-article/10155808065489299/
  25. Conservation Director's Note

    Thanks for pointing that out. I may go back and edit that info in. I thumb the smallmouth and hold it in the water, pull the tripod/camera out of my vest, set it on the bank at it's lowest setting, turn camera on/select timer/select 10 seconds, ready myself and my catch, camera ready light flashes 3-2-1, lift catch, camera triggers. It's a pretty fast operation. This is why it is important to know how to use your camera and settings. I don't even need to look at my camera while doing all of the mentioned above.