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    Grizzly Bear wrestling, lava boarding. Catching snow flakes on my tongue.

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  1. Terry Dodge

    Blue Sky Boats

    Yes, if I had a some lake front property I would consider one of those. Other than that they kind of seem useless to me.
  2. Terry Dodge

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    1/19/19: 6:15AM - Looks to be a little much out there. For safety concern for my fellow ISA brothers, I am cancelling breakfast on this first 3rd. Saturday of 2019. You are, however, allowed to stay at home and make your own coffee and breakfast. Any interest in rescheduling this 3rd. Saturday breakfast to next weeks 4th Saturday and renaming it... NW Region 3rd, Saturday +7 = 4th. Saturday Rescheduled Breakfast Meet? I hate snow. 😥
  3. Terry Dodge

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    Check. And thanks!
  4. Look how dumb I am. Sorry for the late notice. Let me know if you can make it by posting here.
  5. Terry Dodge

    The Bears

    Doink, doink.
  6. Terry Dodge

    The Bears

    That movie sucked. I prefer comedies such as the Bears/Philly game.
  7. Terry Dodge

    Merry Christmas

    Is that a new member? Hope he shows up at the blowout, I'd like to meet him or her. Hope all had a joyous Christmas.
  8. Terry Dodge

    My Christmas season smallmouth

    This and the one Dick posted are the only two smallmouth that Paul and Jake have not caught this December. Hope all of the ISA members have a wonderful holiday season and a great 2019 fishing year with tight lines, sharp hooks, good knots and big fish.
  9. Terry Dodge

    Winter Solstice

    Vampires don't like it.
  10. Terry Dodge

    Des Plaines River Help

    Will do and thanks! I suppose my first week will be spent getting to know how things operate with the daily schedule, meal times and such. I do know that my learning day (classes) are done at 3:30pm. Weekends are free, but I suppose I'll have to see when the wife plans to visit. Then of course water levels usually play a part in the early Spring months.
  11. Terry Dodge

    Des Plaines River Help

    I was looking at that. I know I've seen some posts about the Salt Creek in the past. I'll have to do a search and read up on what our members have posted.
  12. Terry Dodge

    Des Plaines River Help

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to be living at the Hines Blind Rehab Center for 6 weeks near the end of March, so of course I had to see what kind of water was flowing near. 🤠
  13. Terry Dodge

    Des Plaines River Help

    What about the neighborhood in that area, would you go out walking around by yourself?
  14. Terry Dodge

    Des Plaines River Help

    Just wondering if anybody knows anything about the Des Plaines River between Roosevelt Rd. and Cermak Rd. within the Miller Meadow F.P.? And is there a gage to read for that section?
  15. Terry Dodge

    NW Region 3rd Saturday Breakfast Meet

    So we sit at an even 3 with a possible fourth, if Paul Sr. happens to show. Plus, I invited Kevin from Rocktown Adventures to join us and he says that he plans to, which would put us at a possible total of 5. It should be noted that the establishment does not have the means to run a debit card. They do have an ATM machine.