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  1. Terry Dodge


    Jon B's Alaska trip is very enjoyable. I've been following Jon B for a couple years and have to say that it is has been Kind of neat watching him grow his YouTube channel.
  2. Terry Dodge


    I'm not talking of the water type, I'm talking streaming shows to your TV via the internet. Going into the Winter downtime months, I enjoy spending early mornings watching fishing shows by streaming them to my TV. You can watch such shows by searching them on Netflix and Amazon, but those really don't offer the kind of river and stream fishing shows that I enjoy watching. By opening a YouTube account you can search and subscribe to channels that appeal to your liking's and build a viewing schedule that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. I have subscribed to many channels, many of which are local people and friends of mine, who fish my home waters. Drew Gregory's "Hooked On Wild Waters" is one of my favorites and there is also one young man by the name of Jon B that I really enjoy watching (from Illinois, now lives in Texas) that really does a great job with his videos on his fishing/camping adventures around the country. Those are a couple of my favorites that I stream. I would like to hear of any shows that you might be streaming.
  3. Terry Dodge

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    That would be GREAT! Next deadline is at the end of November (e- version).
  4. Terry Dodge

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    I suppose all we can get.
  5. From IDNR Trent Thomas..... We have scheduled Thursday, October 4th at 9:00 am at Jake Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery to fin-clip 10,000-15,000 Smallmouth Bass that will be stocked into the Mackinaw River. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Please let me know if any Illinois Smallmouth Alliance members can make it. I will be providing pizza and drinks for lunch again this year. I think we were done between noon and 1:00 last year. Thanks, Trent Thomas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please comment here if you would like to help out so I can pass the info on to Trent. Thanks.
  6. Terry Dodge

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    Oh and by the way..... I use 20lb. Crystal Fireline. More better for my poor eye sight.
  7. Terry Dodge

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    What he said ^.
  8. Terry Dodge

    Can I legally Fish the Kish?

    Winnebago Forest Preserve had the Kish designated as a navigatable water way in the county.
  9. Terry Dodge

    Can I legally Fish the Kish?

    I don't much care for that guy, and I never pay much attention to him. What's he gonna do? Those cement chunks never really produce much anyway. As long as you were all in your kayaks there's nothing he can say. And yes he does own both sides.
  10. Terry Dodge

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Glad to see a good turnout. Sorry I missed it. Maybe I'll try to toss together another Kish outing a few weeks from now. I would like to get some folks out to exercise the arms instead of the legs. 😊 Thanks to all who filled in to lead a group. Much appreciated.
  11. Terry Dodge

    Kish Outiing Date Change

  12. Terry Dodge

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    This is true. I really do hope to make make it, but I can't commit to it just yet.
  13. Terry Dodge

    Kish Outiing Date Change

  14. Terry Dodge

    Rob's tip of the day

    Ya, that's the way I do it. Ha! Good one John.