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  1. It's best to buy your tickets in advance as soon as possible. Tickets sales really increase the last two weeks heading in to the Blowout. Hope to see you there!
  2. Happen to know if Jude is up for breakfast this Saturday?
  3. Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well. Let us know.
  4. Lynx Fishing Log seems like it's pretty good.
  5. I didn't know anything about it either!!! I just hope he's ready come June. (I enjoy talking about him in the third person. Much quieter.)
  6. http://www.fishswami.com - And they do have a printable log templet.
  7. Yes, that is the plan. We are also planning to do this meet at about 9AM. on said day.
  8. Anybody else doing it this 4th Saturday of January, 2019?
  9. Yes, if I had a some lake front property I would consider one of those. Other than that they kind of seem useless to me.
  10. 1/19/19: 6:15AM - Looks to be a little much out there. For safety concern for my fellow ISA brothers, I am cancelling breakfast on this first 3rd. Saturday of 2019. You are, however, allowed to stay at home and make your own coffee and breakfast. Any interest in rescheduling this 3rd. Saturday breakfast to next weeks 4th Saturday and renaming it... NW Region 3rd, Saturday +7 = 4th. Saturday Rescheduled Breakfast Meet? I hate snow. 😥
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