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  1. Yep. I have waded over 90% of it in Winnebago Co.
  2. Which forest preserve sent you that? Not that it even matters.
  3. That would be interesting if there were two legislators or law enforcers that agreed on the same specifics. There is not. Pretty bad when police ask a IDNR team to go else where to neutralize a situation. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the way it will always play out here in Illinois.
  4. I don’t even think the IDNR has any jurisdiction from what I have heard from their stream sampling teams.
  5. But the Winnebago County Board has deemed the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County to be navigable, although they failed to specify exactly where being it north/main branch, south branch or both. Gray area.
  6. They only care about the land not the water.
  7. The circled area is the land owner property. The red X is the forest preserve canoe launch. The red arrow indicates flow direction.
  8. 1) Conservation police? What’s that? 2) No body busted but many (ISA members) have contacted me about being yelled at. 3) County GIS’s are miss leading.
  9. Either the property owner owns both sides of the river and has the right to do so, or the property owner is extending what he believes his rights are and nobody wants to spend the time, energy, or court cost to challenge the property owner if they feel the so called property owner is in the wrong. Gray area.
  10. It’s gray because, yes, the forest preserve does own “property” with a public launch just down stream of the old guys property but the old guy does own both sides of the property for a stretch. So therefore I would think that he can exercise the same rights as the folks in Boone County and run barbed wire across the Kish if he so chooses to do so. So I do believe that the old guy could make an argument for your guessing of “good to go.” At the end of the day the result is going to be the same as in the video I posted above whereas the public officer will just ask you or assist you in leaving the area to neutralize the situation until answers can be found, which will never happen because nobody really knows. On a side note, when this problem and a couple others were brought to the forest preserves attention their reply was that they don’t have anything to do with the water that flows thru their land property, they only care about the land property.
  11. I know the video is Texas but it the same thing. Nobody really knows anything for sure and nobody is ever going to know anything for sure. Just because a river is not on the states navigable waterways list does not necessarily mean it’s a non-navigable waterway, such as the Kishwaukee is by means of Winnebago County. There is a land owner on the Kish that yells at canoes/kayaks as they pass his property and I have even heard of land owners in Boone County that still run barb wire across the Kish, which I guess in Boone they have the right to do that. I also learned while working with the IDNR that accessing a stream from a bridge does not make it okay to work the waters up or down stream of such bridge, you still need so called permission. It’s all too gray and nobody will ever give you a straight up answer.
  12. Ran across this today. It’s all a gray area.....
  13. Careful. Check with the state of Illinois Copy & Paste laws before posting.
  14. I would stay away from that guy. I ran into him last fall and he coerced me into his car by dangling a Whopper Plopper in front of my face and telling me stories of giant smallmouth sitting under bridges. Then everything went black. My therapist thinks there is hope for me but it’s gonna take a few sessions to get to the bottom of things. A mattress on the floorNo handles on the doorI really need nothing moreI'm alone.
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