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  1. Looks to be deep enough to support fish. Could be Norm’s wintering hole.
  2. We all want to get out. Just concerned about safety.
  3. Rock River gage in Sterling is reading 649.86ft this morning. That sounds pretty bad. I looked into it further and it said the gage was off due to ice. Still sounds pretty bad for this time of year.
  4. Sounds like DANGER to me.
  5. Buy a new one if you were happy with it. Why look further?
  6. CONGRATS on the first bout! Now let’s keep this ball rolling. Again I ask that you sign the letter. Simple to do, should not take more tha 5 minutes. Add your two cents at the end of the letter if you would like. Please post here that you signed it. Let’s see how many names we can get. Thanks again for signing the first letter. Click link.... https://ecojusticecollaborative.org/support-sb9-coal-ash-pollution-prevention-act/
  7. Thanks for the pic and story. Let us hope that this kind of event is a thing of the past.
  8. A BIG THANK YOU to all who signed and sent. Don’t ever think you voice can’t be heard. https://ecojusticecollaborative.org/step-toward-victory-middle-fork/
  9. Saturday, August 10th—Kishwaukee River Wade Outing. We will meet at the Cherry Valley Café at 8AM for breakfast and to split up into wading groups. This is a good time of year to wade as the water is warm and water levels average lower levels.
  10. Saturday, July 13th—Apple River Wade Outing. The Apple River is located in the driftless area in the most Northwestern part of our state. Due to the size of the river this will be a RSVP outing. Please contact Paul Trybul 815-540-7775 to reserve your spot.
  11. http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/calendar/event/861-nwr-kishwaukee-river-float-outing/ Please comment here if you plan to attend.
  12. Saturday, April 13th—Kishwaukee River Float Outing. We will meet at the Cherry Valley Café at 9AM for breakfast and to work out shuttle details. We will be close to north, south and main branches of the Kishwaukee River with several options depending on how long of a float you want to do.
  13. March 16 NW Region Breakfast Meet - Cancelled due to lack of interest.
  14. Sorry for the late notice. We're at the Cherry Valley Cafe this month. Click on the link above for more info. Let me know.
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