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  1. Terry Dodge

    Isn't It Funny...

    Isn't It Funny how some people feel the need to buy a new kayak and ruin the fishing for the rest of us by bringing tons of rain and high water levels? I hope they buy a damn snow blower right before winter too.
  2. CC sent out. Sorry Mike. I was in the Sylvania Wilderness last week and have been busy with taking care of mom and my own health issues since returning. Hope the CC helps.
  3. I like the blockheads but so far this year nothing seems to out fish the Jude Bug.
  4. Terry Dodge


    I have never heard of any such thing. There is a cast and compare on Sept 18th I believe.
  5. Terry Dodge

    New Member Intro

    Pay no attention to him, sometimes he forgets his pills.
  6. Terry Dodge

    New Member Intro

    Welcome! Interesting pic. Looks to be about a 17 incher. Nice! > http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/calendar/event/821-apple-river-wade-outing/
  7. From left hand side bottom, second row up, fourth from the left. Looks like a future Brutus. Cool pic.
  8. Terry Dodge

    One of my favorite beers

    That would have to come in a 20oz bottle.
  9. Terry Dodge

    One of my favorite beers

    We have Kishwaukee Blue, a white wine, which is pretty good. I usually down a bottle in the Fall, kind of an end of the season thing I like to do. - http://www.prairiestatewinery.com/whites.html
  10. Terry Dodge

    2018 DuPage River Sweep

    Good job men.
  11. Kind of looks like an old sewer man-hole entrance. That or a performing arts band shell that the aquatic life might be using. Similar things have been done in the past.....
  12. Terry Dodge

    Webcast Show

    Josh Glovinsky, who donates a guided trip to the Bronzeback Blowout, also produces a webcast show called Midwest Fish Finder. This year Josh said he would donate the trip as long as I would agree to be a guest on his show. Here's the result when you find the time....
  13. Terry Dodge

    On the Fly

    Sweet pickles!! That was cool.
  14. Terry Dodge

    New member

    Congrats on your very first smallmouth! Your arms will forever ache for that bump of a smallmouth bite. Welcome.
  15. Please! I knew you were going to fish that section before you did. Not sure why you didn't have your 70+ year old dad use "The Force" to get that canoe up the hill. Glad to hear that Jude and Mike are alright.