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  1. NW Region 2/17/18

    I love you 2morrow. You're only a day away.
  2. Anglers bash Jeep ad

    HA! I hate when they try to do something that pertains to fishing on TV shows. On an episode of "Coach", they showed a person practicing their fly casting with a spin combo. At first I thought it was a joke, but they played thru the scene as if they knew what they were doing. I also hate it when they get the USMC stuff all wrong on TV.
  3. NW Region 2/17/18

    I made it for 12 but we are not yet at 12. Schmooze chime in late.
  4. NW Region 2/17/18

    Reservation made. If anyone gets there before me the reservation is under "ISA".
  5. NW Region 2/17/18

    "Schmoozing" is optional. I'll call in a reservation for 12.
  6. Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    It wasn't or isn't able to fund itself, that's why they would rather just do away with it.
  7. Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    Last I heard they were going to do away with the stamp as it is too costly. I need to follow up on that info.
  8. New member intro

    What a space case. Sorry, I couldn't pass that up. It's a joke!
  9. New member intro

    Welcome, Jim! Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 17th at the Cherry Valley Cafe for some good food, smallmouth talk, and meet other ISA NW Region members. It would be great to meet you.
  10. NW Region 2/17/18

    The Rockford Boat and Fishing Show will be happening on this same day. Something to do afterwards for anybody that might want to go. http://www.landroproductions.com/
  11. New member intro

    What just happened?
  12. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet at Cherry Valley Cafe in Cherry Valley. IL. @ 9AM. Word is there might be a van load of Chicago area driving up to join us. GREAT! If you plan to attend please let me know ASAP so I can reserve space at the cafe. Good smallmouth talk, good friends, good food +A Great Time. See you there.
  13. New member intro

    Welcome! I have been with my wife for 32 years and have learned not to pay attention to the things that she says. Keep chasing the smallies!
  14. New member introduction

    Welcome! It seems we are building a Kish Army in this year of 2018. I don't much care for that Ed Buric guy so I thought I would post on this one. Be sure to track me down at the Blowout. Look forward to meeting you.