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  1. Please! I knew you were going to fish that section before you did. Not sure why you didn't have your 70+ year old dad use "The Force" to get that canoe up the hill. Glad to hear that Jude and Mike are alright.
  2. Such a large group. This might help.... The orange (Appleton to Cherry Valley) area is an all day (6 - 8 hours) trip and could have some down falls to portage from last weeks wind storm. The green (Cherry Valley to Kish F.P.) area half day (4 - 6 hours) and is the most used route The purple area (Oak Ridge to Kish F.P.) is a half day (4 - 6 hours). This is the south branch flowing into the main branch, and is about the same distance as the green area. Could have down falls to portage. The blue area (Kish F.P. to Atwood) has slower moving water, islands to beach and wade and may take just a little bit longer than the green area to fish. 3/4 day trip, 4 - 7 hours. Note: the canoe launch at Atwood is kind of a steep drop. Careful as you get out. The red area (Atwood to Hinchliff F.P.) slower moving water, a tad deeper than the average, connects to the Rock. Note: the canoe launch at Atwood is kind of a steep drop. Careful as you get in. The bad thing...... There is quite a bit of a hill at the take out to carry your boat up to the parking lot. You boys have fun. I wish I could take part. Maybe I'll try to slip in for breakfast.
  3. I will not be able to make this event. You boys have fun and catch a lot of smallies. Calendar seems to be working good whether or logged in or not. Thanks, Scott.
  4. I can only see the events on the calendar when I am logged in. If I am not logged in then there are no events on the calendar.
  5. This is not like the old website. You must be logged in to view events on the calendar. Need I post pictures?
  6. Paul, Jude needs pictures to understand....... + + + =
  7. Not too sure. Kind of looks to be a little cool and I don't believe I have ever seen any evidence of northern Illinois smallies being caught during cold/cool weather. You might be able to squeak out one or two, but anymore than that is near impossible and if anyone claims to have caught anymore than that, well then......... It's just a flat out lie. Sorry, this is all I have to do with my life at the moment. I won't do breakfast but I might surprise you and float Baumann to Kish F.P. We'll see.
  8. Terry Dodge

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Good point. Storage was one of the things I had to consider since I plan to do more camping trips.
  9. Terry Dodge

    Wader Repair

    Thanks for the info.
  10. Terry Dodge

    Wader Repair

    Filled up my waders and found a bunch of little leaks. I was wondering, do I need to put a patch over all of those little leaks or would just a dab of Shoe Goo over each leak be alright?
  11. Terry Dodge

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Keep an open mind. I would go with an SOT for sure. I went with the Jackson Coosa because it's tough and can take a beating, where as the cheaper models are pron to cracked hauls. I bought mine to last so I wouldn't have to worry about buying another for a long time.
  12. Santa brought me a pair of paddle mittens, so I'm good. Thanks anyways.
  13. I would like to take part in this but this weather we have been having lately has got me a bit scared to commit to anything right now. I'm a little girl when it comes to cold weather. But I'm still a Marine!!!