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  1. Chicago Region Breakfast

    Is anybody going to this event? I hate to drive all the way up there if no one is going.
  2. Norm Minas Photos

    Came across this one while cleaning up my photo albums. This was a clean-up back in Sept. of 2009
  3. Remembering Norm

    Norm and I talked last fall about how he and I could fish together a little more because he was about to retire. We were both going through chemo at the same time and I often thought about how he might be doing and said a lot of prayers for both of us. I was truly saddened when I heard he took a turn for the worse. Norm was not a believer in cameras but I snapped this one while we were fishing below Warner bridge. Thank you Norm for introducing me to some quality fishing spots and bending my ear with your experiences and stories. Just out of habit I will probably be looking for your car every time I go to the Kankakee.

    I'll be there if my plane doesn't get delayed in Las Vegas. Always look forward to this one.
  5. October Dinner Meeting

    I'll be there, first time for Thai cuisine.
  6. Not the best of videos but the easiest to put together, just wish I had some better pictures. This trip and the ISA picnic are my two favorite summer time events. https://quik.gopro.com/v/Yunb9lS0fw/
  7. A short Tinkers Dam video 2017

    If there are any other photos of Bart, Ron, Ed, Ken and his daughter please post so I can remake the video to include everyone. The pictures from Bart don't have enough pixels to show properly.
  8. Experimenting with my new phone, hopefully this works. https://quik.gopro.com/v/lJUIq7Cvhc/
  9. Just a note for the guys going up this weekend better plan on mostly drift fishing out of kayak, float or boat. Unless the levels don't get down another 20% there won't be many places to wade. Dick and I were up there this past Tuesday, Wednesday and there aren't many places to get out away from shore. I will follow up with an out of state report.

    I'll be there, I'm sure there will be to much food as usual. I'll bring something for a pre- dinner snack like last year.
  11. Do you have a head count yet, I have only seen one reply. I'm going to try and make it.
  12. Drag chain retractable leash

    Thanks for the response Jim, John Graham said the same thing in a personal message. If that's the case I will stick with what I am currently using.
  13. Drag chain retractable leash

    Looking for suggestions on a dependable dog leash that retracts. What size, round cable vs flat?
  14. Impromptu Dupe Float

    Great day to be out on the water, here's a few of our members enjoying the beautiful weather.
  15. 2017 Blowout Snippet

    I totally agree with Kip, one of the best Banquets I have attended. I also was sitting near him, he has been drunk and obnoxious at every dinner he has attended. Lucky for me I had to leave early but it left a bad taste in my mouth that his friends couldn't keep him quiet. BTW; the food was great as well as the speakers, thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together.