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  1. Hey, Terry - I'm planning on joining you guys this Saturday. I am currently unable to schmooze, however. Bill K
  2. I had the pleasure to work with Scott for a few hours at the Schaumburg show last month. He's a remarkable advocate for the outfit. And I heard some great stories, too. Bill K
  3. It did, Jude, Brian and I moved to another spot upstream about 1pm. He pick up 4 of 5 more in the 7 to 13" range. I got one but it was worth the wait - an 18"-er. Thanks to you, Terry, for setting this up. And also to Jude and Brian for putting us on some nice locations. Bill K
  4. I'm in, too. Only been able to fish the Kish once this year due to high water or work. Better get on it while conditions are favorable. I'll be wading, most likely the South Branch. See you at the Cherry Valley Cafe. Bill K
  5. Scott: Pat M and I can handle Thursday, 4-8pm. Bill K
  6. Sorry for your loss, Terry. Condolences to your and your family. Bill K
  7. Terry: Pat M and I will be car-pooling to Cherry Valley Saturday. See you at the cafe. Bill K
  8. Terry: Pat M and I will be there, too. Bill K
  9. Pat M got things going early with a fish within about 10 or 15 minutes, then his luck dried up. I scored a 12"-er on a buzz bait shortly afterward, then picked up 5 more - the 2 largest both at 15", and both on a black Vibra Grub (a leech-imitating ribbon bait). Swim jig and plastic craw also yielded fish. Smallies seemed holding tight to submerged wood near the stream bank, in both shade and sun. Able to get a few photos of our group: Our tour guide Pat M working the bank cut Frank from a long way off Nice to get together and meet a couple members for the first time. Thanks, Terry, for setting this up. Bill K
  10. Nice to finally get back on the Kish after a 2-month absence. Thanks to Terry for organizing this on a day I when I could make an ISA outing. I was with Jude and Eric and managed to bring to hand 7 SMB ranging from 9-13". Was out-dueled by several more. Terry, I also notice the stain and was a bit surprised, given the lack of rain. I suspect the boat and tube traffic may be partly responsible. Bill K
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