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  1. No Early show this year. Mayslake posted no outside rentals for 2020 back in May. I may make up the Cane Cast & Compare on 10/17 if Glenwood is open.
  2. Good turnout - 21 signed in plus a few more. Rain wasn't too bad & it stopped by 10:30. Both shops brought some great new gear and Doug Taylor helped with spey casting lessons. It was good to see some familiar faces but there were 7 who were first time at the event. Thank you to all who came and to Jeremy & Zach from Dupage Fly & Ike from Orvis.
  3. Bring a folding chair, it makes it easier to stay safe. Picnic tables don't work well to maintain 6" distance.
  4. Doug Taylor, Sage Pro staff will join us. Doug is a great spey instructor so be sure to get some help from Doug. Zach Van Dyke from Dupage Fly Fishing is bringing: G - Loomis IMX Pro 7wt. G - Loomis Asquith 8wt. Scott Meridian 8 wt. Sage Payload 10wt. Sage Sonic 6 wt. Ike from Orvis Yorktown is bringing: Clearwater 5 & 7 wt. Recon 7 wt. H3 Mission spey I will bring Orvis Superfine glass 5wt & 8wt plus some favorites & spoold lines to test on your rods.
  5. Cast & Compare 2020 Saturday 9/12/20- 8:00am to 12 noon Glenwood Forest Preserve 1644 S. River St., Batavia, IL. 60510 Bring one or more of your new or favorite rods to compare to others. This is a great chance to try other rods on the water to see what you like. If you are new to fly fishing come out & learn! Test new gear from Orvis Yorktown & Dupage Fly Fishing are coming. Join us & bring a mask. We will practice social distancing as required. Casting space on shore but bring your waders we're right on the Fox river.
  6. I'll come & grill. We should be good by current recommendation for size & type of gathering. I'm sure our group will be cautious which is good. We'll know more in a few weeks.
  7. I read some years ago that 60 to 80% of water is effluent when at summer low levels. On a dry summer the gauges would jump each night as the plants discharge when there is less public use. Still the water quality is higher there than the Fox or Kank. I wouldn't want to swim in or eat anything from it.
  8. Dan will be clearing out his inventory of old, new & interesting fishing stuff this Friday. His garage is packed - I'm sure there will be some good deals. John L This Friday through Sunday Dan Basore is hosting a Huge Sale of new and old fishing tackle at his home 3S375 Herrick Rd. Warrenville, Illinois from 7am to 3pm each day. Lots of some of the most productive lures at sale prices will be available.
  9. I'd do it but I don't know if I can spend a day folded into a canoe anymore.
  10. I use both old & new glass. Not familiar with the current Fenglass. It does take some getting used to but they are easier to learn on. Most of the new S glass are similar to graphite just not as fast. That works out to easier to feel the rod work & more forgiving if your timing is off a little. Come to the Cast & Compare in September I always have some of the better ones there. Lets hope by September we can gather more than ten at a time. BTW the Orvis Superfine glass 8' 8" 8wt is the best modern bass rod I've handled.
  11. Thanks, Rich. They will all catch fish.
  12. I second that Ed. Night went by fast & everybody seemed to have a good time. Thanks to Scott for all his hard work & to Bart for getting the kayak.
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