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  1. This makes me cringe. Just what we need, more trash and urine in the river. It’s been happening already. Now they have a means to help facilitate it. Cold weather sounds good again.
  2. Got to have the old version! hope all is well Gordon
  3. My best wishes to you and your wife. I hope everything keeps improving.
  4. I fished Tenkara with my brother last year for trout in NC. It was fun but not my first choice. A really effective method though, especially on heavily fished waters. Current as cover definitely is a plus as most every water we fished was crystal clear and trout would spook easily in still waters. The trout really use the current to hide in on the skinny waters. Also, anytime there was a dark patch on the bottom a trout might be in it. We caught some pretty hefty trout too, had to chase a few and also had a few pop the light tippet. I definitely believe it would be an effective method to catch smallmouth but again, I'd rather cast poppers or streamers to them as a first choice.
  5. There's been talk of making Great Lakes warmwater species a separate record class, just like they separate inland trout from lake Michigan trout. Any thoughts on that? The potential for growth is phenomenal in the Great Lakes. I believe that this will be a record shattered a few times. I have friends who were catching big smallmouth in LM well over 20 years ago. I'm surprised its taken this long, but perhaps the need to own a record is not as important to some anglers therefore goes unreported. Personally, I prefer river to lake fishing. Still is very cool and very impressive.
  6. It seemed like you guys were just getting your mojo going too! My phone was alerting me last night with tornado watches in Hayward and Tomahawk. Weird weather patterns this Fall indeed.
  7. Steve S.


    It’s amazing how effective they still are for smallmouth.
  8. YouTube is the go to for everything it seems. Cool stuff
  9. Steve S.

    Mono rig?

    I believe it’s called level line in Tenkara applications
  10. I like the Boca system a lot and haven't had a problem yet, though I know guides like lace up boots because it's a pain to fix Boca on the fly, and they can't absorb downtime too well. The Boca is nice at the end of the day when your back is in spasms and you have to lean over to get your boots off. Now I can push a button and kick them off pretty easily.
  11. I still have the same Simms boots I bought in 2011 as well as the waders. I sent them both to NC to use once or twice a year now so I don't have to transport them anymore. No leaks in the waders and despite the Vibram soles being worn, the boot, stitching, etc. is still intact and serviceable. I always put them on my balcony for a good air dry between uses. They've seen miles of river. I think something can be said about buying high quality gear and a little TLC when you can. I know guys that rinse their boots and waders after every use and then let them dry out when possible. If you're wading a few days a week and keeping gear in the vehicle in between, I'm guessing it's going to wear out a lot quicker.
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