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  1. Steve S.

    Mono rig?

    I believe it’s called level line in Tenkara applications
  2. I like the Boca system a lot and haven't had a problem yet, though I know guides like lace up boots because it's a pain to fix Boca on the fly, and they can't absorb downtime too well. The Boca is nice at the end of the day when your back is in spasms and you have to lean over to get your boots off. Now I can push a button and kick them off pretty easily.
  3. I still have the same Simms boots I bought in 2011 as well as the waders. I sent them both to NC to use once or twice a year now so I don't have to transport them anymore. No leaks in the waders and despite the Vibram soles being worn, the boot, stitching, etc. is still intact and serviceable. I always put them on my balcony for a good air dry between uses. They've seen miles of river. I think something can be said about buying high quality gear and a little TLC when you can. I know guys that rinse their boots and waders after every use and then let them dry out when possible. If you're wading a few days a week and keeping gear in the vehicle in between, I'm guessing it's going to wear out a lot quicker.
  4. Bart, what have you been buying?
  5. dead drift those, I know a place!
  6. Dick-ish is a good description. He could have easily left out the comment, “not those of Prospect Heights”. Perhaps it was a knee jerk response. Do you think he initially objected to an “outsider” voicing an opinion or was it voicing an opinion contrary to his own?
  7. I agree that it shouldn't have come down to that FG deciding the game. I don't know that I'd say they choked in the 2nd as the offense was better than the 1st half, but it came down to a few plays; missing that 2 point conversion, lack of maintaining possession at the end to kill the clock, then a poor punt and the the push by the Eagles to score the TD. It was a shame to see him miss the FG after a strong KO return and Trubisky helping to get them into position but it wasn't just one play to be blamed.
  8. I bet more labor went into those flies than a manufactured hard bait. I guess it pays to be a skilled tyer!
  9. Nice show, thanks to all. Did anyone see Bob Long Jr's presentation on Tenkara? Some similar concepts as shared in his downstream approach to fishing which he presented at a Blowout some years back, this time using the Tenkara. Very simple, worth a try as an alternative to conventional fly fishing. I will be doing some Tenkara fishing for trout next month in NC. My brother has been a fan and it will be interesting to give it a try. Hopefully I will not break any of his rods.
  10. I think it’s pretty cool, they have some real skills. I believe if you’re popular enough you get paid but not sure how it works and really don’t care. I enjoy watching them though and you can learn a thing or two as well.
  11. I think I’m late for work now! i can appreciate the skills that people have. Really cool, thanks for sharing.
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