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  1. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

  2. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    So saddened to hear the bad news. Ugh.
  3. Shawnee National Forest in February

    Do it, its a beautiful area and awesome for herps. Your camera(s) will get a good workout. Just watch closely for venomous snakes as there are plenty. Use caution, even around the smallest ones. It's tempting to flip a rock or log but you have to be really careful as those baby snakes blend right in, even on the trails. Pretty cool to find green treefrogs there; you feel like you're somewhere other than IL.
  4. Some Sad News

    What sad news, such a terrible disease. No one should have to suffer like this. Wishing them peace and comfort.
  5. New Books

    I agree Mark, I would've liked the book in a larger format and in hardcover.
  6. Will your newest rod hold up to this?

    Had a good laugh, thanks
  7. Congrats Terry and thank you
  8. Topwater bat

    can't wait!
  9. Topwater bat

    Thoroughly enjoyed, thanks!
  10. C & C Orvis vs Powell

    I fished my 8.5' Fenwick Feralite a couple of years ago on the Menominee. While it was fun, I did find my casting stroke was too fast for the slow action and it was hard for me to adjust. I also have an Epic 686, and while its a bit better suited to my casting style, I still find its easier to cast my Sage One. Do you two have trouble adjusting to the fast action rods of today?
  11. Site Issues?

    no problems for me
  12. Zumbro River Question

    I have a friend that has fished it, pretty much reported what Gordon said. Very clear water, lots of bass but mostly +/-14" range. He also reported some musky follows but no takes, if that interests you.
  13. Good smallmouth flies for a beginner in fly fishing

    I had a bunch of 60's leftover that I used for tying Fodders and they worked well for the Clousers as I like to tie them in larger sizes. Plus, its about the only fly I can tie!