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    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    pretty cool. http://www.itinerantangler.com/blog/board/forums/topic/native-ultimate-rigging-and-loading/
  2. Mark K

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    The easier your kayak is to transport, the more you will use it. Plan on at least $400 for a nice roof rack system. Check what your roof is rated for weight wise. Yeah, your roof will probably hold more, but but if there is some catastrophic failure on the highway and somebody gets hurt or worse if your kayak falls off, pretty sure that would constitute negligence. REI: If you are an REI member you can shop at their garage sale, which they have every couple months. REI has a ridiculous return policy, where they allow people with no shame to return stuff for no good reason. Often used once for a vacation or with a blemish caused by their own stupidy. They used to do this for lifetime of the product now I think it's just a year. I purchased a new set of Yakima Timberline Towers for $200. They told me I should stop in the store the next morning in case there were some at the garage sale. So I did. I bought 3 complete sets and the aero cross bar for less than the $200. So now i have 2 complete sets as I already had 1 crossbar set. 1 to sell or I guess I could have another set for my son's car (scary thought...my son is driving< but shortly we will be able to do float trips!) The only thing wrong with them was a busted rubber d-ring used to that 3 separate nin-com-poops broke pulling without loosing the mechanism screw all the way. Other than that they were fine and it really didn't serve that much purpose. I had researched this upside down. There was no deal close to this used. 1 used set was going for $100 on craigslist and Fleabay. At the same sale there was a WS Pungo 120, which looked new to me. The hull was not even scratched. Somebody returned it. $450, seriously. Same boat i have Paid $700 in 2003. There was a really nice disc brake road bike, for $500. $1500 bike. I did not have the cash at the time or I would have bought both. Tents, jackets, sleeping bags etc. Line around the store, probably 75 people waiting to get in. You have to know what you are looking for, but man smokin' deals. It's hit or miss, we went a couple weeks ago and not so many great deals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sierra Trading Post: Oh so many more smokin deals. They opened a store I can go to at lunch time. I didn't need that. https://www.sierratradingpost.com/s~kayak/gear~d~4868/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ascent Kayaks. Nephew has one. I paddled it briefly it's nice, seat is very comfy. Heavy and awkward to carry. Did a float trip Davis Creek to Warner Bridge take out. That "portage" from the parking lot at Davis Creek to the river- with two guys carrying it is as far as I would ever go with that thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Color. May not matter to the fish, but it does to me. I like subtle, earthy colors. So I bought my Pungo 120 in "olive". It's a dark color. Holy cow when it's in the sun does it get hot. Not like... oh, it's warm in here...it is. But touch the surface and jerk you hand away! OW!!!
  3. Mark K

    Back to the Buck

    On PC CNTRL + ALT + Prnt Screen
  4. Mark K

    Creeks and Friends

    Wow. I am in total envy.
  5. Mark K

    Kayak Name

    My '03 WS Pungo 120, I guess she is now called "Olive". I have to share her with my son. Max in my Pungo 120 by Mark Kasick, on Flickr
  6. Mark K

    Too much time on my hands

    If you keep this up you will be assigned official ISA cartoonist.
  7. Mark K

    Lefty Kreh

    What an awesome life to live. Such a nice guy to chat with too.
  8. Mark K

    Any Rod Builders here

    My nephew started about 2 years ago- not for the $$. He has freakish mechanical and electronics skills and converted a sewing machine into a rod wrapper. It's pretty wicked. He builds them with Winn Grips and clear wraps. They look pretty cool . He built a pretty beefy baitcaster with a Bushido blank to use for froggin' . It had a really nice Lews reel on it that had some foo-foo bearings in it- the combination feels fantastic. The beauty is you can build the rod exactly the way you want. Long term you could probably charge $100 labor for 8 hours work- give or take if you could find the right customer. Trouble is there are really nice super cheap rods today that fish really great. I bought both my boys Gander Mountain rods on sale for $19.99 with a GM reel for $24.99. The cork on one started to peel. It's not even solid cork, just a veneer going over some kind of hard foam! The guides don't have any ceramic. These things are reasonably light, we caught tons of nice bass with them in Sylvania and blugills and crappies and carp. If they were going to break, they would have broke by now. I have about a dozen, easy- St Croix, Loomis and falcon rods. The kids leave these things in my car and I fish with them when I am on lunch all time. Seriously, my favorite rod is an old Loomis SJR721 (like a $250 rod) and if one of these combos is rigged and ready, I would grab it first. Point being, that's what you are up against.
  9. Mark K

    Float and fly kit

    No, but those bobbers were called “Adjust-a-Bubble” and were made byRainbow Plastics. If that is what you are after.
  10. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    I fished it in the Kank today. Got skunked. I was hoping the plastic might lift the jig out of the rocks a bit, I got stuck a lot.
  11. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    As far as I can tell, they would be 100% legal in Sylvania too. Their jigs are beautiful. Nice sharp high quality hook. The plastic is super soft and stretchy, but I think they are really hard to rig straight. So much so, that I would rig' em at home. Me thinks if one were to super glue to the jig one would have a bomb-proof jig. According to the manufacturer they don't play well with Plano type boxes.
  12. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    Yeah. The tail stand up completely because the plastic is buoyant. I have become really skeptical about lures especially soft plastic. Nothing is ever really new, it's just re-molded into a different angler attracting shape. This think has different action than anything I have seen. Check it out.
  13. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    So, I bought some 1/10 ounce jigs and one of the finesse baits- Like a 4" Senko with a shreded tail , I would not attribute catching a bass in cold water to this lure, bur I will say it fishes really nice. and stays out of trouble. Pain in the ass to rig. I would do a few at home. First Fish 2018 by Mark Kasick, on Flickr
  14. Mark K

    This Tequeely for Ronnie

    Cool, Rob, nice post. I haven't tie one yet, but i did start using Barr's Meat Whistle (from Cabelas) which Ron recommended. It's a darn good fly. I liked his practical selections for casting. Don't recall that he was a fan of flies that resemble cat toys. Maybe I am wrong about that. Really, I am still kind of stunned that he is gone. I only met him twice, I think, in person. But I did read most of what he wrote.
  15. Mark K

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    Man, that is terrible news.
  16. Mark K

    off the grid(ish) midwest trip

    I love Sylvania. Here is a video I took of an ideal august morning at the boat launch on clark Lake. An eagle made a fairly low pass overhead. So I got my phone out but it was gone so we are stuck with a bunch of loons.
  17. Mark K

    off the grid(ish) midwest trip

    +1 on Sylvania.
  18. http://www.eenews.net/stories/1060050638
  19. Mark K

    Clean Water Rule

    Recent post on TU site. https://tu.org/blog-posts/epa-suspends-clean-water-rule-—-implications-for-clean-water
  20. Mark K

    Clean Water Act

    Take a look here: Links to recent TU blog.
  21. Mark K

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    Always wanted to visit snake road during the migration.
  22. Mark K

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    Well, that makes sense. why is the LM called salmoids?
  23. Mark K

    Some Sad News

    Jeez, that's awful.
  24. Mark K

    Boundary Waters

    Correction that was from "Save the Boundary Waters" organization. But here is an article: Game over. again. How many more years of this? http://www.startribune.com/feds-ok-mining-on-edge-of-bwca/465989843/