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  1. You don't need a koozie (neoprene beverage can insulator) when the air temp is low enough to sustain water in it's solid phase. I work with a group of very nice folks all with really advanced science degrees who still take up precious refrigerator space by putting an entire lunch cooler bag in there. He does touch a nerve. hobbies get out of control. @3:35 hoarding old gear. It's hard to let go of stuff that you pretty much should have not bought in the first place.
  2. Think of it as fish bragging rights when you take fish picture and pretty much share it to the world.. Only in this case when you hold it closer to the camera a 5K does not become a marathon.
  3. That and 50 or so years of not dumping toxic s...t in it.
  4. No. it is a tributary of the Desplaines. Near I 55. https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/inpc/pages/area3willgrantcreekprairie.aspx
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7EToXRlPIW/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Spoiler: Grant Creek wins healthiest stream. tinyurl.com/riverwatch-2019report
  6. I think it was the district office. I was driving when I callled. Whatever number Siri pulled up
  7. I have a few really nice ones. We used to go float the river fish and look for rocks. The river is pretty much picked thru now. It was 15 years ago. If you are interested in that stuff look up ESCONI , Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois. They meet at C.O.D. and run trips to Braceville where you can (legally) find those same types of Fossils. you can hunt at braidwood also, but you need to check in. There actually refered to as "Mazon creek Fossils" from the Pensylvanian era (250 milion ish years ago) and I think there are very few places on earth where they exist and none in the numbers that were found in that area. This is a cool forum also. http://www.thefossilforum.com
  8. The forest preserve sent me a PDF of their brochure on canoeing. Here is the disclaimer. Canoeists on Illinois rivers receive permission from landowners whenever utilizing private property. Many of the streams in Illinois are bounded by private land. Any stream that is not legally public and navigable is private and can only be used with permission from the landowners. Obtain permission from landowners before launching, take out, camping, picnicking, portaging, or parking vehicles on private land. Remember that your conduct will greatly influence the landowners attitude toward other canoeists. So yeah, that old man is probably right. You probably need his permission to be legal. Why they built a launch to the south of there i have no idea. Maybe they are hoping to buy that property at some point? There is a canoe launch and a parking lot just to the NW of that guy's property. They sent me PDFs of maps of a bunch of FPs around there. looks on paper to be really nice. 2019 Canoe Brochure.pdf
  9. I have not paddled the Mazon in a really long time, there was no cow pee pipe when I paddled it so that call must have worked. The waterfall he is talking about was WhiteTie Falls, which I believe is just run-off from farm fields across Whitetie road. Claypool Ditch, I thiink it's called. It used to be really pretty, like a real creek and a waterfall. then they poured concrete in it i guess for erosion and it's truly hideous now. He also doesn't mention that the landowners were pissed because fossil hunters would go in there sometimes with shovels and tear up the already eroding banks.
  10. That's my whole point. Unfortunately I think the more you find out the more will be in favor of the landowner.
  11. John Husar in 1987 on public access. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1987-05-13-8702050664-story.html
  12. I have an email into the (1)CPO, we'll see what he says. if he doesn't get back to me in two weeks, i am going to call his cell. Then I am going to call him again if he does not respond. I was also bored driving to a physical therapy appointment, so I called the County FP and asked about that specific details a very nice and trying to be super helpful person answered , but was pretty much hadn't heard a thing about that stretch, totally unfamiliar with Illinois access law (like pretty everybody) much and essentially referred me to IDNR.
  13. I don't think they have jurisdiction over the river IDNR does.
  14. So if it's navigable at best you have the right to thru it.
  15. Based on this, from everything I read and assuming he owns that property the old man is right. You have no business being there. Is there anything from the forest preserve district telling you that it is okay to float this?
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