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  1. Mark K

    Terrafin Wet Wade boot

    What makes them a "wet wading" boot?
  2. https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-and-army-propose-new-waters-united-states-definition Article in Scientific American. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/trump-administration-redefines-waters-of-the-u-s/
  3. Mark K

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    I can tie back to back to uni's in my sleep. That's a great knot.
  4. Mark K

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    typo-lot neater and wearier> should be "easier" wearier.
  5. Mark K

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    Thanks. I made a tool like this https://www.hookandbullet.com/gear/fly-fishing-leaders-tippets/frog-hair-blood-knot-tool/ It makes the whole thing a lot neater and wearier. But overall I think that 40-30lb connection and the next one is way too big. I am going to experiment with this stuff and a smaller knot. https://www.amazon.com/Loon-Outdoors-UV-Knot-Sense/dp/B01EONA0R6 It's like 30lb test- how freaking strong a knot do you really need!!??
  6. Mark K

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    I tied a few, before running into a problem with my left hand. I have been noodling around with a guitar which is what I think caused it. Actually had my hand "lock up" tying blood knots, specifically that muscle controls your pinky abductor digiti minimus. This goes back a couple months and it's still bugging me. My hand actually starts pulsing where you can see the muscle spasming like an alien is going to spring out.. That happens out of the blue. It pretty freaky. I don't find the blood knot tough, especially with a jig I made. I think it's hard to get the spacing right. I casted one I made and it laid out a bug just fine. The first knot is gigantic, I can guarantee it would be a nightmare in the Kank in floating weeds, but again anything is. I think I am going to try the Rob suggestion.
  7. I know. weird name. I stumbled on these looking up some of Japanese tackle. These look like pretty cool designed bags and they are not outrageously expensive. That one looks big, especially for wading but they have a bunch. http://www.lsd-designs.co.jp/l_original.html Looks like they are under 50 bucks with 16 bucks to ship. https://www.ichibantackle.com/products/c6-SECOND-HAND-REEL-TUNE-UP-PARTS/
  8. Mark K


    Cool forum. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Mark K


    I have been looking up stuff about ultralight fishing and came across this site. Gear intended for the "JDM", japan domestic market. Really nice gear, priced accordingly. Should not shock fly fisherman pricewise. Pretty cool stuff though. https://www.finesse-fishing.com/
  10. Mark K

    Better see some reports

    My report is that a snowstorm occurring on a Monday morning rush in Chicago is an unholy plague. :-(
  11. Mark K

    Duplicating a $469 Swimbait

    He added another video. Record sized long-eared sunfish. Man it's beautiful.
  12. Mark K

    2,629 Acres Added

    That's cool!
  13. Mark K


    I was alluding more to (my own presumption) that they have parents that are loaded $$$. Nothing wrong with it, they are doing something productive. Personally I am not interested on the ride to the airport, with weird music playing. WTF is that freaking weird stuff called, they must license it cause a lot of You tubers use it. You can make a good buck with the You tube stuff. This guy is raking in six figures giving guitar lessons. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/09/youtube-guitar-lessons-turned-into-6-figure-career-for-marty-schwartz.html But I think most of them don't make squat. They also have that Patreon thing where you subscribe and some of them just ask people to contribute a few bucks to "support the channel".
  14. Mark K


    Where do young dudes like that get the cash to do this kind of thing. they probably aint working at Burger King. amazing though the quality with today's technology.
  15. Mark K

    Duplicating a $469 Swimbait

    Probably enough hours to make $469 seem like a bargain. Not to mention the tools, the learning curve etc. That guy doesn't believe in PPE. No safety glasses, no dust mask.