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  1. Article is geared more towards someone not from around here, or totally unfamiliar with them but overall a good summary of those rivers. What you could condense it a couple pages. Also an article of interest, possibly to those of us that frequent Sylvania.. about the Middle Fork of the Ontonagon. This was all trout stuff. I love the photography in this magazine, which I would call understated.. They have a feature in each one called "exposure" , which features nothing but photos and a one sentence caption.
  2. Mark K

    early show

    Here is some bamboo being prepared to be made into a flyrod. This blows my mind how they do this.
  3. My first time too. John and Co. did a great job. The grounds are impressive too, never been there.
  4. Mark K

    early show

    Cool, you can just drag pics in. Here is one of Cory's Deer Hair flies.
  5. Would that make it harder to net the fish?
  6. Not to be dumb, but why is it called the "Early Show" ? that's been plaguing me. Hopefully it's not stupidly obvious.
  7. Mark K

    Tenkara Two Fer

    It was moving pretty fast - riffly water and you could not see the fish. I think that even if you initially spook some, if you hang still they will come back. .
  8. Mark K

    Tenkara Two Fer

    I got a chance to fish exactly this way, with all this stuff, but not with Bob. You would be suprised how close you can catch a fish, I was shocked. Caught a fish with the Tenkara rod, which was fun at first but for me it took seemingly forever to get the fish in, which was like...12", but if you do it often I think there is probably a technique to it. My friend let me use his 5wt which was a hell of a nice rod and rigged with a that little Keitech jig, I like that rod a lot more. 20 something years ago Bob told me about how he liked to fish soft plastics on a flyrod. Which I thought made sense but was odd, since he tied such really amazing flies. That little Keitech on a tiny jig looks so incredible I doubt that it is possible to tie anything with better action. No BS a couple times I had to take a double take...is that a real minnow?
  9. Henry's is so Chicago. We love going there, when my kids were little they were fascinated with the big containers of "crabs" . You got to love the bait menu http://www.henryssports.com/bait-menu.html Great that were so prepared for this record.
  10. Most of the fishing boards that I see have pretty low traffic. Most people go to Facebook and other anti-social media for their viewing of arms length fish pictures and other fake news. Did you catch the line in the article where the biologist says you don't need to hold that fish out. LOL I don't know how you would police something like that, seems like it would be easy to cheat. I think there are bigger bass than this in the lake, they are just hard to catch and it's what makes this totally cool happening from shore, especially sweetened by it happening to a regular dude, not some body with a $60K boat. The fact that he a 7lb bass alive is freaking incredible. It's a great story, makes me want to start fishing the lakefrfront more. I saw a photo- a DNR cop showed me of a smallmouth a guy had in a livewell about to release. This was on the lake. It was enormous, I think it was bigger than this one and the guy was not shoving it into the lens. The cop told him it was probably the state record and he was within his rights to keep it. He released it and was not interested. Which is fine, you don't really have anything to gain.
  11. Dale bowman did an excellent write up. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/10/15/20916246/joe-capilupo-catches-illinois-record-small I saw a video of it being released today and it was in a cooler looking reasonably shit kicking. Holy cow, a shore fisherman tageting bass, caught and released alive, the state record. What a great fish story.
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