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  1. Dale bowman did an excellent write up. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/10/15/20916246/joe-capilupo-catches-illinois-record-small I saw a video of it being released today and it was in a cooler looking reasonably shit kicking. Holy cow, a shore fisherman tageting bass, caught and released alive, the state record. What a great fish story.
  2. I have been pulling that or a similar pointy little !@#$ out of my shoes for a really long time. It's amazing how many can accumalete in your shoes. if you wade in sneakers, which I do probably tend to notice them more. but good point about not transferring them.
  3. Woo Daves was the only one that targeted smallies exclusively as I remember. His bag was 14 fish at 27lbs. Under a 2 lb average. You constantly hear about giant fish in Lake Michigan, yet you really don't see or at least I don't see many people catching them. Here is Ike downtown
  4. Okay so 15 years. That's my point. This was a hard fought battle and I am so glad to see this wasn't an "accident" fish. With all the talk over how big lake michigan SMB are, you would think it would not have taken this long. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/3/27/18444327/finding-a-weigh-certified-scale-and-record-fish-around-the-chicago-area Dale starts that 2019 article out. I still think the Illinois-record smallmouth bass will be caught on the Chicago lakefront. But then I’ve thought that for nearly 20 years. That second guy I know..sort of.. He is one of my nephew's friends and a good and very nice guy. I was pretty certain he was going to break the record since he works his ass off for it. If you go out on the lake in a boat where the bottom is not coated in algae it's coated with sandpaper and razor blades so dragging a jig on the bottom means slowly cutting your line. It's really that bad, the bottom will cut 10 lb braid like butter. Pretty cool though, that while it would be perfectly legal and reasonable to keep that fish weigh it, mount it, eat it.... whatever that both guys went thru pretty great lengths to keep it alive and release it... just out of effin' respect and nuthin' else.
  5. I don't remember it being catch and release but I could be wrong. it's at least been since 2012 (the last reg guide I could find on line), 1 over 21". Which was 7 years ago. Fishing Lake Michigan for smallies is hard. When they had the Classic here in '01 , I don't think there were any really big fish caught.
  6. There is a pic of it on a certified scale. Cool. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188766751780168/
  7. This goes back to 2015. I don't know how this panned out. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/ct-sta-lockport-dragonfly-st-0705-20150703-story.html
  8. Part of it. The thing is that they take 5 years to reach adulthood from larva. so their survival rate is not so good. They are raising the larva in the lab then releasing them in addition they are raising the crawdads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekX5ZNbAytI
  9. https://www.dupageforest.org/blog/crayfish-help-hines-emerald-dragonfly https://www.fws.gov/Midwest/endangered/insects/hed/pdf/HED5YearReviewMay2013.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C5ORVv5Wi4
  10. I am posting this in the Conservation section because even though this doesn't have any real direct SMB cnnection..... This area in question is the exact site of, in the Chicago area- documented- physical contribution to some sort of conservation event. So this was just east of Lemont Road. It was where I learned about Water Willow and I met Bob Rung. Only 7 guys showed up, Mike Quigley who brought a boat with and was pretty much more useful than anybody, Norm came out and chipped in but he worked 2nd shift and had to understandably split and..... Me. The budget was pretty low at the time we provided a cooler of beverages. I never got to know Bob all that well, and he always refered to me as... one of the seven and was really, really skeptical about fishing clubs etc. if you don't already know this, there is a federal and state protected dragonfly. It only occurs in 4 states and it's rare in all of them. Here in Illinois it only is found in the DesPlaines river. Right there. I knew about the dragonfly. There was a big stink put up about the I355 extension (south of I55) which pretty much sits right in the middle of the territory. What I did not know about the dragonfly was this relationship to a crawdad, pointed out to me in this article by a co-worker: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/October-2019/Crayfish-Saving-Dragonflies/ I believe the Urban Stream Research Center would be the people who raised the clams a couple years ago on the Dupe- the Mack Road planting/ clam release. So I am throwing out a few ideas (short of hypothesis) As I understand it, the worst thing about rusty crayfish is that they are big crawdads with humungous claws, they displace native species and because they are such a badass crawdad are less likely to be eaten natives, that the latter is more likely to be eaten Certain snakes, I knew winter in crayfish burrows one is the massasauga, the marsh rattlesnake. Non existent here anymore. Kirklands snake. I never saw one.
  11. I am not sure about the Fox, but along the I55...what do they call it, Illinois Heritage Corridor crazy huge-ass-warehouses are going up at an insane rate. I hope there are some checks in place to deal with all that water that will be displaced. When I see just how much water comes off my house, which size-wise is like comparing a paramecium to whatever Eric caught today, it has to be a colossal amount of water and it's hard to imagine how.
  12. Given what real struggle it is almost makes you feel bad about driving a hook thru their jaw and dragging them out of the water for amusement.... Almost.
  13. Was this public property ?
  14. Very cool soft plastic. Much larger than any real live helgie I've ever seen (and I fished with them a lot). By the time a hellgramite gets anywhere near the 3" mark they are making their way out of the water. By the third year they crawl up on a bank and burrow under rocks, form sort of a cuccoon and then transform into a Dobsonfly. The head/thorax portion is thicker than the abdomen and it is almost as if this bait were designed to use with a 1/8 oz keeper hook. It's very durable. I caught 8 smallies, foot long ones, with the same one and it's still good. The bait with the keeper hook looks specatacular on the bottom. I got the olive flavor and it blends with the bottom so perfect that the shine from hook sticks out like a sore thumb. I think this might be a good one to whacky rig too. I am not convinced that fish think it's a hellgramite but it looks very natural on the bottom. However I caught everything with a fast twitchy retrieve so much for that https://www.tacklehd.com/products/hd-hellgrammite If there is any disappointment, I saw this video and was expecting more action. The ones I have are stiffer than this. https://youtu.be/GhNEKZp5NM0
  15. also in the news.... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/09/travel/alaska-arctic-national-wildlife-refuge.html https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2019-09-12/interior-finalizes-plan-to-open-alaskas-arctic-national-wildlife-refuge-to-oil-drilling
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