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  1. It's higher than the Kank? That would be suprising.
  2. Only 12 million gallons a day. Interesting to read. https://www.dupageco.org/WastewaterDivision/
  3. Yesterday I was passing the Dupe around Shorewood/ Plainfield. I counted 40 cars at one spot. There were tubers everywhere. Looked mostly to be families with a zillion kids. as you would kids were splashing water over their heads etc. basically swimming. Do towns discharge into the dupe?
  4. Are the bacterial levels low enough to do that safely? I saw a bunch of them launching at the Mack Road lot. "Kris Most, president of the company and Plainfield resident said the operation will be start up with goals to create a family-oriented recreation opportunity," Translation: Anything to make a buck.
  5. Here is a tutorial for his hatchling craw. http://thefiberglassmanifesto.blogspot.com/2020/06/panther-branch-bugs-how-to-tie.html
  6. I live near Midway. We got 1.5" in 20 minutes. My gutters could not handle it. 6" total from Wednesday to Monday morning according to my rain guage. My town, Burbank and neighboring Oak Lawn got all kinds of flooding couple years ago so the state spent 20 million dollars digging out all the dirt, silt and shmutz out of Melvina Ditch (our reservoir) to bring it back to capacity. It easily filled up almost to the top. On the bright side it put my foundation repair - epoxy injection I did myself to a the test It performed admirably.
  7. Mark K

    It aint a Bass Boat

    It's pretty neat. But $4000 and 170lbs.
  8. I don't want to rip on these guys nor do i want anyone else to, but this whole concept, when all is said and done money and effort wise, couldn't you just get a used bass boat (lets pretend we are not in illinois) Is it really sensible to put all this stuff $$$ in a thing you can capsize so easily? Does such a vessel even qualify as kayak?
  9. Check out this guys skills. these flies are too pretty to fish with. https://www.instagram.com/panther_branch_bugs/?hl=en
  10. Any opinions? They sure look cool. I was fondling one in BPS, felt pretty good. Probably be fun to fish with. https://www.fenwickfishing.com/fenwick-fly-rods-fenwick-fenglass/fenwick-fenglass-fly-rod/1371883.html#start=2 Do any of you guys use glass rods?
  11. Everywhere I go trails are packed with people. I drove all the way to Indiana Dunes to hike a trail that there are very few people on. Till there is a pandemic and then the parking lot is full. Just turned around and went home. Closer to home they had to close parking lots on the weekends in the FPs. People were having big picnics. Covidiots.
  12. I am going to guess that people back then had less clothing and that was standard attire. They did not change clothes to go fishing.
  13. Here is a good link from DNR. the studies are pretty interesting. https://www.ifishillinois.org/profiles/Des_Plaines.php
  14. Actually, from what I am seeing they are making an amazing comeback. There is an active nest at Saganaskee Slough visible from the parking lot at 104 ave. (Willow springs Road) and another in the pond at the Little Red School House. The former as been pumping out babies since 2014 I think. I know there are active nests in Lemont. A couple years ago if you were to pull your car over on nb I-355 (not recommended) a nest would be visible on the Desplaines. In fact in kayaking in that vicinity, I saw 9 in one outing. I also see them by my work in West Chicago.
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