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  1. Mark K

    Algonquin Fox River Gage

  2. Mark K

    Algonquin Fox River Gage

  3. Mark K

    Algonquin Fox River Gage

    Momence does not have the notice: https://waterdata.usgs.gov/il/nwis/uv?05520500
  4. Mark K

    Algonquin Fox River Gage

    There is the same notice on the gauge for Kankakee near Wilmington. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?05527500
  5. Mark K

    A little different day

    I don't get what constituted a gar or bowfin as trash. Both are much more bad-ass looking fish than a walleye.
  6. Mark K

    Puglisi Hair Substitute

    Cool. I bet fly shops are thrilled to see this.
  7. Mark K

    Advice on getting kids into fishing

    I taught several kids how to fish. Casting usually isn't a big deal as long as you hand them something you would fish with. Not some fun killing crummy rig. You can buy awesome rods and reels dirt cheap today. The part they usually struggle with is keeping the line tight and then setting the hook. when they are totally new, I usually don't fish. I'll just watch them and make sure they hook up. Kids are pretty smart they usually catch on quick. The first thing you need is a pond with a lot of bluegills. You want them to catch a lot of fish. John is right on about the jig, though I usually go with 4lb test and an ultralight rod an usually more thill type bobbers. Personally I think 4lb line fishes better than any other line other than braids. Less tangles, less birds nests if you put it on right and if you tie good knots it's a hell of a lot stronger than people give it credit for. Personally I think it noticably catches more fish. I used to use live bait like wax worms, but have found recently that Berkley Gulp products, especially the 1" minnow and helgrammite are fantastic. John is spot on also about the jig being less worriesome about gut hooking. If the fish does get deep hooked it's easier to get the hook out because of the 90 degree bend, you know exactly where the hook point is. You want to pack hemostats also. Walmart sells a good one. I have also used Berkley Power Hawgs, tiny twister tails- and numerous tiny soft plastics. They all work but that gulp stuff is fantastic. The only drawback is that the guy who designed the the jar should be shot. They leak gulp juice over everything. I have been using small Thill floats, but clip on bobbers also work fine. My buddy at work fishes with a small weighted one with a rig exactly as I described only using a small round weighted float. He puts a lot of action on the jig with that float. That's all he fishes with ever and he catches a LOT of big fish. It's actually freaky how big of a fish that 1" minnow will catch. As they progress, set them up with a 1" floating Rapala- A panfish killer.
  8. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    What's this Keeper hook thing? I've never heard of it.
  9. Mark K

    The Ned Rig

    I caught well over 20 ( lost count after 15) lm 12-15" on the same one jig and worm, and it's still fishable. Though I bent the hook back a lot, and I think it might break if a real fish hit it. Used the tiki worm whatever it's called. I pinched the barb down just to make it easier to release them. My nephew was using a very small jig and craw and he wasn't catching nearly as many. Could be just a day where for no real good reason one guy was doing better, but they sure seemed to be on this thing. I am not sure that these fish were pure largemouth. They looked a little weird. But whatever. That jig sure seemed to work.
  10. Mark K

    New Facebook "Group"

    Facebook makes people lazy and stupid.
  11. Mark K

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    pretty cool. http://www.itinerantangler.com/blog/board/forums/topic/native-ultimate-rigging-and-loading/
  12. Mark K

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    The easier your kayak is to transport, the more you will use it. Plan on at least $400 for a nice roof rack system. Check what your roof is rated for weight wise. Yeah, your roof will probably hold more, but but if there is some catastrophic failure on the highway and somebody gets hurt or worse if your kayak falls off, pretty sure that would constitute negligence. REI: If you are an REI member you can shop at their garage sale, which they have every couple months. REI has a ridiculous return policy, where they allow people with no shame to return stuff for no good reason. Often used once for a vacation or with a blemish caused by their own stupidy. They used to do this for lifetime of the product now I think it's just a year. I purchased a new set of Yakima Timberline Towers for $200. They told me I should stop in the store the next morning in case there were some at the garage sale. So I did. I bought 3 complete sets and the aero cross bar for less than the $200. So now i have 2 complete sets as I already had 1 crossbar set. 1 to sell or I guess I could have another set for my son's car (scary thought...my son is driving< but shortly we will be able to do float trips!) The only thing wrong with them was a busted rubber d-ring used to that 3 separate nin-com-poops broke pulling without loosing the mechanism screw all the way. Other than that they were fine and it really didn't serve that much purpose. I had researched this upside down. There was no deal close to this used. 1 used set was going for $100 on craigslist and Fleabay. At the same sale there was a WS Pungo 120, which looked new to me. The hull was not even scratched. Somebody returned it. $450, seriously. Same boat i have Paid $700 in 2003. There was a really nice disc brake road bike, for $500. $1500 bike. I did not have the cash at the time or I would have bought both. Tents, jackets, sleeping bags etc. Line around the store, probably 75 people waiting to get in. You have to know what you are looking for, but man smokin' deals. It's hit or miss, we went a couple weeks ago and not so many great deals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sierra Trading Post: Oh so many more smokin deals. They opened a store I can go to at lunch time. I didn't need that. https://www.sierratradingpost.com/s~kayak/gear~d~4868/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ascent Kayaks. Nephew has one. I paddled it briefly it's nice, seat is very comfy. Heavy and awkward to carry. Did a float trip Davis Creek to Warner Bridge take out. That "portage" from the parking lot at Davis Creek to the river- with two guys carrying it is as far as I would ever go with that thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Color. May not matter to the fish, but it does to me. I like subtle, earthy colors. So I bought my Pungo 120 in "olive". It's a dark color. Holy cow when it's in the sun does it get hot. Not like... oh, it's warm in here...it is. But touch the surface and jerk you hand away! OW!!!
  13. Mark K

    Back to the Buck

    On PC CNTRL + ALT + Prnt Screen
  14. Mark K

    Creeks and Friends

    Wow. I am in total envy.
  15. Mark K

    Kayak Name

    My '03 WS Pungo 120, I guess she is now called "Olive". I have to share her with my son. Max in my Pungo 120 by Mark Kasick, on Flickr