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  1. Wow, that's pretty cool. Sounds like fun. I'll try to catch their lecture next time. I was at Starved Rock last year, I started talking to a guy there at the visitor center who wrote this book: https://www.amazon.com/Massacre-1769-Starved-William-Publication/dp/0615834671 He was saying that these war parties would come all the way from around Appleton down the Fox river, because the Prairie grass would be too tall to do it on foot. paddling downstream would be one thing, but I was thinking, holy cow that would mean paddling upstream to get home.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to sign in and respond Wade. If you ever find yourself in headed to the Windy City or Illinois, please give us a shout.
  3. This guy sells a nifty jig for cutting popper heads uniformly. His videos are super detailed on how to construct a popper.
  4. Here is a version slightly different. http://flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/011507fotw.php The son of the guy who invented this fly is carrying the torch. His name is Wade Blevins. He is pretty active on Instagram. He does illustration too, awesome artist. He is also under Samsonebug. Here is another version I may give a shot. https://vimeo.com/186066571
  5. Yes, cut at angle in in the back I think it's 30 degrees. Yes you slit the bottom of the foam , but I haven't mastered sealing the fly's ass and I did glue my fingers together on the first one . The hook is a Daiichi 1710 #6 , it's 1/4" foam.
  6. You'll have to show me.
  7. Sam's One Bug I have not tied in a while. by Mark Kasick, on Flickr
  8. This stood out to me in the article I read. "Callahan currently manages her own communications consulting firm after spending over seven years as state director for USDA Rural Development in Illinois. During her tenure, she oversaw a 20% reduction in staffing while still being able to generate a $1 billion increase in the Illinois loan portfolio." https://www.ipha.com/news/post/3575/gov-pritzker-appoints-idhs-idnr-idfpr-leadership
  9. That would be like appointing a fossil fuel lobbyist to head the EPA!
  10. good news indeed. But I would not want to be that guy on that crane -jack hammer thing. That looks scary!
  11. Introducing paperwork into fishing. What a great idea. not.
  12. I just looked at American Rivers website for the first time in a long while. Pretty interesting. https://www.americanrivers.org/rivers/
  13. I can help out on Saturday. Sunday my son Will is wrestling. It's an all day thing.
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