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  1. Nickk

    ll bean

    whoa, I didn't realize that. I concur
  2. Nickk

    ll bean

    really? do you think that a rod company is obligated to replace an accidentally broken rod? Sounds to me like they went above and beyond by replacing it for a nominal fee.
  3. Clouser's Deep Minnow and Wooly Buggers, it's nice to have a top water too. Those will get you fish for sure, for Wooly Buggers I usually go with Olive tones and with Clouser's just tie them sparse. Carp I can't help you though I have seen them heavily feeding on top for caddis flies on the Fox so maybe some larger Caddis patterns (size 12,14)
  4. anyone doing this? I'm thinking about getting a line and heads for my 6wt and I'm looking for recommendations. Rio 250 grain?
  5. Nickk

    Dupage Fly Fishing Co.

    it's good to hear of an expansion of a shop. Trout and Grouse is closing their doors today.
  6. Nickk

    What is this stuff?

    is that the same type of grass that's on the Dupe?
  7. Nickk

    The Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

    I stumbled upon the Golden Gate Casting club in 1990 with my then girlfriend(now wife) while walking through Golden Gate park. There were only 2 people casting, a man and a woman. The guy could shoot line like you wouldn't believe, or at least I couldn't at the time. It had been a good 12 years since I had tried to fly cast(fish), watching that was one of the things that got me fishing again later in life.
  8. Nickk

    Kayak 101

    I like the scraps from rocks on the bottom of the yak!
  9. Nickk

    WG Minnow

    thanks for asking for me. Great looking fly Michael!
  10. Nickk

    New fly rod has arrived

    Sweet!!!! New stuff rules. I haven't thrown any line with those rods but have heard good thing. Are they selling replacement line now? I had initally heard that they're really set up for the specific line for the rod.
  11. Nickk

    What's all this racket?

    hahahahahaha if you ever need to round it out I'm probably about a 2.5 trying for 3.0
  12. Nickk

    What's all this racket?

    I have a friend who intentionally says "the Jewels" in an ironic fashion and now his kids say it with no irony intended. Steve, we should wack some yellow balls some time. Don, Are you going to start the smallie noodling league?
  13. Nickk


    my first really decent sized bass was on a blue/purple Nick Creme pre-rigged worm when I was a kid. It was at the National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg MD. We used to sneak under the fence, probably get shot these days trying that.
  14. Nickk

    Bend back fly

    maybe Gammy Superline hooks? click me