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  1. Now that the Governor has ordered all sit down restaurants closed until the end of the month, we have no choice but cancel our breakfast get together. That is unless we want to get some donuts and coffee from a drive though and meet at the river!
  2. The prices of the Z-Man heads at 3 for $5, makes me want to use the Charlie Brewer Slider heads which are less than half the price of the Z-Man. If you aren’t familiar with Slider Heads, they look like this,
  3. Obviously, if the situation with the virus changes or gets worse, the get together will be canceled.
  4. Saturday, March 28th – Breakfast get- together, 9:00 am, River View Restaurant, 1420 SE River Rd., Montgomery, IL
  5. Saturday, March 28th – Breakfast get- together, 9:00 am, River View Restaurant, 1420 SE River Rd., Montgomery, IL
  6. To everyone who attended the Blowout on Saturday, THANK YOU!!!. We had a great even because of the generosity of everyone who came. I hope everyone had a good time. Next year's Blowout date has been set for Saturday, March 6, 2021 at the same location.
  7. 22nd annual Bronzeback Blowout. Saturday, March 6, 2021. 3-9pm at the American Legion Hall, 310 W Butterfeid Rd, Elmhurst, IL More details will follow at a later date.
  8. We should have more than enough help. Thanks everybody. See you tomorrow!
  9. The set up that requires the most help is setting up the tables and table cloths. By noon, we’ll be done with the work that I’ll need the most help with.
  10. There will be a new, Jackson, Cruise 12 Angler Kayak up for auction at the Blowout on Saturday and will include a Wagner Skagit Hooded Paddle. Retail value on these is $1,250 The Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler, similar to its little brother the Cruise 10 Angler, fills a variety of niches. The 12 is better suited for anglers that want/need more speed and better tracking than the 10ft version can offer. It is also better suited for anglers that need a higher weight capacity. The Cruise 12 Angler is simply a great price point kayak for someone looking to get into kayak fishing without all the bells and whistles, but still wants enough features to make your time on the water enjoyable. It is also a great platform for an avid angler who is looking for a small, versatile kayak with a minimalist approach. The Cruise Angler 12 is perfect for fishing small to large rivers with small rapids, but also tracks plenty well and carries enough speed for a jaunt on a bigger lake or inshore saltwater trip. With its stable platform, most also find it fairly easy to stand and fish in for those times when standing is necessary. Ergo Seat: All new 3D breathable mesh fabric, improved lumbar support, strengthened supports, addition storage spots, compatible with newer track/hi-low systems Day Hatch Large rear tankwell with bungee to store and secure gear, coolers, or tackle Removable skid plate Hi/Lo Seating Stand-Assist Strap Flush mount rod holders GoPro Ready Pre-Installed RAM and GoPro Inserts 32 oz. Nalgene bottle Features: Length: 12' 3" Width: 31.5" Capacity: 375lbs. Weight: 65lbs. (69lbs. without seat)
  11. Thank you everyone. I think we have enough to get the job done. See you all there on Saturday.
  12. 5 more days! It’s not too late to get your ticket!
  13. I need a few volunteers to help get the hall set up for the Blowout. If you come early, we'll buy you breakfast at Simon's Restaurant, 2 W Roosevelt Rd in Villa Park where we meet up at 8:00am before we go to the hall at 9. We'll take care of lunch for you too which is put out by the American Legion. Please let me know if you'd like to help out and what time I can expect you. Thanks Scott
  14. I have some announcements concerning the Blowout. First, due to a mistake on my part, Jim Crowley will not be able to speak at the event. In his place, will be Art Malm of Friends Of The Fox River will be speaking. Art will be doing a presentation on the removal of dams on the Fox River. The removal of dams is probably the biggest improvement that can be made to the river and Art’s presentation will give us up to date information on how things are going. Secondly, we have changed our caterer, from Firewater BBQ, to Steamboat BBQ of Wheaton. The food should be excellent as I’ve had nothing but rave reviews about Steamboat. With just over a week to go, there is still time to get your tickets. Click on the Blowout forum, or call me direct and I can take credit card info over the phone. (630) 209-9452. There is still plenty of time to mail in a check if you prefer. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there! Scott Ferguson
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