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  1. Scott Ferguson

    Latest Bronzeback Bulletin

    The newsletters are sent bulk rate. The post office gives bulk mail low priority so they can take longer to be delivered by some post offices. If you don’t get yours by the end of the week, let me know and I’ll get another to you.
  2. Scott Ferguson


    One major thing I can't stand about You tube fishing videos is the use of chest cams. As soon as I see those shots, I shut it off. It's also not a good sign when you don't see anybody fishing until after the 8th minute of a 14 minute video.
  3. Scott Ferguson

    Latest Bronzeback Bulletin

    Right now, we are using a company out of Virginia called Conquest Graphics. They handle the printing and mailing.
  4. Scott Ferguson

    Smallmouth creel on the Fox

    Slot limits like that seldom work on bass. The idea is to remove some of the smaller fish so they don’t overpopulate and get stunted. The problem is, bass fishermen seldom if ever keep any bass and like you said, who is going to fillet a bass that small? Are these signs posted by the state or local DNR?
  5. Scott Ferguson

    Duplicating a $469 Swimbait

    I wish he'd have said how many hours he spent making his copy. I was up in Minocqua at the Rollie & Helen's Musky Shop where I saw a custom musky swim bait that was selling for well over $100. I asked if they sold very well. They said they couldn't keep them in stock. The guy who made them, kept raising the price to slow down sales because he couldn't keep up with production but they just keep selling.
  6. Scott Ferguson

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    I’ll be there too.
  7. Scott Ferguson

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    I’ll go if we can car pool.
  8. Scott Ferguson

    Berkley Choppo

    Is this the lure you are talking about?
  9. Scott Ferguson

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    A professional bass fisherman has a different prospective than everyone else when it comes to catching bass. EVERY fish they catch is important to their career. ANYTHING that they can do to that might increase just the chance of catching even one more fish is in bounds. Using scents, electronic fish callers, fluorocarbon lines, everything and anything is in play. I don't have to catch every fish that swims in order to pay my bills. So I can afford to look at things in a different way than a pro will. I've had enough success catching fish without resorting to using leaders or scents that I find that sticking to a simpler system works for me.
  10. Scott Ferguson

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    So you think bass have the intelligence to reason that because braided line is more visible than mono, (which they can also see) that they won't bite a lure made of plastic, metal, or feathers with a treble hook or two hanging from it? If they were that smart, why can't they tell real food from fake?
  11. Scott Ferguson

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    Last month while we were on the trip, the water was extremely low. Right now, the water is 4 feet above where it was then.
  12. Scott Ferguson

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    The only mono I’ve used in the last 15 years is for backing my braided line.
  13. Scott Ferguson

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    That’s a nice fish but the look on your face suggests you were smelling a very unpleasant odor at the time you caught that fish!
  14. Scott Ferguson

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    I was there during the entire second week of the Road Trip. Even after many trips to the Menominee, I encountered conditions I had not seen before. Last year, water levels were extremely high, and this year the levels were extremely low. I spent too much time fishing the places I've gotten them in the past, shallow flats, shade lines, break lines and eddies when most of the fish caught were spread out in the deeper channels. The new boat I brought, even with the jet outboard had difficulty negotiating the very shallow water. Keeping the boat off the rocks was nearly a full time job. We all had to work hard to get bites. I didn't take many fish pictures but I may post some later. As usual, I enjoyed the camaraderie of the other ISA members along with a campfire every night. One night, while sitting around the fire we were startled and surprised with the sound of a drum beat and First Nation singing. We didn't know what to think until the "musician" came into the light of the fire and showed himself. We saw it was none other than Norm Perkins who, as we know......
  15. Scott Ferguson

    ISA Road Trip 2019

    Gotcha. Our first commitment for next year! For everyone, your deposit is what holds your spot. You aren't officially on the sheet until I get a deposit.