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  1. I did have one more cancellation. I now have one spot open for these 3 choices. The last 4 days of the first week, the first 3 days of the second week, and the last 4 days of the second week. Check the first post in this thread for the dates and details.
  2. There is a water treatment plant that discharges water into the DuPage near the confluence of the East and west branches. That’s the only one I’m aware of.
  3. I haven’t heard from everybody yet, but enough have confirmed they are going that there will not be any increase for everyone else. I’ll be sending out requests for final payment very soon. Thanks everyone, I’ll see half of you there!
  4. I understand Frank and Pat. You have to do what’s best for you. I hope everyone who is going will evaluate your health before coming and stay home if you aren’t feeling well.
  5. It’s not like nobody ever went tubing on the DuPage before. On weekends during the summer there are always dozens of tubers on the lower end of the river. They just aren’t sanctioned by the local town.
  6. As you are all aware, the ISA Road Trip is just 2 months away. I checked with Karen Prange, owner of the Tinkers Dam cabin, and she is open and expecting us. She assured me that she is being very diligent in cleaning and sanitizing the cabin after every group of guests leave. Even with that, I can understand that some of you may not be comfortable sharing the cabin with 5 other people. If you decide to stay home, I will refund your deposit or apply it to the 2021 trip. Be aware however, that we are still responsible to pay the entire amount due regardless of how many actually stay. Depending on how many drop out (2 already have) I may have to ask for more money from those of you still coming so that the club will not have to make up any shortfall. As of right now, I’m asking everyone to reply to this message to confirm that either you will still be attending, or that you will not be attending. Once I have a final head count, I’ll look to fill in any open spots to come up with a final cost for everyone so I can collect the final payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Scott Ferguson 630-209-9452 For those of you who did not sign up and are interested in joining us, contact me and I can probably get you on the trip.
  7. Frank Briggs can probably give you the best answer. From what little I know, the pedal drive alone without a kayak runs around $1,000. Having both for $1,500 might have you looking for a used one
  8. Electric motors only, largemouth, catfish, crappie, bluegills, no smallies. Bass size and numbers have been dropping in recent years. A few years ago, guys were catching a hundred bass in a day, but it hasn’t been as good in the last few years.
  9. The NMMA, National Marine Manufactures Association, has had major cutbacks due to the Covid 19 situation and has as of now, cancelled the 2021 Schaumburg fishing show. Todd Alberto, who managed the past shows for the NMMA, was one of 23 others who was let go from the organization, is in negotiations to take over the show and run it on his own. if any other news comes out, I’ll try and keep you informed.
  10. If you are willing to pay for the extra storage that high resolution photos require, we might be able to accommodate you. A photo that is posted at the full resolution of the original takes up the same amount of space as over 100 photos that have been reduced with minimal difference in what it looks like on most screens. Many other sites automatically reduce the size of pictures for you. That isn’t an option with this software.
  11. There really is no reason for a swivel. Using a snap to make changing baits easier is fine. If you have lures like a spoon or sometimes an in-line spinner that will give you a lot of line twist, a snap swivel can be good, but just a plain snap is better with a crank bait.
  12. Current in rivers always makes throwing crank baits a challenge for me. You must crank fast if you throw upstream to get the bait to wiggle right, and very slow throwing downstream. I prefer more versatile baits in rivers.
  13. I cant read the article as I won’t allow Google Drive on my computer. Is it something that can be reprinted in the newsletter?
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