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  1. I have changed the permissions so everyone should be able to view all the events on the calendar. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. That's weird. I see two events. Rich McElligott at DuPage Fly Shop on the 19th, and The Kish outing on Saturday.
  3. Are you looking at the 2018 calendar?
  4. This article was forwarded to me. I think it is important to read. https://www.jsonline.com/story/opinion/editorials/2018/04/17/let-epa-do-its-job-and-monitor-great-lakes/526259002/
  5. Scott Ferguson

    Newsletter Delivered

    I pulled that one out from the archives.
  6. Your Illinois fishing license expired on Saturday. Get you new license online here. https://www.il.wildlifelicense.com/license.php?action=custlkup
  7. Scott Ferguson

    Any Rod Builders here

    If you are looking t to make money, you'll make more working at McDonalds or being a greeter at Walmart. A friend of mine was in the business for a while. He did a good job and made several rods for me and donated a few to the Blowout. His best education on the business came at the International Custom Rod Builders Expo. There you see all of the best builders, sit in on seminars and learn the business from the best in the business. I think that show was what caused him to get out of the business. The guys there don't waste time trying to compete with the mass produced rods most of us use. The guys who are making money are selling very high end rods. Finding customers who'll pay $300 to $500 and higher for a baitcasting or spinning rod isn't easy.
  8. Scott Ferguson

    The Ned Rig

    Cabelas has Z-Man Ned rig jigs and plastics on sale right now.
  9. Scott Ferguson

    The Ned Rig

    The hooks are good and sharp but they are brittle. They do break without a lot of force. I rig mine in advance. I hold the bait next to the hook and use an o-ring to mark where the hook needs to come out of the plastic. I also super glue the heads to the plastic. The plastics are extremely durable but after a bunch of fish they do get loose so glueing them to the heads helps a lot. As long as the Plano box has never held normal plastics before, it works just fine. Mixed with other plastics, the Elaztech material melts. I like throwing them into downed trees so the weedless 'shroom heads let you work through branches without snagging. I use straight braid and the braid will wrap around the wires of the weed guard though. There are a lot of ways to fish them. The traditional way the guy who came up with the rig does it is he slowly swims it along but dead sticking, hoping and dragging it along the bottom all work. The first time I showed this bait to a number of fishermen, they all looked at it at and were unimpressed. Once they saw the success I had with it, they changed their minds.
  10. Scott Ferguson

    What do you do next?

    If I have a fish show himself, by a swirl on the surface, or a missed hit, I pick up a senko type bait and throw to that spot. “60% of the time, it works every time” Seriously, I keep a senko tied on at all times, ready for just such a situation.
  11. Scott Ferguson

    THANK YOU!!! 2018 Bronzeback Blowout

    I want to tell everybody who attended the Blowout thank you very, very much! Your generosity in not only buying a ticket to attend but buying raffle tickets and silent auction items made the Blowout a big success. We would be nowhere without you. I also want to thank all the volunteers, Pat Hirschtick, John Loebach, Eugene Collins, Forrest Miller, Paul Trybul, Terry Dodge, Craig Holderness, Ed Buric, Bart Durham, Jim Jozwiak and Cory Gale for coming early to set up, working throughout the event and staying late to clean up. Another thanks to those who donated to the family of Norm Minas in their time of need. Tammy Minas is getting $250 to help with her expenses. One more thanks to our featured speaker Chad Hoover who not only gave an entertaining talk, but also donated a NuCanoe kayak that we auctioned off. Also, to Jesse DiMartini for her update on the water willow and muscle plantings on the DuPage river. I hope we can count on you returning again next year. Set your calendars for Saturday, March 2, 2019. We'll see you there!
  12. Scott Ferguson

    You won't want to miss this...

    Only 3 more days! See you all there.
  13. Scott Ferguson

    Looking for Pictures of Ron K

    I'd like to include a little tribute to Ron at the Blowout so I need you guys to provide me with some pictures of him I can put into the slideshow. Send them to me at isalliance@sbcglobal.net
  14. Scott Ferguson

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    It is with great regret and sadness, to inform you that our friend and fellow ISA member, Ron Kurasz (aka Ron K) passed away this past Sunday 2/18. Here is a letter from his brother Alan. Hello to all of Ron's fishing buddies. I am Ron's brother, Alan Kurasz, and i regrettably am informing you that Ron passed away this past Sunday, 02.18.18. He suffered a massive stroke on Wednesday while at the Joilet Mall. He never regained consciousness and after consultation with the neurosurgeon, he was taken off the ventilator Saturday night. At first he was breathing on his own but on Sunday morning he passed. We are having Ron cremated and are looking into a possible memorial service later this year. i live in Indianapolis and am a CPA and we hare in the midst of our busy tax season. If there are other contacts that are not on this emailing list that you feel should know of Ron's passing, please pass this along. Also, while i too enjoy fishing, i am nowhere near the expert caster that Ron was. I am in possession of his fly rods and reels and while i plan on keeping a couple, i will likely try to sell these on ebay later this year. If anyone would have an interest in any of his gear, i would certainly prefer to sell to someone who knew him. If you have any questions, you can email me at: alan.kurasz@gmail.com or call my cell phone: 317-777-4884. I have accessed his email as part of handling the affairs of his estate but any further correspondence should be directed to my personal email or phone #. Alan Kurasz 317-777-4884 alan.kurasz@gmail.com
  15. Scott Ferguson

    Austin @ Coren's this Saturday