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  1. 8 of us made it to Tom Loo's Thai Garden for excellent food and friendly conversation.
  2. I’m so glad that even though the fishing was less than stellar, everyone had a good time and so many have already signed up for next years Road Trip already.
  3. The second week of the Road Trip proved to be the toughest week of fishing on the Menominee River that any of us have ever seen. I floated a section 50 miles north of the cabin, a flowage 30 miles north of the cabin with guide Mike Mladenik, and the 6 mile section that the cabin is on. It seems the entire river had just shut down. Everybody got something, and for the most part, the average size for most fish was 16-17 inches, but even with low numbers of fish, we all had a great time. Next year's trip is filling fast and we are already over 70% sold. If you want to get in on the 2020 Road Trip, don't wait too long to make your reservation. Chris Sharas go this one from my boat Mark Kasick has a nice one while wading Guide Mike Mladenik with Dick Gronlund hold a fat smallmouth.
  4. Pat, Tom and Eric, got you all on the schedule. We are halfway filled already!
  5. Kevin, you Ken and Lauren are on the schedule.
  6. Anybody who stayed during the first week leave a Yeti bottle behind?
  7. I'm booking the tinkers Dam Cabin again for next year, August 8-22, 2020. As was this year, There will be a choice of a 3 or 4 day trip, or you can combine and stay as long as you like. The price will remain the same, $30 per person per night. The choices are; Arrive Saturday August 8, leave on Tuesday August 11 (3 nights) SOLD OUT Arrive Tuesday August 11 leave Saturday, August 15 (4 nights) Arrive Tuesday August 15 leave Saturday, August 18 (3 nights) Arrive Tuesday August 18 leave Saturday, August 22 (4 nights) If you were on the 2019 Road Trip, I'll give you first choice on next year. Non-refundable deposits are required to hold your spot. If for any reason you have to cancel, I'll make every effort to fill your spot and refund your deposits. If you have any questions about the cabin or the location, the VRBO website has details. Contact me for reserving your spot by PM here or cal me @ 630-209-9452. Deposits can be made via credit card over the phone or mail me a check made out to ISA sent to ISA 1506 Roth Dr, Joliet, IL 60431 https://www.vrbo.com/612837?noDates=true Here is the schedule with the available dates. I'll update as the schedule fills up.
  8. From the last two days. Fishing has been slow. The threat of rain this morning caused everyone to get a late start. High winds made life miserable for those floating. The rain never really happened in our area, so the river hasn’t come up and is still wadeable. Tomorrow, the weather should be great, we’ll see if the fishing improves.
  9. On the Menominee, I get a lot of hits on a Mepps #4. The problem is, the smallies are so good at throwing those baits. Every time they jump they spit the lure back at me.
  10. We’ve all been waiting for a report. Glad to hear everyone survived and had a good time. I hope you left a few biters for the rest of us!
  11. Ed, any suggestions on what I can bring?
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