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  1. There's no problem. We have it covered.
  2. Any interest in an Ice outing

    It is if you are doing it right.
  3. I'm going to have to work Friday also as no one else who has volunteered can take credit card payments if someone buys a membership or Blowout ticket.
  4. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    Those guys are driving all the way to Rockford instead of coming to the breakfast gathering in Addison? I hope it’s not something I said 🙁
  5. Chicago Region Breakfast

    I hope the restaurant will be able to seat everybody. See you there Bill.
  6. Winter go to smallie flies

    Please don’t think this is a comment about the quality of your fly tying ability, but I swear I swept a couple of those out from behind my refrigerator the other day.
  7. Thanks, I had the wrong number on Thurs & Friday. Gordon, you can start at noon and stay as long as you like.
  8. Thanks, Frank & Ron.
  9. We are looking for a few members to man the ISA booth at the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoor Expo in Schaumburg, January 25-28, 2018. The purpose of the booth is to inform show goers of the ISA, connect with current and former members, and sell new memberships. I'd like to have 2 members in the booth at all times. Parking is already free and booth workers will get in for free as long as they sign up for a 4 hour minimum shift. Aside from the normal show hours, we also need to set up the booth on Wednesday. I will update the schedule below as we get volunteers. The show hours are; Thursday 1/25 12pm to 8pm 12-4 Ed Buric John Loebach 4-8 __________________ ____________________ Friday 1/26 12pm to 8pm 12-4 Gordon Patriarca Bill Kreznor 4-8 Scott Ferguson _____________________ Saturday 1/27 10am to 7pm 10-3 Scott Ferguson Forrest Miller 3-7 Scott Ferguson Frank Briggs Sunday 1/28 10am to 5pm 10-2 Scott Ferguson Forrest Miller 2-5 Scott Ferguson Ron Kurasz
  10. 2018 Sports Shows

    As reported in the last newsletter, we will have a booth at the Schaumburg show, January 25-28. And, we'll be at the Tinley Park show, Feb 10-11. I'll do another post with the schedule for volunteers to step up.
  11. Flasher Help

    The amp output available does not matter. Your flasher will only draw as much as it needs. Batteries that will start a car are the same size as those used in boats that run all the electronics. You should also have a fuse in the power wire that will protect your flasher.
  12. Flasher Help

    If the battery is several years old, it’s probably dead. I had the exact same thing happen with mine. Newer depth finders just shut off or won’t turn on if the voltage is even just a little low. The big battery on my boat started the engine just fine but my depth finders would shut off every time I started the motor until I replaced the battery. Batteries Plus has a great selection of SLA batteries. They can probably test your old one for you as well.
  13. Thank you for letting me into your fishing circle

    Nice to have you on the forums Noel. It’s funny, guys usually leave after meeting Ron. Just kidding....
  14. Some Sad News

    Long time ISA Member Norm Minas, has been dealing with cancer for a while now. Recently, his wife posted this update on Norm's health. "This is so hard. This is Norm's wife....winner of all arguements and the one that gets sh*t done. Unfortunately Norm's cancer has spread to his lung. Had it not been for me argueing with the docs, they would not have sent him to the hospital. There they discovered he had pnuemnia blood clots and fluid surronding his lung. That's when the found the cancer has spread. He is now in a nursing home being made comfortable. And if that wasn't bad enough, he is suffering from dementia. That came out of nowhere. So in a matter of 3 yes 3 weeks he has gone from the love of my life to a bag of bones who doesn't remember his children and me occasionally. Now we just wait until his body has no fight left. Soon he'll be catching all the smallies he ever wanted" Our thought's and prayers go out to Norm and his family.
  15. photo test

    Isn't that where Jake and Elwood live?