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  1. We won’t turn anybody away who purchases a ticket in advance
  2. The current issue of our newsletter was mailed out and most of our members should have already received their copy. Due to negligence on the part of our printer who also mails out the issues, about a quarter of our members haven't gotten theirs yet. Most will get their copy eventually, but if you don't see it, click on the link below to download the current issue http://freepdfhosting.com/8bd8276bd5.pdf
  3. I don’t think Austin is at this show. At least, I didn’t see him
  4. Yes Bart. I won't need you until 9, but if you wait till then, you'll have to park far away. Come to the back door of the school to get in.
  5. We don't send out confirmations. I did get the check for the 5 tickets and another for your dues. Your tickets, as name badges, will be waiting for you at the door. See you there. I don't deposit checks until I have enough to make a bank run. It will be deposited after the outdoor show this weekend.
  6. Show opens at 9 If you are there by 8:15 you should be able to park close.
  7. Bart, I may have some help coming on Saturday, so if you could come Sunday, that would be great. Thanks.
  8. You might be a bit over sensitive. His response is pretty much the same as politicians have been giving over dam removal for years. You can’t vote for him or live on the river where the dam is. He’ll push off any decisions until after he is out of office.
  9. The Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show is going on next weekend, Feb. 9-10 from 9-5 each day at the Tinley Park High School, 6111 W 175th St, in Tinley Park. I’m looking for a couple of people to help me out in the booth both days. If you can spend a few hours promoting the club, selling memberships and Blowout tickets, post here and let me know. if you will be attending the show, be sure to stop by the booth and say hello. http://www.tinleyparkfishingshow.com/
  10. We are now 75% full on the August trip. I know it can be hard for many people to plan that far out, but if you have an interest in joining us on the Road Trip, don't wait too much longer.
  11. It's actually pretty easy to get to.. Just a few minutes north oh Marinette WI. If you decide to go, I can get you detailed directions. Or you can follow another member who is going.
  12. Will do Mark. Glad you’ll be joining us. I will need a deposit.
  13. Andrew is one of the best guys I’ve ever met who can catch summer through fall smallmouth in northern lakes. That’s what his Blowout presentation will be about. I’ll be paying close attention. He’s donating a full day guided trip which I’ll be bidding on.
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