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  1. Where were these pictures taken?

    Hmmm....Starved rock and Hennepin canal?
  2. photo test

    The rare and elusive jackalope.
  3. Boundary Waters

    I spend a week up there every year. Why can we not leave good enough alone!
  4. Strike Indicators

    I really like the thingamabobbers, but use the cheap foam adjustables from time to time as well. Great for the FNF!
  5. Conservation Director's Note

    It's always good to emphasize the proper way to hold a bass as well. I hate seeing those broken jaw photos.
  6. Cold water bassin'

    And green leaves on the trees...maybe cold for those new to winter fishing.
  7. River Tunes

  8. Caught in a sieve

    Absolutely horrifying situation I am sure. Been in a couple hairy situations with a pinned boat, but nothing like that.
  9. Illinois is hog CAFO heaven

  10. Steve Kollmann passes

    Sorry to hear this. RIP
  11. Thanks for the review. I did not get a chance to use the original, but I will modify some of these.
  12. stock up at the Tinley Park show

    That's my favorite too. 3/8 oz has been the best all around size for me. Trim the skirt a little bit and it is good to go.
  13. stock up at the Tinley Park show

    Do you have names for the different color schemes?
  14. Angler's Workshop moves to Illinois

    Have gotten my spinnerbait and lure making parts from lurepartsonline for a few years. Good products and service. Good to see they will be carrying more fly tying materials now too.
  15. Transparency in the IDNR

    Not happy to have this happening is some of my favorite watersheds. Sickened by the greed that drives our countries decisions while ignoring the long term effects.