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  1. Andy C

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    The swim bait with a scrounger head has been in my arsenal for quite sometime, seems to be a little better than the chatter bait IMO.
  2. Andy C

    Milwaukee river

    I think it presents the bait in a much more natural way. I find it more enjoyable as well.
  3. Andy C

    Milwaukee river

    I use both, but the fly rod sees a lot more action these days.
  4. Andy C

    Milwaukee river

    Egg patterns and wooly buggers are what I have the most success with.
  5. Andy C

    Milwaukee river

    Kings are dead by now. There will be steelhead and browns in the river all winter though. If you want kings, it seems early to mid September may be prime time. I much prefer catching the big browns and steelhead to salmon.
  6. Andy C

    2,629 Acres Added

    Great news!
  7. Sneaky Pete for me. I always err on the larger size
  8. Andy C

    Advice on getting kids into fishing

    Take him somewhere where he can skip stones, catch frogs, splash around in a small stream and hopefully catch some fish. Do your best to keep him interested!
  9. Andy C

    New Facebook "Group"

  10. Andy C

    Kayak Name

    I am glad you didn't listen! I'd take that as a life lesson, my wife reminds me all the time when she is "right".
  11. Andy C

    Kayak Name

    Old red is still alive and well. I've put enough river miles on it that it was in need of skid plates. I put these on about a month ago. Please ignore the clutter in my garage, it's a work in progress and haven't even finished unpacking since the move. Before photo. I cleaned up the areas that had worn through the outer layer of royalex and filled with two part epoxy
  12. Look at the tailings pond at the top portion of the screen. It dwarfs the city of Galatia.
  13. Thanks for sharing. It is a disgrace that this kind of thing was allowed to happen. Illinois is littered with examples like this, and often times the company responsible is long gone, leaving the mess to taxpayers.
  14. Andy C

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    I have. The lower end of the streams are affected by the pool level of the smithland pool of the Ohio river. The lower end of the streams become embayments with frequent oxbows and sluggish flow. Some great crappie fishing in those oxbows and flooded trees and a great run of temperate bass in the spring. Big grand pierre was always a fun trip. Put in at HWY 146 and paddle down towards the Ohio for oxbow crappie and bass. There are some smallmouth starting to take hold in the Ohio proper in the smithland pool and upstream, but few and far between. Some big stripers and great sauger fishing though!