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  1. I mean....... is it even still on given the current situation? Regardless should probably have a threshold of "safe" river levels and anything above that it's postponed.??
  2. That is amazing!!!!! Any blue and orange square bills out there😉
  3. Lol!!! Thanks for the ironic laugh. The rest of my emails are all of the opposite viewpoint; social distance.
  4. Hmmm.... I guess I have it set up different as I only get a notification when a new topic is started. Glad it's working again.
  5. Have you visited a dispensary recently? I thought general notifications were only for new topics and you had to set something seperate up to get notifications on replies to a topic.
  6. Kev-mo


    Welcome! Thanks for your work the Knk and DpR! Are you coming to the BlowOut Saturday? Good place to meet people.
  7. I have a couple I could send but they are vertical...... lmk Also have a couple/few of just fish on the streambed (horizontal), not giants just so I know I caught fish that day. Although a couple might be a little composed...... lmk
  8. Sorry to hear about your wife. Glad there is some improvement. Thanks for all you've done over the years.
  9. Welcome back ! Great picture !
  10. Yeah supposed to start raining around 4 am. Roads will be sloppy but should be safe.
  11. I remember reading some of those articles on the fossils, made me want to go down.there and do some digging myself. I might even still have one if it didn't go in the last file cabinet purge.
  12. I too enjoyed John's articles very much.
  13. Ask permission or beg forgiveness.
  14. Yeah fishing in the rain doesn't help.... either buy new or maintain.
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