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  1. Kev-mo

    Berkley Choppo

    Looks like jackall came out with one also. They took a little different approach.
  2. Kev-mo

    Berkley Choppo

    Somebody else has a knock off also. Can't remember who... that one has a fin and supposably helps with roll over.
  3. Nothing will change until we stop treating the planet as something we own/was created for us to make a profit from.
  4. He's going through some sort of approval process for the place that is near where he is staying as he needs a permanent daycare place. I guess they need to check to make sure vaccines are up to date etc. Just trying to get an idea if we'll be done mid afternoon or early evening... along things considered. Thanks for the info on the pet resort, I'll pass that along.
  5. That's very generous of you! Yes if you had an extra yak that would be appreciated! He's also trying to work out some daycare for his dog and he'll find out about that tomorrow. How long of a day will it be floating? I know it depends... just looking for a guesstimate. I don't think he can leave his dog all day long unless he can do the daycare thing.
  6. I'm a solid maybe leaning towards probably... Just trying to work things out with a friend who moved back to town. He doesn't have all his stuff up here yet and he'll probably just wade a bit.
  7. Kev-mo

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    Lol! That's a super comfy shirt that was bought on closeout. Can we had thrifty to the mix? Nice fish yourself!
  8. Kev-mo

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    Before I switched to braid I used 12 pound on baitcasters and 6 or 8 pound on spinning. Never changed test/diameter based on water clarity.
  9. Kev-mo

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    Lol. Little bit of sun squint and also I think surprise as I had just sat in the water when I was squatting to make sure I was in the camera lense...
  10. Kev-mo

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    It was nice to meet some new faces this year (Chris and Mike) and always fun to hang with Norm! Don good to see and fish with you again. Thanks for setting it up Scott and good to see and fish with you also. I'm glad the water was low/lower this year. It allowed me to get a better feel for the river. Yeah I know they're all kind of the same (riffle, hole run) but it was nice to be able to see more of the bottom. Anyway I tried several different approaches but ironically it was the WP that did it for me. I say ironically as I had no fish or blow ups on the one I got last year so I got rid of it. Decided to try again and picked one up for the trip. Glad I did as all my hits save one came on it. I had about 30 fish hit all week and landed between 15 and 20 with most around 14-17 inches including one pike about 24-28 inches. The two biggest smallies taped at 20 so really about 19.5. I only got a oic of one as my stupid finger accidently turned the camera around on my phone. I did find that my phone fits perfectly in the drink holder on my cooler. Looking forward to getting back!
  11. Kev-mo

    ISA Road Trip 2019

    Scott, . looks like the calendar shifted and I need to be available for potential college shuttle(s)....please put me down for # 2. Arriving Tuesday August 13 and departing Saturday August 17. If I don't need to do the college shuttle I'd be willing to switch to #4 but won't know until next year...
  12. Kev-mo

    Kayak PFD Suggestions

    Just looking to hear if anyone likes a particular brand/model or any other advice you'd like to offer. I'm basically looking for a PFD that is comfortable to sit in and cast while wearing. Assume the cartridge would probably be the most comfortable... however I'm curious about the the vest ones with the mesh backs. I've watched some videos and reviews so not completely clueless... but want to hear what my fellow fishermen think. Thanks!