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  1. I have to be in Rockford that day so probably will come out early for breakfast.
  2. Kev-mo

    2,629 Acres Added

  3. Kev-mo

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    i'm planning to be there this year.
  4. Kev-mo

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    I'm out for Thursday. Sorry... Not sure if I have allergies or a cold. Hope it goes away as I was sick last year at this time and missed dinner at Tom's
  5. Kev-mo

    Diawa BG 2500

    Those look pretty decent, thanks Phil.
  6. Kev-mo

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    How many bodies do you need Terry? I'd like to go down but won't know if I can take off till it gets closer...
  7. Let's burn down the good senators home, cut off his access to grocery stores, poison his water and make it extremely difficult if not impossible for him to find a woman that would maybe consider getting naked for him. We could then classify his lineage as endangered and see if he falls into that 3% or 97%... Feel free to remove if too much. Not advocating we really do any of this, just using an analogy to make a point like he did.
  8. Kev-mo

    Berkley Choppo

  9. Kev-mo

    Berkley Choppo

    Looks like jackall came out with one also. They took a little different approach.
  10. Kev-mo

    Berkley Choppo

    Somebody else has a knock off also. Can't remember who... that one has a fin and supposably helps with roll over.
  11. Nothing will change until we stop treating the planet as something we own/was created for us to make a profit from.
  12. He's going through some sort of approval process for the place that is near where he is staying as he needs a permanent daycare place. I guess they need to check to make sure vaccines are up to date etc. Just trying to get an idea if we'll be done mid afternoon or early evening... along things considered. Thanks for the info on the pet resort, I'll pass that along.
  13. That's very generous of you! Yes if you had an extra yak that would be appreciated! He's also trying to work out some daycare for his dog and he'll find out about that tomorrow. How long of a day will it be floating? I know it depends... just looking for a guesstimate. I don't think he can leave his dog all day long unless he can do the daycare thing.