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  1. Dang... out of town for this one.
  2. Yeah that's pretty f'd... it just doesn't even make any kind of sense to do anything like that even if you "own" both sides of the creek/river.
  3. Nice write up Eric. I realized early on there was no way I was going to be able to really compete in this one. Congrats to all for competing, to the top 3 for making it close and to Collin for the big win.
  4. I'm out. Looks like you guys are getting more rain tonight plus decided I need to do some stuff at home. Sorry...
  5. Sunday was a no go for a few reasons. Saturday is a hard maybe/I'm interested....
  6. That was really nice of you Bill. Thank you! Yeah kudos to Scott for organizing!
  7. Scott- August 8- 15 (7 nights please). Thank you, Kevin
  8. Thanks for putting all this together! Great to see familiar faces and meet some new ones.
  9. Lol. I'm sure the regulars will show up. I hope to make it this year. Will let you know for sure next week.
  10. lol, yeah i kinda didn't think that was right when i was typing it but was in a hurry... Kip right?
  11. Thanks for the kind words Kyle! It was a good experience and that was my main goal. It was a bit humbling but also had some good learnings were had. Congrats to both Eric and Erik for putting up some impressive numbers and kicking bass!!
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