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  1. Flasher Help

    Thanks Scott. The battery is probably shot. The unit does have a fuse on the power wire.
  2. Flasher Help

    Don't know a lot about electricity but I would think the amp output from a car battery would be too high...??
  3. Flasher Help

    Not sure if this is better posted under Gear or Open Discussion... Anyway, I have an older Hummingbird Flasher that I used to use for ice fishing and also on rental boats. I haven't used it in years... or charged the battery... The battery is a zercom 12 volt, something you would use with the more modern ice fishing flashers.. I threw it on the charger last weekend for a couple days and according to the voltmeter it is charged. However the flasher won't run. The only other time the flasher would not work is when the battery wasn't charged enough. I'm wondering if the battery is shot even though it reads charged. Kind of like my car battery that needed replacing last week, the interior lights came on etc. but it wouldn't start the car. Anybody have any thought/ideas? Anybody have a battery they know for sure works so I can test my theory? I suppose I could just buy a battery... really just want to see if the unit still works. Not sure when I'll actually use it again so don't really want to buy a battery and have that one go bad from sitting.
  4. Some Sad News

    Very sad indeed.
  5. photo test

    That's most definitely a deer!! You have recognizable hooves, antlers, hair eyes etc. It's not like some random skeleton that could potentially be identified as any number of ungulate species...
  6. photo test

    Alpaca what?
  7. photo test

  8. photo test

    That's awesome!
  9. photo test

    Lol! At least he didn't post any deer photos ...
  10. photo test

    Uhh... I don't see anything...
  11. Creeks and Friends

    That sure is some pretty water! Terry don't you have Jude?
  12. Upgraded Forums

    Yeah it seems like the only way to access initially is through the Upgraded Forum email you sent. Pics upload again for me too as I added a few. Only one step instead of two. Seems like with the second step you could choose where in the post to add. I would assume you still can, just have to figure out how. They also seem to load at whatever size you have them at instead of that reduced image that enlarges when you click it.
  13. Bronzeback Newsletter

    I would check your junk/spam folder. Mine showed up in my promotions tab on Gmail. Terry, great job on the IEPA article!

    Planning to be there.