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  1. Don't forget about the https://www.softscience.com/terrafin.html boots that John G mentioned in December.
  2. The longest lasting boots I ever had were a pair of Patagonia's ultra lights I got on closeout like 6-7 years and two versions ago. I think I got 3 years out of them. YMMV
  3. What would be a semi-natural state? Assume it was originally created to join Illinois with Rock and maybe help with field drainage? Would it just start to dry up like parts of the I&M? Does it still function as a water path between rivers/locks still work? Can probably google but just asking questions about feasibility of going backwards?
  4. And how do you 'unhook' em??
  5. i thought about doing a log many times but it seemed like a lot of extra work and wasn't really sure what I would really use it for. I can see keeping a log if you fish many different streams throughout the region. That is a very simple form to fill out yet contains a lot. of info. You could easily do it while on the stream provided you have it on your phone or a signal.
  6. I'd go with slightly to glaringly condescending. While his point is valid it doesn't need to be stated that way. I'd be surprised if the tax payers of River Falls bear the full cost of the dam removal. Isn't there usually state and federal money for stuff like that?
  7. Yeah it looks pretty slick. Is it any better than the others? Depends who you talk to... Lures got expensive when they were successfully marketed to be superior to other lures and people were willing to pay for said superiority (perceived or real).. Do the fish care? I'm not sure yet... I do know nothing I've found suspends quite like the LC pointers.
  8. Dang, forgot about this. Did anyone go? If so how was it?
  9. I had $10 free from DSG rewards so I splurged on a jackhammer. I'll give that a go this year.
  10. A lot of what I have read lately says the blade from the chatter creates some funky water currents and the hammer/boot tail can't function like it's meant to. Basically other trailers like curly tail grubs, senko type, craw type and the fork tail blade something by strike king are better trailers when used on a bladed jig. I'm pretty happy with my swim jigs being bladeless. I haven't delved into to the whole bladed jig thing yet...
  11. I could've sworn I saw it in one of the bulletins... not sure if printed or electronic. It should be March 2. but Scott or one of the other powers that be can confirm.
  12. Those brandy's sound interesting.
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