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  1. thanks! was looking at those over the winter just didn't pull the trigger. wish they still had the purple one.
  2. Was actually thinking about this last week. I'm still planning to go and very much looking forward to it! Thanks for organizing and doing the follow up.
  3. congrats and good luck!!! i'm not tournament ready. bump board cracked thru plus a couple other challenges. maybe fall.... hopefully next year
  4. i bet he's rolling over along with a few choice words lol hopefully they don't leave too much garbage in the river and nobody drowns. be nice to see a glass ban.... how'd you do in the tourney?
  5. that's pretty slick! i would imagine with the tab tail being flexible you may get some erratic darting action like a real craw??
  6. stimulate the economy and buy a new computer lol!! hope you get it sorted
  7. usually it's just a matter of adding the isa email address to a safe sender list. should be somewhere in your settings
  8. shoot meant to reply to this.... i only have it set up for new topics. maybe undo all your following and then redo? did you figure it out?
  9. I thought they were pole vaulters but no one wants to go first.
  10. To echo some of the above; most use a snap to make changing baits easier. I personally use palomar knot. Some like to change the line tie split ring to an oval one when tying direct. The idea is that it won't rotate like a round split ring trapping your line in the gap. Snap swivel is best for baits that rotate like an inline spinner.
  11. I'll echo some of what was already said. Square bills that dive to 2-4 ft, maybe a bandit 200 if occasionally you know a hole your fishing is 6-8 feet deep. Definitely different sizes from 1.5 - 3 inches. Find a brand or brands you like. White, chartreuse/yellow/bright , bluegill/natural and maybe translucent is really all you need. You really don't even need that much unless you're really into cranking.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I've seen more eagles than osprey so this is very cool!
  13. Some good content and info, thanks for sharing.
  14. I mean....... is it even still on given the current situation? Regardless should probably have a threshold of "safe" river levels and anything above that it's postponed.??
  15. That is amazing!!!!! Any blue and orange square bills out there😉
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