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  1. Norm Minas Photos

    John..... Post the link on the Kankakee River Rats facebook page, and other Illinois fishing pages on there.
  2. Remembering Norm

    The memories we have of Norm could fill a book....
  3. Norm Minas Photos

  4. Norm Minas

    One of my memories of Norm Minas while we were helping to film the river documentary Everglades of the North.
  5. Some Sad News

    That is very sad. Praying for his family.
  6. Some Sad News

    Praying for a miracle.
  7. Upgraded Forums

    All Activity is the newest "latest posts". Pretty easy to figure it all out. WAY better photo submission.
  8. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Oh, and the CC admin would need to go in and "resend" the last one to new contacts added. Otherwise, we won't get it automatically.
  9. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Might be because when I was administering the CC....I never actually got the emails then either. Just test copies! So I never added myself, just everybody else. Thanks for the add!
  10. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Nothing here. Mine is mikeclifford2@gmail.com
  11. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Please sign me up for this. Thanks.
  12. Terry Dodge

    Somewhere packed away, I have the entire set of Critical Trends for every Il watershed. Amazing books. The last book by Joel is a must-have!#
  13. river ice spotter for NWS

    I understand the DNR was out shocking for black and silver carp. Saw a Facebook posting of one below Wilmington. Any news on this?
  14. Bulletin

    A spectacular issue, I might add.
  15. Bulletin