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  1. Fish kills all around us, yet this is still business as usual in Illinois? Remember the dairy farm in the Apple River watershed? We killed that one together. There is no CAFO there and never will be. That was a long time ago, and not a thing has changed!! Pay particular attention to the last sentence in the quote below. It infuriates me that not one group....no, not one PERSON has stepped up to the plate to slay this dragon. Of all the conservation and environmental groups in the state, I was the only one to call the dragon master himself that brings every CAFO into the state on the Jo Daviess farm plan. He's one man. It isn't rocket science. I bet we can find one man to step to the plate here and take a swing. Is it you? http://thecommunityword.com/online/blog/2019/07/31/illinois-has-open-door-for-cafos/ "This form of raising animals is given preferential treatment by the state. CAFOs can be approved over local objections. Local county boards have control over wind turbines, solar farms, landfills and zoning decisions, but there is no local control over placement or size of a CAFO. Danielle Diamond, director of field operations with the not-for-profit Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, said all of the surrounding states around Illinois have more regulatory authority over CAFOs. Illinois is the most lax and permissive in the region, she said. The Marshall County Board voted against approval of Buffalo Run but that does not tie the hands of the Illinois Department of Agriculture that’s expected to approve Buffalo Run. Allen Mayer, an attorney and former member of the Peoria County Board, said the system in Springfield takes control of CAFOs away from local jurisdictions and places it with the Illinois Department of Agriculture that rarely, if ever, rejects an application."
  2. With threatening skies, the Sgt. Tommy's event still had over 400 kids attend. A record number for this! ISA volunteers got a workout, and ran the casting field like a well-oiled machine.
  3. A reminder that we are hoping to see a few more volunteers TOMORROW!! Meeting around 7 or so at the lake.
  4. It came to my attention that Herrick Lake has a severe algae problem this year, which is nothing new , but it may be virtually unfishable on Saturday. Wondering if any of our members that are coming out there might have some long nets to bring along early?
  5. I got a message that their website malfunctioned, and did not cut the registrants off at 350. We're now looking at 550 registrants. Just want to be sure we are prepared in the casting field. We've faced more kids. Please consider calling your friends to help!
  6. Thanks! Original members of the Casting Crew, of course!!
  7. For starters, I've never been in a kayak in my life. I retire next spring, and among our celebratory European river cruise we have kayak excursions on the Danube River near Budapest, Hungary and also Vienna, Austria. Where around here does one become acquainted with this craft before we depart? There are stops at vineyards along the way, so I'm assuming part of it will involve inebriated kayaking....but I'm not planning on drowning on my first trip. Not until after Prague, at least. Then I can die.
  8. Their group is once again asking for ISA volunteers for the casting field. The video below explains everything. Please reply with a comment. "I hope you have been well! We just had our first Fishing Day meeting and I wanted to reach out to see if your crew were all in for this year. We liked the earlier start time of 9am, so think we are going to stick with that on June 15th. Let me know if all is a go. In addition, we discussed possibly having a fly fishing clinic off to the side by you guys as we have in the past. I just like the idea of giving the kids an option to elevate their interest little further. I know Tommy always liked to take the more challenging route to anything outdoor related. Let me know if you have any thoughts on that. Thanks so much Mike! Brad (773) 531-4380 "
  9. Terry is a beast for conservation. This one is easy. When I was CD, I had factory farms. Sign it!!!!
  10. At least you have that going for you. He simply "unfriended" me on FB. Didnt' know we were friends to begin with. Ha.
  11. Having attended Conservation Congress, and watching Marc Miller stand up there and address every concern that sportsmen presented with a defined focus and the ability to seek and create dedicated funding, to see these types take the helm just sickens me. She actually applied for the job. We've been spoiled rotten with the likes of Manning and Miller determining the health and welfare of our natural resources in the past, but as with everything that involves politics rather than policy...we have no choice but to ride out the storm. I look forward to our local outdoors journalists and ISA conservation leaders jumping into the fray to get a seat at the table. Whether anybody likes it or not, we always have a seat at the table, because those smallmouth and their habitat aren't going to conserve themselves.
  12. Thought I was reading an article from The Onion at first. According to an interview, her outdoor recreation consists of gardening. This appointment is downright comical, if not for the fact her inexperience spells disaster for your outdoor pursuits. She does have a background in disaster relief efforts to go with that agricultural broadcasting degree. Perhaps when the smoke clears she sticks around to help clean up the disaster that is about to commence. http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2019-02-21/pritzker-picks-ui-grad-head-illinois-department-natural-resources.html
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