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  1. LOL, those gents looked to be having too much fun there 😕
  2. Phil, have you heard whether they plan on removing that formerly hidden second low head dam just below the Gilbert street bridge that you have pictured above? Btw, went down there today nosing around and taking photos. No fishing as water rolling pretty well with all the rain we have gotten in the last 24 hours. Did see some nice carp moving around down there, "Calling Johnnie G. "
  3. Rob G

    Rob's tip of the day

    Watch your back cast !
  4. Phil, when they remove the other damn on the North Fork inside Ellsworth Park, that River will become a small Creek the majority of the year. I'll sneak down there shortly and take a look at it the 2nd hidden dam but i know that just removing part of the main dam that the water level has really dropped
  5. Rob G

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    No doubt in my mind.
  6. Maybe a step in the right direction but still a long way from being solved. http://www.commercial-news.com/news/state_news/iepa-agency-cites-energy-company/article_8185a14e-9575-56f0-94f0-924ab78eeca4.htm
  7. Really Really enjoyed that ! Bunches of good stuff that I would like to try. Thanks for posting
  8. Rob G

    A little different day

    Simple, they don't taste as delicious as my favorite walleye : )
  9. Rob G

    Glue for Fabric to Foam?

  10. Do you get better hook ups with the hook hanging low in the rear ? What is the advantage ?
  11. Is there a hole in the popper body to thread your line thru in order to tie to the hook directly or is there a loop or hook shank within the popper body? So many questions, but I really like that black one. Does that free hook in the rear really swing side to side with that rabbit?
  12. It's been a little slow around here and I'm always a little curious what I'm missing out on, soooooo OK, so what's your very favorite topwater fly when you just gotta bring a smallie to the top? And yea, you can throw in an honorable mention if you want. (Pics are always welcome) Would it be a cupped popper like a Boogle Bug? or a flat faced popper like a Krebs popper or blockhead ? a Crease fly, a Gurgler, or a stealth bomber? Dahlberg Diver? Deer hair bug? dare I say it,,,,,,,,,,,,, a dadgum Jude Bug? What do you have the most confidence in if you're going to be carrying only one (or two) topwater flies?
  13. Rob G

    A little different day

    Btw, Johnnie G, I forgot to mention that same day I caught 3 fiddlers (what my father used to call small channel cat) with that same Peacock Ice dubbed micro jig on an indicator. I'm going to try and hit some different water the next day or two and see what other trash fish I can hook up with. Ha
  14. Rob G

    A little different day

    I'll see that state record shortnose and raise you with a recent new state record drum (gee and I can't even catch a small one) https://chicago.suntimes.com/environment/soon-to-be-illinois-record-fish-freshwater-drum-redear-or-redear-hybrid/
  15. Rob G

    A little different day

    John, these rope flies are just a hair under 4 inches in length, about the size of a decent shad or shiner. Again, notice I frequently cut the hooks off since they are basically useless, though I have hooked a rare bass on these when I have left the hook on. Leaving it on does make it somewhat simpler to store in a foam fly box but on the other hand, when you're removing those fibers from the gar's teeth, it's one more thing you have to be careful of when he gets to shakin' (which is almost a given) Yea, I generally use the same rod that I smallie fish with and that's a fairly fast 5 wt. They can get you into your backing so this is the one time that you want a reel with a decent drag.