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  1. very creative, after the cast does the hook normally ride down ?
  2. Rob G


    Mark, I'm not surprised about that Rebel craw being effective, my first 20" came on a Rebel Craw some 30+ years ago.
  3. John, I present to you the Cicada Bomber Ha, from your inspiration. Hope to get a chance to try it out in the next few days. Btw, I tied one in orange as well to represent that leaf. We'll see if any of them pan out.
  4. Mike, I have not eaten grass carp but when I used to bowfish a lot, we often kept a big cooler with ice on the boat when there was a good chance that we might take one. There is a local Chinese restaurant owner that LOVED it when we would bring him one or two of these after a day on the water. He prepared them for his patrons and in return he would give us free lunch buffets. It was a great deal for us but then we were able to transport the fish via the boat, not so easy now when I've waded back up the river a half mile or more. Andy, you bring up a very good point that I have not considered. I released the couple that I landed, probably would have been better for the water and the nearby eagles and critters if I had not. What's surprising to me is the number of large grassies that are present, since I don't ever remember seeing this many in the past. Interestingly, I'm not seeing the numbers of gar that were present here, specifically the large long nose. Maybe related, maybe not. The water is about as low as it gets and I'm sure they're more concentrated than usual.
  5. I'm not sure who is more hooked, this other grassie that I took today or me chasing these darn things. This one also took "da Bomber" but I had another one on today that hit my big black bug, unfortunately he got off but not before breaking off the tip of my favorite smallie rod. This super light weight and very high modulus MHX graphite is probably not the ideal rod when targeting these brutes. The other thing is that I've got to switch over to one of my better reels for this game as the drag is really getting a work out during these 30 minute battles. Btw John, you were right, I sat crouched down on this rock watching this one grassy holding in the current who seemed focused on only orange leafs as they floated down the river. He would move up and take it in for a second or two then expel it, and of course I had absolutely zero orange flies of any nature on me. He had no interest in my black bugs or any other colored leaf. Curious fish.
  6. Hey, I pulled a Johnnie G. today. While smallie fishing, I came upon a bunch of grassies holding in some slack water and cast my stealth bomber their way, and low and behold, one moved over quickly and sucked it in. This never happens to me and the one was my only taker. Took quite a while to get that tanker in but I'm sure enjoying that Stealth B.
  7. Mike, It’s true you’ve spouted the benefits of the stealth bomber fly for a long time, but up until a couple days ago, I never had much luck with that fly. And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why because it has so many wonderful characteristics. The water is presently very low and clear around here and there were several key stretches of the river that made for an excellent top water opportunity. My usual favorites were doing just OK but then I decided to try the one Stealth Bomber fly that still resides in my fly box and it caught fire. I landed over a dozen smallies with it including the largest of the day, and for that matter, the largest of the year, a nice 19”er. I like that in slower water, when you give it that first sharp tug or two, you actually get a bubble that rises to the top of the water, likely due to the air that becomes trapped in that foam hole. It makes a more subtle pop that I appreciate and of course if you strip it hard, it dives slightly and gives that nice shake and bake motion, stop the retrieve and it floats back to the top which sometimes will elicit a strike. So now I’m a believer and will fish it with more confidence in the future. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  8. John, the head length in the Magnum is 35 ft for a 5 weight vs 33.5 for the Titan, only a 4% difference but the weight, is 150 grains vs. 185 grains, a 23% difference. I can tell you which will have a greater impact on my fishing.
  9. So on one of my favorite smallie fly rods which I built some time back, I've been using either a Rio Clouser 6 wt. line or a Scientific Anglers Head Start 6 weight line. Because both lines perform decently on that rod but will be in need of replacement soon. I measured them on my grain scale and sure enough both come in about 175 grains for the first 30 feet of line or about a 1/2 weight higher than AFTMA 6 wt. standards. Now my rod is advertised as a fast 5 wt. rod but you couldn't get that thing to load with 5 wt. line unless you had the whole spool aerialized, hence why I over line it with a 6 wt. line, actually a 6 1/2 wt. line. Bear with me here, so now I begin looking at "bass" lines that I might purchase and looked at a SA Mastery Titan line which I was told is the latest and greatest bass taper and lo and behold, it is weighted 2 full line weights higher than standard for each weight, soooo if I were to use a 6 weight for my rod as I've always done, I would be over lining by 3 line weights or in other words would be using an 8 wt. line on a 5 wt. rod. That's crazy ! Now the very same company's Frequency Magnum line which they also advertise for throwing large streamers for bass is only over weighted by a 1/2 line weight above standard. Line weight and fly rod weight designation has become silly, why have standards if no one is going to abide by them. So no longer can you say, just over line your rod by one and you'll be happy. Even for people that are more knowledgeable, you have to do your due diligence but to a novice, they would have no clue. OK, I feel so much better now, thank you for your patience and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  10. Rob G

    Mono rig?

    After reading thru several of his articles, I don't think I would enjoy it as he does, since he is willing to chuck very heavily weighted jigs (1/8 oz) and streamers in order to make it work. I personally don't enjoy that type of casting all day and often need greater distances than what he achieves. But he has some valid points and if someone enjoys it, I say go for it.
  11. Rob G

    Mono rig?

    Thanks Phil for bring this to our (my) attention. Had not seen this before. Lots to read on that site.
  12. Rob G

    Whip Finish

    I already know not to crowd the eye of hook with materials but I do it all too often anyway .........and now you want me to leave even more space in front of the eye ?...........ha, little chance of that happening, as that would require skills and discipline.
  13. The guy must be moonlighting because I'm pretty sure this fellow played in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band if I remember correctly.
  14. Yea Mike, I only get 35-40 WTP eyes for $3.50 but in fairness, they are high quality and the discerning fish that I catch seem to approve. Ha
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