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  1. Thanks Mike, I'm sure I'll enjoy the new material. Have you tied some up already for show and tell ?
  2. Beautiful flies, the man does a nice job with deer hair. Like his bullet head or Thunder creek flies as well.
  3. Mark, I know our own John L. uses glass in heavier line weights for bass. I have a couple 4 wts. that I will occasionally use when fishing for bluegill, red ear, and crappie. Btw, the first fly rod that I as a young boy purchased for myself was a Fenwick Fenglass rod around 1971, an 8' 5 wt. paid for with my paper route money. It was so light weight compared to the heavy bamboo fly rod my father started me on. So wish I still had that rod.
  4. Those are excellent and will fool many a fish. Nice work John !
  5. I have a photo somewhere of my father from the early 30's as a young boy holding up one of those huge flat heads. Of course now, that area where they used to be able to stand so close to the dam and swing those large cane poles is all fenced off.
  6. John, my grandfather told me that they used to use long cane poles to swing large pieces of chicken like a leg and thigh below the dam which formed Lake Decatur. They would allow the under current to tow that bait back up underneath the dam in search of 4 ft flat heads. Though I had never seen their poles, I'm betting that the cane pole above is what they were using. Thanks for sharing. Btw, my father told me that when my grandmother would fry up one of those huge flat heads that it would smell up the house for a week, Ha
  7. yes, for protective purposes only
  8. John, I'm not a clean freak but I can't handle a lot of clutter very long. Ha I almost tossed that out there that people could gain bonus points towards Mike G's prize if they knew what that apparatus is. Suffice it to say, one similar to it served as my first fly tying vise almost 40 years ago. I know it's difficult since you're only seeing part of it but any ideas ? Timothy, you can't play in this one. Ha
  9. John, you couldn't have timed this thread much better as I just finished cleaning up my bench. Behind my table, I keep all my materials organized in those plastic drawers. I know, my work area is rather boring, not nearly as fisherman cool as yours.
  10. I have also used it for the top wing of small Clouser Minnows, but because the "brown hair" isn't very long it does limit the size of the fly,
  11. Top wing of a Black Nose Dace
  12. No doubt that would fool em.
  13. Mike, that ole Beetle Spin never looked so good !
  14. Very nice Andy ! I haven't tied that Lipp into a lot of my standard flies yet so I'll hold judgement, but so far I'm not amazed at the movement that it imparts.
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