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  1. Who's tying what?

    OK Rich, I went over to "We Be Mopflies" and wonder what is the material used for the body, it can't always be mops? Correct? Is it a thick chenille or yarn, similar to what you make your worms out of. Edit: OK, watched a couple Youtubes and see car washing mitts, ha
  2. Who's tying what?

    Leave it to Rich to find some useful fly tying material in the housewares aisle of your local dollar store. Btw, there was a fellow tying those mop flies at the Indy show today, almost a burnt orange body with dark brown head. I have no idea where he came up with that material/color.
  3. Who's tying what?

    Ben, I finished doing just that several days ago and reclaimed numerous hooks, or at least the most expensive ones anyway. I also spent a couple days going thru all my fly boxes and deciding, what worked, what didn't and what do I need to restock. Once I get those ole' reliables done, then I'll be more likely experimenting with newer patterns and materials.
  4. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    I will tie some reverse Blockheads up for you and charge you only $3 a piece. But I won't guarantee that they will dive. Haha
  5. Who's tying what?

    Just curious if any of you industrious fly tiers out there have been taking advantage of this colder weather in order to tie up some newer or older patterns and would be willing to share what you've been working on? Photos are always appreciated and they don't have to be flies intended solely for smallmouth. Thanks
  6. Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    Mike, I know there are those that swear by Sneaky Petes which has long had a reverse popper head design but I didn't see any improvement vs. standard popper designs. I once purchased some foam Dahlberg Diver design heads (as below) which didn't function as I had hoped. They simply didn't dive or break the water surface much at all. The foam is just too buoyant. I am betting that the designs you posted above will behave similarly. Spun deer hair seems to have a more neutral buoyancy for what I like to achieve. On the other hand, your desired action and results might be very different from mine. Rob
  7. Heartland Fly Fishing Festival Jan. 20-21

    Yea, Rich I think this show must have come about quite quickly. I was in Flymasters of Indy in early December and asked if there were to be any shows this season and they didn't know of any. I tried to get the guys over at INSA to put on a booth the last two years but to no avail. They just don't have the motivation and/or the manpower. It's such a shame because there are some really great guys in INSA but as an organization, it seems to be hanging on by a thread.
  8. Heartland Fly Fishing Festival Jan. 20-21

    In case anyone is interested in catching a ride, just let me know, it looks like we have at least 7 going over together from central and east central IL on Saturday. Rob
  9. Lebanon, IN straight down Interstate 65 http://heartlandflyfishingfestival.com/ Should also mention that you have 2 1/2 nice fly fishing shops within about 25 minutes as well (yea, this Orvis is only 1/2 a shop)
  10. hollow pleyes

    Another good video on hollow fleyes with some decent info. Check out the size of this of smallie guide's patterns, WOW 2/0 hook !, Doesn't he know they're called smallmouths because they have a small mouth. ha
  11. Winter go to smallie flies

    Let me guess, Jamie never turned in a paper but got an "A" anyway. Ha
  12. Colin, looking forward to seeing you again and hearing all about your fishing adventures this past season. Hopefully you've got a fly or two up your sleeve that you would like to demo for us. Rob
  13. Winter go to smallie flies

    I should have known, Johnny G. the ole' Chub Master As to the favorite color, two really stood out and I shall take to the grave with me their identities.....errr that is unless you want to go up there with me sometime for a day or two Ha
  14. Winter go to smallie flies

    The idea of a horizontal presentation is interesting. This past November I spent a few days trout fishing with a friend of mine up north. He is an excellent fisherman and kicked my booty in landing numbers of fish. Where I used more standard fare such as scuds and nymphs, he used these small micro jigs that he tied up along with an indicator. He feels the horizontal presentation offered by those size 12, 1/100 oz. micro jigs made all the difference. I finally succumbed and started using a few that he had tied and lo and behold my catch rate increased. Then it became only a challenge to see which color they preferred, and color did seem to make a distinct difference. He swears by that same configuration for crappie as well and believe me, this fine fellow takes more than his share of those slabs. Btw, l like that meat whistle
  15. Winter go to smallie flies

    Are we talking flies for "float and fly" fishing or flies to be cast with a fly rod? Just curious, and I have nothing to add here since I'm a wuss sitting in my warm den with a cup of hot tea and tying flies for next summer.