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  1. Rob G

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    Another simple blood knot tool that I would use while on the water because of its small size making for easier carry is a toothpick. This fellow already has a quick video so I won't go into it but it works well on thinner test line. Heavier line is generally more "coily" and more difficult to work with.
  2. Rob G

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    I agree with John, the double Uni knot is a fine one for connecting two pieces of line and the only reason I don't use it more is that I can tie a double or triple surgeon's knot in less than half the time (for me that is). One comment on the double Uni, don't feel like you have to pass the tag end of each line thru the loop 4 times as is often stated when attaching two heavier pieces such as 20 lb to 30 lb. Three passes is more than adequate and if you're careful, you can get by with just two passes in order to create a smaller knot, meaning you might catch less foreign material on the water. You're not likely going to break off your leader at these heavier line junctions anyway, since your line will probably break off at your fly and only very occasionally at the tippet junction, in my case the 10 lb to 20 lb test. A while back I experimented with coating each knot of my leader with a drop of UV glue and rotating the line horizontally to create a smooth football like covering and then curing with UV light. The knots looked neater but didn't hold any better and hung up just as much "stuff". YMMV
  3. Rob G

    What are good beginner bass flies

    Colin, grabbed a dozen greenies on the hollow fly today (it is Halloween after all, I know I know but close enough, what's a vowel among friends) Are you coming over to Champaign for the fly tie on Nov. 10th ? We can work on some flies if you do. Rob
  4. Rob G

    What are good beginner bass flies

    Hey Colin, over the last two years, these hollow flies have become one of my very favorites for largemouth, smallmouth and large white bass. Simple to tie and you basically need only one material, craft fur or buck tail. As seen below, I tend to favor the craft fur and I've quit adding eyes to the fly since it seems to be just as effective without them. I'm now using mostly Mustad or Gamy Stinger hooks in size 2 such as the Mustad C52S BLN (these earlier flies below were on a size 4). The erratic darting motion as with a wounded minnow is the key to its success. We'll tie some up this winter and btw, think of heading over to Springfield and Anglers Workshop with Jim Z. and me later this fall in order to stock up on materials. Rob
  5. Rob G

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    Mark, I'm sure someone skilled could land larger fish on 4 lbs, but me, nope, I used to use 8lb test for years and lost a couple super fish when they made that quick turn down stream in a strong current. I switched over to 10lb, a 25% increase in strength and feel I can horse them around a little easier and in the end, I just feel more confident. Now I'm wondering if I could get by with 12 lb test since the loop knots which I often use for my flies, are not nearly as strong as more standard knots.
  6. Rob G

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    Scott, I'm not saying that all. I have a lot of respect for your, Terry, and Paul's fish catching abilities and want to know what tools you are using to be successful. I know a lot of pro bass fishermen will not use anything but fluoro and so it's all interesting to me. Rob
  7. Rob G

    What pound mono are guys using ?

    So some are using a braid like Spiderwire, even in clear, low and slow water conditions ? Mark, if I were to use 4 lb test, the smallies down this way would be giggling and drawing straws to see who gets to break me off first, Ha
  8. What pound monofilament are you guys using most of the time. Do you change it up depending on water clarity ? Just curious, thanks.
  9. Rob G

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    It's a shame that we didn't speak beforehand because I could have given you that mono line if you didn't mind it in their greenish color. Btw, I know the traditional knot used is a blood knot but for years I've used a double surgeon's knot as it is easier to tie and is smaller. Also my Lefty formula is simplified as well, 40,30,20,10 but turns over large flies well. Eveeybody has their own special recipe, ha.
  10. John, if you truly believe that we sometimes think alike while on the water, I can think of no higher compliment given to any fisherman, seriously. As to those white bass on a fly rod, I spent some time down at Lake of the Ozarks this summer and was catching those huge fighting whites on a hollow fly and having a ball. I whipped up a few more Crease flies last night using standard 2 mm foam, a mallard feather for the tail, all on a Gamy off set shank #2 worm hook. About 10 years ago I purchased those Crease fly cutters for our fly tying group down this way and only wish I had gotten the one size larger, the 1/0 rather than the #2 though it seems to work OK. I used to for years would coat each fly with epoxy or Sally Hansens Hard as Nails but have been leaving it off recently and the flies still hold up pretty well.
  11. This smallie and several of his friends today voted for my Crease Fly and I probably have to agree with them. It seems that an erratic wounded minnow imitation is often hard to ignore.
  12. LOL, those gents looked to be having too much fun there ?
  13. Phil, have you heard whether they plan on removing that formerly hidden second low head dam just below the Gilbert street bridge that you have pictured above? Btw, went down there today nosing around and taking photos. No fishing as water rolling pretty well with all the rain we have gotten in the last 24 hours. Did see some nice carp moving around down there, "Calling Johnnie G. "
  14. Rob G

    Rob's tip of the day

    Watch your back cast !
  15. Phil, when they remove the other damn on the North Fork inside Ellsworth Park, that River will become a small Creek the majority of the year. I'll sneak down there shortly and take a look at it the 2nd hidden dam but i know that just removing part of the main dam that the water level has really dropped