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  1. I suspect that it will be broken again by a Lake Michigan Smallmouth. Great place for Smallmouths to eat and grow! Congratulations to Joe Capilupo on catching such and awesome Smallmouth!
  2. I knew about the Wolfe's introduction into Yellowstone and the impact it had on the whole system including grass, trees and Elk. I did not know about the Bass in rivers or the Starfish and was amazed at the difference it made in the environment. I have always said that if hunting was stopped that we would have a over population of animals and that the environment and animals would suffer the most! I will have to look for that book.
  3. Yes, I remember that removal myself. Big job but we did it. I pulled the tractor out with my Jeep Cherokee!
  4. I have not been on in a long time but still remember the great fishing I had when I lived in Illinois. Now in Missouri and get out on Table Rock for my fishing. Well as soon as I get my boat back. My topic today started with me watching Nature on PBS today and they talked about "Keystone" predators. It started in about 1964 or so if I remember correctly with a young man wondering if the ecosystem was controlled from the ground up as was the theory at the time. He looked for a place where he could test this and came across a tide pool that was a beautiful ecosystem with Starfish as the top predator. He took out the Starfish and they system collapsed and turn barren. He also did this by finding that Sea Otters held the ecosystem together and areas with no Otters were barren. Another test was done with Large Mouth Bass in that they sectioned off a section of a river and removed all the Bass. In time the minnows had eaten the area down to a rock barren pool with no vegetation left. This whole program was mind blowing as they even talked about the Serengeti plains and how the Wildebeest doubled in numbers and everyone thought they would need to take away good numbers of them or the area would turn barren. The scientist talked about them and had them wait and the population did not increase after four years but the vegetation including trees grew stronger. This was interesting an I see this with the Rivers in Illinois after the work that the ISA has done and how the fish Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Muskies and others have come back and grown. Sometimes the Keystone species is a top predator and other times in is a grass feeding animal.
  5. I used to love fishing the Fox River when I lived up that way. I bet I hit it three to four times a week after I retired. It is a great river to fish and I believe that is do to all the work the ISA has put into it.
  6. I heard that last night. That is very sad thing to hear before bed. My prayers go out to his family and friends.
  7. I thought just casting where Norm tells me was the answer!
  8. I remember being the Chicagoland Regional Coordinator when I lived up that way. I had a great time doing that andd enjoyed every minute.
  9. One of my best memories is fishing the Kankakee River with Norm and a little guy that was a Chef but I can't remember his name. We had a great morning on the water and climbed te hill to the parking lot to find Norm's wife setting there with our lunch. A very fine lunch also. Spending time fishing with Norm and Phil as well as many other ISA members is a time I treasure and will always ave in the back of my mind. Thank you all for being my friend.
  10. You could teach a whole lot about fishing Rivers Norm. You need to write some articles on e subject.
  11. Happy New Year to all my old friends and those on the ISA that I haven't met.
  12. I think it is a great idea to experiment with different presentations during all tiypes of conditions. If you run into Smallmouths that are in shallow water they may very well hit a very slow moving Topwater. After all they see things looking up as opposed to down below them. I would get some Norm and experiment with different colors to see if any one particular color gets more action then another color. Then again my good friend could catch Smallmouth on a stick with leaves and a hook.
  13. Your bad Terry! Who knows maybe they will get it together this year.
  14. Direct TV's NFL Ticket is $300.00 and I have cable anyway. I figure I can watch it for free on the puter so why paid those prices for all the games being played when I only want the Bears.
  15. The bad part is I have to watch most of the Bears Games on the computer. It is free however so I can't complain to much.
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