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  1. Well now that the IDNR has shut down everything I guess we need to get creative.
  2. Let me know if the organization needs anything, including trash bags/cans, grabbers, gloves etc.
  3. That sounds great, I should be there with reenforcments too. I'm going out Sunday finally to check on the Knk.
  4. Unfortunately I'll be in Kentucky picking up my daughter from UofL this Saturday and I wanted to go but that's how it works. I want to possibly organize a clean up for either waterway, my wife loves to do that stuff.
  5. I am a new member and was looking for an organization that was devoted to stream conservation, fishing ethics and environmental stewardship and it appears I found it. I have been fishing in the area since I was old enough to hold a rod, mostly in the strip-mine pits that make up the campgrounds south of the city. I grew up in Chicago, south side and relocated to Manhattan several years ago. I have re-discovered fly fishing after a 20 year hiatus and have become very involved with stream repair and conservation in the area, including the Knk and DpR waters specifically. Anything I can contribute, time wise or monetarily that would help our fisheries would be no issue, just ask. Anyway , nice to meet you and hope to hear from some of you maybe.
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