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  1. ATTENTION ALL ISA MEMBERS: Our President will be speaking at the Oswegoland Fishin Club meeting on FEB 4,2019. As I am member of both, come and listen to Bart tell everyone about IL smallmouth fishing and the ISA. PS NO HECKLING.
  2. Just an FYI on the Crowley Speaking Event at the Oswegoland Fish Club on Jan 7th at Allied Community Bank on Orchard Rd.
  3. JIM CROWLEY SPEAKING EVENT: Jim Crowley will be speaking at the OSWEGOLAND FISHIN FOOLS club mtg on Jan 7, 2019. As a member of the ISA and the Fishin Fools, I invite all to this event. Non FF club members will pay $5 to attend. The mtg is at the ALLIED FIRST BANK in Oswego. This is a SMALL venue which will allow you to ask questions and have a more personal discussion with Jim. If interested go to fishinfools.org for more info.
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