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  1. PS Don't be afraid of the dragon tails. rich sent me some samples to photo. DragonTails by Michael , on Flickr I later used them for tails of articulated Brammer style streamers. shankdragons1 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Is the 9 incher a fly or a lure. When wet it weighs a full 1/2 ounce. Cast that on your 3 WT!
  2. Mike G

    Tenkara Two Fer

    Big Bump Did Bob speak at the Early Show.? If he had any handouts, I would like to get a copy of them. Please. I have the handout he passed at a fly show in Schaumberg 15 years ago. It covered his new approach to river Smallmouth fly fishing between May and October. I remember 4 big points: 1 Smallmouth Bass are not trout. Adjust. 2. Fish the magic waters. 2-4 ft deep. 3. Fish downstream 90% of the time. 4. Make Short casts 30 ft or less. Plus many more details. I got Bob's permission to submit it to the Bulletin along with a preface he wrote. It didn't make the cut I guess. I will submit again.
  3. rich, Your right. Not being on the pro circuit like you, I missed that. I am still interested in hearing about the rods though. I know Craig uses the Sage Smallmouth all the time on Mille Lacs.
  4. Background: Long ago I developed my stroke using rods 7.5 to 8 ft long. I am comfy with 9, but my body memory craves something shorter. So. The Sage 7/11s at $$$ have been followed by lower priced 7/11s - St Croix Mojos $150 and White River Heats $100. Does anyone have any experience with these two offerings?
  5. Please post pictures and video links so we can participate virtually if we cannot make it in person. Thanks in advance.
  6. Mike G


    Here's the link to Pt I. After I it will offer II, etc.
  7. Good eye, rich. I missed that because I was paying attention to the top of the tree. Looks like the scene was shot in Mille Lacs. There is a Fodder stuck near the top probably snagged there by Craig last Summer.
  8. Mike G

    Warm hands

    Good tip. Grip tape made for Tennis Rackets also works well and may be less slippery. I have also used handle bar grip tape for this.
  9. Rob, Where are you? Colin, There is a member of the Bloomington Firehouse Tyers that uses French's invention.
  10. There's more! The sections of the video on setting deer hair collars and spinning deer hair have broad application. It reminded me of some very effective jig patterns from the past. These two warhorses-Muddler Jig and Crawford Crawfish are examples. (Today I would tie the Muddler collar with a wider flair to get a sculpin look.) The jigs pictured are tied on 1/4 oz jigs. I have used the same patterns on 1/16 oz jigs. Collarjigs by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  11. Colin, I have been meaning to comment on this for a while. First I will fill out he picture on jigs by mentioning the smaller 1/64, 1/80, and 1/100 jigs on #s 8 and 10 hooks AKA trout jigs. There are all kinds of patterns including the easily tied mop flies which are obscenely effective on trout I have heard. You can fish these under a casting float on light spinning gear or on fly gear or tenkara. I frequently fish them with a strike indicator, aka small bobber. It looks like you are doing very well with tying. To get better, I recommend you warch videos by the masters. Galloup and Brammer come to mind. IMHO you cant beat Galloup's video on tying the ZooCougar since it has techniques that apply all over. More to Come.
  12. I got the picture from another website. The website claims that the net can double as a live well. I wish I had thought of that. All you need is some foam pipe insulation and electrical ties. I upgraded the netting on an older a while back and have been concerned about it going overboard and sinking. This would solve that problem. Too, you have a place to keep a fish while you get the camera ready.
  13. floatingnet by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
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