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  1. Mike G

    Move Over Kelly

    High and Tight, Bubba!
  2. Mike G

    Move Over Kelly

    Remember the bulkhead is just a platform. Look at his freestyle videos to get some ideas.
  3. Mike G

    Move Over Kelly

    If you only need 4" inches you do not have to go to the tubes. His Predator flies -Deceiver, Bulkhead, or Jig Bulkhead might be the ticket. But the simple answer first,"Use fewer tubes." 1st of 3 pt Predator series starts here
  4. Mike G

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    classy looking blade bait. Classy $$$ too. I had a vintage Sports Afield from 1962. In it Rapala ran an add apologizing that the ran out of lures. Readers could place advance orders for the original 10 at $1. 50 each. When did lures get so expensive?
  5. Firstbeast by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr A while back someone reminded me that I missed Gunnar Brammer when he was in town. Since then I have been binge watching his videos. He has close to 100 on You Tube. He is wound a little tight, but the vids have great information and demos of techniques. Inspired by him and Popovics I tied this Beast Fly. Since it is around to 8 inches long, it is hard to say if I will ever use it. I did adopt Popovics method hand holding the tube and whipping the thread to form the thread cone (see video about 1/2 way). Starting out the tubes were 1+ inches long. After tying I trimmed them fore and aft to about ¾”. I used .018 beadalon 7 strand for the wire with the bead lock just like Gunnar. Good videos below.
  6. Mike G

    The Bears

    Not I just heard that the League has reviewed the tapes and determined that it was a blocked field goal attempt. The double doink would not have been possible without the help of an deflection by an Eagle's player. That is true sportsmanship and co-operation in my book.
  7. Mike G

    The Bears

    Cody takes the blame for another 2nd Half choke by the da Bears. A class team should be pulling away steadily in the 3rd and 4th quarters-not being overtaken and passed. I think that is called "being able to put it away."
  8. Mike G

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    Thanks for the comment confirming my suspicion that there is a point where less is more. You should try a bladed bait sometime. I have best luck with a homemade version that features a 1/4 oz Cobra Jig, sparse skirt, 1/2 the sili fibers and a simple 3.5 in. grub for a trailer.
  9. Mike G

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    It is a very similar blade concept. Though I have had great success on my home made chatter baits with a grub trailer, I just started adding the chatter blade to swim baits with boot tail trailers. I am wondering if the hammer tail works against the blade by causing drag and reducing action. Chatterbaits with curly tail grubs for a trailer seem more lively.
  10. Here's a hot stove question to ponder. Which is better a swim bait or a chatterbait or a hybrid? Here is a video on making the Hybrid. A while back I posted my homage to Jon Grahams Swim Bait. So will the Hybrid come out the champ?
  11. Mike G

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    Rich, Are they stiff enough to twist a Blood Knot? Coffee shops often give out similar straws for stirring. I won't tell your wife.
  12. Mike G

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    Rob beat me to it. That toothpick is the ultimate Blood Knot Tool. It is good to see an Oldie like the Blood Knot get some respect. It is a true survivor that connects us to fly fishing history. The two oldest books I have on fly fishing show this knot. They were published in 1940 even before I was born. Back then it recommended for connecting strands of silk gut to form tapered leaders. Sound familiar? The knot survived the transition to nylon monofilament around 1950 because it did not slip and provided excellent strength unlike many of the other knots which, used with nylon mono, slipped or reduced line breaking strength by 50% or more. It continues to gain honors in the 21st Century. A few years ago it edged out the Uni-uni in the Knot Wars though, because the margin was slight, the judge called it a draw and recommended the uni-uni saying it was easier to tie. This is not true for me because I have been using the Blood Knot for over 60 years. And here we are today discussing that same knot. The Blood Knot and the Uni-uni are similar in that they are mirror image. You do the same thing with both tag ends. Think of the Blood Knot as two clinch knots. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that these two knots have a cousin in the Nail-nail Knot. Because of the way it is tied, it comes out a little sleeker than the other two. But without a good aid this one is hardest to tie. AJ McClane pushed it in the '60s. Thank you for your patience. Now I will reward you by showing you the 2 cent Blood Knot /Nail Knot Tool. QTknottool by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr The cotton swab with hollow plastic shaft costs $2.00 per 100. Cut the cotton tip off one end. Coat the cotton on the other end with epoxy to provide a good grip. Trim a little off of that end to expose opening of the tube. Use it as the toothpick for the Blood Knot. Use it as a hollow tube to pass the tag end back under the Nail Knot wraps. PS You will find the swabs in the cosmetic section at your local chain drug store.
  13. Mike G

    Quick guide repair

    Good tip. I'll go on further. Save the broken rod too. You can use sections of the old rod blank to make internal or external splints to fix broken rods. I used a 4" section of a broken rod handle telescoped over a section of the blank to extend the handle of a 6' 6" spinning rod. At 6' 10" the rod has much better balance. It is one of my favorites.
  14. Mike G


    Amen. Eight Days!
  15. Mike G

    Gunnar Brammer @ Orvis 11/12 7pm

    And if you missed everything like me, Gunnar has over 100 videos on youtube. He isn't shy.